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Discussion in 'Machinery' started by JohnDeere8530, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. JohnDeere8530

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    Ive been offered a telehandler mounted winch (no anchor) with a 5tonne line pull. I am trying to work out if this is sufficient for my needs, by comparing it to the pull from a tractor.

    I seem to remember once hearing that in more or less ideal conditions a 4wd tractor has a line pull of approx its own weight ?

    If so I guess a 130hp tractor would weigh about 5tonnes, so a 5 tonne winch would have the pull of a 130hp tractor say on concrete. Does this sound right ? If so, Im guessing I need a 10tonne one. Not interested in snatch blocks etc
  2. benferg

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    When you say offered is it free?

    I'd want 10 ton of pull and make a good backplate anchor system.

    If it is free then I'd by a snatch block or two
  3. winch power is different to horse power what are you trying to achieve with it
  4. reb1952

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    Coefficient of friction on dry concrete is around 0.8 so a 5 ton tractor would be more like 4 ton pull. On soil this can be a lot lower. This also drops if its pulling something high up e.g. rope attached halfway up a tree, as the resulting forces try to lift the vehicle up.

    What sort of winch is it? The maximum line pull quoted on drum winches is when its down to the bottom layer of rope on the drum. As it winds in and the layers build up the line pull drops. If you want to achieve the full line pull then you will need some form of anchor to stop it just dragging the handler forwards, especially if you get a 10 ton winch.
  5. grumpy

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    well if your wanting to pull out a bogged tractor well most tractors cant even get the slack out of a chain never mind pull a stuck one 5 ton winch would beat a tractor every time.
  6. JohnDeere8530

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    this is what I'm thinking, a 5tonne pull is a reasonable amount I would say and could equate to 2 medium to large tractors on wet ground?
  7. Dukes Fit

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    I had the very same thoughts a couple of months ago. I found a 4x4 website that gave some excellent formulas/examples that gave the required line pull for bogged vehicles depending on slope gradient etc.

    A lot of it is to do with rolling resistance of whay you are trying to pull. I based my calculations upon a laden grain trailer/laden tanker (when does a tractor ever get stuck by itself?) and figured a 10t winch was the minimum

    I'm assuming you're looking at the refurbed ones the guy makes for telehandlers, tractors and skid mounted winches?
  8. Dman2

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    Durham, UK
    A winch will always pull more than a tractor
  9. Cooper3075

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    North Derbyshire
    We have a timber winch for the 3 point links pro powered think its only 5-6 Ton but its amazing what it will pull its pulled bogged tractors out on the moor in peat and pulled plenty of trees over when felling and dragged them 100 meters out of rivers ect
    Without the blade down it will drag my caseih 956 about!
  10. Mursal

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    An old friend that is sadly no longer with us, spent his working life driving recovery trucks for Leyland or at that time AEC. He always recommended to use snatch blocks to reduce wire speed and increase pulling power.
    But, it takes longer to setup .........
  11. less stress as well

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