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Discussion in 'Rural Diversification' started by ewebarn, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. ewebarn

    ewebarn Member

    After some advise I have been approached by a tree surgeon about renting out some space in our yard and an area to tip wood chip
    Now I wouldn’t have a clue about how much I should charge.... what would be a rough going rate? Or advise
    Many thanks
  2. tommyurray

    tommyurray Member

    How much space? Covered ,concreted or bare ground?how much activity on your road ? Through your working yard area or somewhere it won’t disturb you and is the tip wood chip bit to rot or till he sells it on a lot of variables there which would change the price I’d ask also how keen are you on the extra cash coming in ? If you answer those questions il give my opinion but sometimes these things are just not worth the hassle they cause
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  3. Will Wilson

    Will Wilson Member

    Would it affect council tax planning etc?
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  4. tommyurray

    tommyurray Member

    I would argue that it was forestry work and therefore was exempt from both planning and council tax / rates but have in agreement Tennant responsible for rates and would never bother asking the planning as they are always very busy and understaffed
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  5. Still Farming

    Still Farming Member

    Glamorgan Wales
    Increased lorry and or traffic they be after you
  6. tommyurray

    tommyurray Member

    Still ag,forestry or fishing use they may not like it but I’d say there is little they could do about it
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  7. tommyurray

    tommyurray Member

    Still ag,forestry or fishing they may not like it but in my opinion there is very little they could do about it
  8. A tree surgeon is not ag or forestry, they cut down trees in peoples gardens!

    Reality is if no one sees / cares it won’t be a problem
  9. Still Farming

    Still Farming Member

    Glamorgan Wales
    Make a bet
  10. Nearly

    Nearly Member

    North of York
    Had one in a secluded yard for 20 years now. Along with a mini digger man for the last 10.
    Building plot anyone. ;)
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  11. tommyurray

    tommyurray Member

    How much ?
    As long as tree Surgon says he is doing forestry work ie working on trees planning would be p***ing in the wind trying to argue the point
    Tree chips are a salable forestry product
  12. HolzKopf

    HolzKopf Member

    This isn't space in a yard I know but round here small rural business units 450 ft sq - i.e. 40m sq. Electric meter, and allotted parking for two cars rent every day of the week for £6k a year no business rates but plus service charge of about £400 pa. For me, that £120 a week for a postage stamp puts the real value of decent secure yard space plus a tip area into focus.

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  13. tommyurray

    tommyurray Member

    Change of use will be the problem
    Rates can only chase you for 1 Year in arrears though
  14. tommyurray

    tommyurray Member

    Wish I lived in Kent 4000sq feet with parking plus is 10 k with us but they help me out shifting cattle ect
    I’m happy
  15. HolzKopf

    HolzKopf Member

    Er this is 400sq ft for £6k :)
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  16. theboytheboy

    theboytheboy Member

    Hi Tom, is this a fact? Would be useful if you could provide a creddible source to back this up. Thanks
  17. tommyurray

    tommyurray Member

    Hi theboytheboy
    That’s the rule in Scotland know of one close friend who rates only caught up with on year 3 of a project he had previously told me they had missed but it was not in his interest to point it out to them as they could only go back 1 year in arrears not sure what regulation but he is a damn sight brighter than me and will plough through reams regs
    and find holes
    Have you thought about breaking business down into sepeate units which might take you below sbr threashholds
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  18. Steffiljb

    Steffiljb New Member

    I know this is slightly off the subject but I am currently looking for a unit/barn/warehouse/space for an agricultural business start up and am looking for any farmers within the north Gloucestershire area who either have a unit available or are looking to diversify. Id be happy to hear from anyone who may also know of anyone that may be able to help.
  19. @MrNoo is this of interest
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  20. MrNoo

    MrNoo Member

    Pm me some details, we are full up currently re business units but may have something or maybe able to sort something out.

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