Who is Walterp

Discussion in 'Community Feedback' started by No wot, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. No wot

    No wot Member

    has a lot to say
  2. Walterp

    Walterp Member

    Cogito, ergo sum.
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  3. caveman

    caveman Member

    East Sussex.
    Who's No wot?
    Been here nearly three years and never heard of him/her.
  4. Bald Rick

    Bald Rick Member

    TBF he's probably only just finished reading Walts OP threads through the years
  5. Jameshenry

    Jameshenry Member

    I think he's the Oracle !
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  6. caveman

    caveman Member

    East Sussex.
    He's not alone then?
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  7. No wot

    No wot Member

    Just an occasional TFF’er just been looking through a page or two of threads and he seems a busy TFF’er, Walterp no offence intended just interest
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  8. Still Farming

    Still Farming Member

    Glamorgan Wales
    He's on Benidorm show !
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  9. Forage Trader

    Forage Trader Member

    Who is any one. They could be all the same person. Stupid names , come out and show yourself
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  10. Tarw Coch

    Tarw Coch Member

    And also, who is Walter U, see he made a post the other day, ain’t spotted anything from him since. @Walter.U.Rinate , I presume he’s a relative of Walter Pee:rolleyes:

  11. I'm Spartacus
  12. More to the point, why isn't there more BREXIT and pick up discussion in this thread? Forum has been sparse of late.:sneaky:

    Anyway, Wally is the TFF version of Alex Salmond. Even those who understand and agree with him don't for fear of reprisals...

  13. Canada Farmer

    Canada Farmer Member

  14. graham99

    graham99 Member

    he makes us think ,just like any messenger
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  15. topground

    topground Member

    North Somerset.
    He's not the Messiah he's a very.............
  16. Kiwi Pete

    Kiwi Pete Member

    Owaka, New Zealand
    Some people just don't disassemble things that "are working" until too late, and that's how I read many of Walter's posts

    It is good to have things placed under pressure sometimes - sure some will defend any belief, and good for them... but
    I do believe it is healthy to dismantle things and see if you'd put them back together the same way, or not.

    What would a motorcycle be like, if the bicycle had not been invented?
    Many parts of culture are evolutionary, yet outdated in the same way as a motorcycle's telescopic forks are the weakest link.
    Criticism is always welcome, because it would be a shame if we all thought the same.
  17. boyo

    boyo Member

    I think hes a robot.....a well spoken, private school type one
  18. Ukjay

    Ukjay Member

    In the Mud
    Says he with 'Forage Trader' as his name :p
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  19. GeorgeK

    GeorgeK Member

    WalterP the Enigma. Mysterious, aloof, motives unknown. I think he would enjoy this attention and speculation.
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  20. Forage Trader

    Forage Trader Member

    It would improve this forum so greatly if you were yourself
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