Winter storage - machinery.


Chepstow, Wales
As title says, primarily hay/forage kit. Mowers, tedders, rakes, balers, etc.

Do you wash, grease and put away at end of season for the winter, or put it away as they finish, then wash and grease at the start of the next season?

As I see a lot of both so wondered what the advantages are of both?

Mines still as it is as I haven't had time to do it yet, but I think I do swing towards wash off and grease and put away, then give it a sprinkle off and a little grease at the start of next season.

Thanks all.


Mixed Farmer
Pick a nice day Wash it to within an inch of its life so it's spotless. Let it dry then grease round and give it a run to get the water out of the bearings,

Grease it again then spray over with oil/diesel mix then undercover.

Works for me. I've been doing it like that for years.


Mixed Farmer
Huntingdon, UK
Big compressor and blow off all the dry stuff.
Steam clean with wax so its all nice and shiny.
Grease everything.
Run it for 15 mins.
Oil any chains
Grease it again.
Blast any shiny bits with waxoil or similar.
WD40 on any cylinders.
Put it away.

I agree with Dave W and Drillman, a bit of clean water for a few minutes is much better than wet grass near a bearing all winter.

When you've finished cleaning you'll have a nice, shiny machine. You'll have looked at just about every inch in detail so you'll have a list of what you need to repair / fix / order for next season.
Also the time to take any pictures just in case you decide to sell said machine.

Before you use the machine in Spring, grease it again.


I know of a farmer who does exactly that. He will also leave tractors abandoned in the yard/field for days at a time with windows open and doors flapping in the breeze.

Not talking about old Junkers either. His main tractor is a MF6499
Seen a chap leave his self propelled claas chopper in the last field it chops, ready go next year


I sometimes wash the baler at the start of the season. I dont wash it at the end if its been good and dry. Just blow it down and grease.

Wash the mower though, cover in oil and diesel.


North Wales
I drive past a farm where the combine gets left where it finishes cutting each year, parked with unloading auger still out...
Years ago, Dad was pestered to sell his little baler, which was spotless, had virtually a mirror finish on the chamber, went like a watch.

It's not slept indoors since, bales round and round his field, then left there, bale in chamber, door open, until next year.

Its knacked now, rotting away, so he brought another I a farm sale, does exactly the same with that.

I drive past a farm where the combine gets left where it finishes cutting each year, parked with unloading auger still out...
Neighbour of mine used to do this until the rats moved in one year and chewed all the wiring.
Now please don't think bad of me .......

Made me think of a few things you posted on today at work......

I know the plumbing gets pretty manic.....


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