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    Project Xerion.

    Who says Santa isn’t real.... This arrived the other day from our illustrious leader, thanks Pete 👍
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    Kevs diary

    Spoken like true style icon.....
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    Project Xerion.

    You’d feel like Mad Max riding around on that air-con model!
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    Project Zetros

    Look better if the cab was yellow too.....
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    Petes Pallets

    Kev, im sorry to report that I am currently having some troubles with our European partners......
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    Project Xerion.

    I will call for counselling later....
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    Project Xerion.

    That is my old Big A 2600. she was good to me, broke my heart when the guy I‘d sold it to told me he’d cut her in half :cry:.....RIP VVF139X....
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    Project Xerion.

    Would you not be better to stick with the 22.5’s but have a taller tyre? Giving a bit more sidewall? bit more flex then and might lend itself to running CTI at some point?
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    Project Xerion.

    I’m also expecting you to be fitting a Chelsea PTO to the gearbox? Another feature of running the Allison auto is a constant PTO drive, although as we’ve discussed before, it’s not quite a constant rpm from the PTO and I’ve obviously overcome that in my own way, but you’ve never had an issue so...
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    Kevs diary

    Scotch Baps are very good, if you can find them....
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    Anyone fabricating with Hardox?

    As with all my projects at the moment, time slipped by and I didn’t get chance to do anything about upgrading the spinner deck or getting new vanes made up in Hardox or something similar. So the mild steel experimental vanes, that I made up last year, have done my entire season! 😳 They had a...
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    Kevs diary

    kev said he’d by you a Rolls, but the company budget won’t stretch to one like Teds, this is apparently the best he can do... .
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    JCB Flasher Relay

    As far as I know, there is no conventional flasher relay fitted now. The indicators are controlled through the dash unit and its associated integral Ecu. it sounds ridiculous, but that what I was told when I questioned why my 2013 machine was misbehaving with LED trailer lights. It actually had...
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    The Space Race

    Only just starting to understand this quest, I missed it last night, so I’m a bit late to the party. Commander Kevin informed of the situation this morning, but I’ve been busy welding all day..... Anyway, looks like lots of things are already organised, the cake is pretty important, so I’m glad...
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    TFF Farm story time.

    ....prilled lime!

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