windbreak / galebreaker or similar


north dorset
had the gale breaker ones on my straw barn,when it got rebuilt after fire they got replaced with secure cover ones…i hate them,things always look slack


north dorset
We have them on front of hay barns and stock sheds and when tightened properly are tight as a drum. At least get don’t shred in the wind after 5 years
perhaps its the way the shed builders put them up then but the webbing just looks slack as all they seem to do is pull the straps tight through the sleeves,we've a gale breaker thats been on cubicle shed now for 17 years and is as good as the day it went up
There is a technique to putting them up - rather than just pulling the dtraps tight - you need to cut a slit in the channel the web slides through just short of the pillar. Pull the webbing through the slit and then tighten the strap - makes a big difference (y)
The point about shredding is valid - secure cover material cannot run if cut, is UV stable (guaranteed 10 years?) wont bleach and rip in the wind.

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