1. Courier

    Bring back obsolete measures consultation How much is this farcical idea costing the taxpayer?
  2. TFF

    Gene editing and agriculture

    Dr Cate Williams: IBERS, Aberystwyth University. In response to DEFRA’s consultation on the regulation of genetic technologies in English agriculture, gene editing (GE) has become a popular topic of conversation. GE encompasses a variety of tools, perhaps the most popular is CRISPR which...
  3. Exfarmer

    complaints against utilities ( amusing)

    Having a small issue with my meters at home nothing serious but EDF are confusing electric and gas meters finally get through to a helpful girl, who tells me the problem is the accounts need merging. I told her I knew, as this was the 4th time I had tried to get it sorted with the same response...
  4. colhonk

    Case combine models

    What model replaced the 2366 and was it the same size?
  5. TFF

    Increasing adoption of agroforestry in the UK 2022-07-27

    RESOURCE EXPLAINED: Only 3.3% of land cover is currently used for agroforestry in the UK. Given the UK Government aim of carbon neutrality by 2050, a crisis in nature, and a lack of resilience in farming systems, uptake of agroforestry by farmers needs to be increased considerably. A systematic...
  6. Defra Farming

    Farming Investment Fund: a new grant

    Farming Investment Fund: a new grant Written by Gordon Jones Credit: Alison Day In November, we launched the Farming Investment Fund. It included the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund and the Water Management theme of the Farming Transformation Fund. An Improving Farm Productivity...
  7. R

    John Deere 3350A front loader hydraulics problem

    Hi everyone!!! Greetings from Croatia. My first post!!! I usually do hydraulics for excavators, but rarely I do work on tractros as well, if I can't wiggle my way out of it :) Friend has 3350A with front loader and wants to upgrade the distributor as original one is leaking and he wants to...
  8. Jerry

    Best month for your farm?

    I always love May here. (As long as we get a drop of rain). Wheat looks good, spring barley is motoring, lambs are getting close to being fit. Hedges and trees are all fresh in leaf with plenty of colour in the hedges.
  9. B

    Buying group recommendations?

    Not having very good service from the outfit who we currently use, despite lots of promises they tend to deliver late or not at all and it's not worth the levy. Any recommendations? Covering the SW. Thanks
  10. Clive

    Time to help yourself ! Tell us what you need ?

    I think most TFF users more than understand the levels of financial pressure we are likely to experience next season. Inputs prices are rising seemingly daily and the margins some suppliers have come to expect are no longer sustainable. Loads of threads over the years here have suggested...
  11. N


    Highway robbers,got NFU to change supplier last year been nothing but trouble,told co tract runs out next year but EDF said no it’s out now.Robbing lot only charging 250p per day standing charge.
  12. nick...

    Snetterton straw burning power station

    Does anyone know who buys the straw for this .looked online but can’t find anyone.heard they are paying £100 acre fir straw this year but would like to find out for sure. nick…
  13. Farm Business RSS

    Adam Henson digs into the science and practice of sustainable beef production 

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business In the last of three podcasts, Cotswold farmer and TV presenter, Adam Henson, speaks to Reading University’s Professor Chris Reynolds, one of the world’s leading specialists on ruminant nutrition and physiology, and to Andrew Macleod, ABP’s Shropshire...
  14. Exfarmer

    AF and Haven power

    Just a heads up to anyone sourcing electricity from Haven through AF My billing has had an enormous cock up, which I failed to notice and resulted in a large bill quite a way down the line, which I did! It seems Haven are trying to go back several years but I believe the cock up was last summer...
  15. W

    AHDB fungicide strategy 2022 interesting

    For some reason I can't post the video if someone can please do. Go to about 48 mins in and there is a farmer called Angus from Yorkshire who Is not using fungicides but concentrating on plant health and nutrition. I find this very interesting as we did some on farm trials and saw very similar...
  16. DrDunc

    TFF promoting carbon capture rip off

    Just received an email from TFF promoting a company who want to sell farm carbon credits to big industry. What a bàstard rip off company! Why are TFF promoting companies like this? On the company's website they give an example of the annual income expected from sales. The annual fee they take...
  17. Clive

    Will Putin invade ?

    As the wheat prices seem almost completely dependant upon news about this right now which way does the crowd wisdom of TFF think things will go in the Ukraine ?
  18. Bokey

    Massey ferguson 565 combine good or bad?

    Just bought a 1980 mf 565 combine does anyone have any experience with them cheers?
  19. D

    Red diesel shortage?

    Without wishing to sound too much like Corporal Jones in Dads Army...... According to a reliable source, namely the fuel delivery driver with whom I wanted to order tractor diesel, there is no red diesel at all to be had from Stanlow in Cheshire. No doubt this is a temporary issue but...
  20. chaffcutter

    Glue traps for rats and mice illegal shortly

    New legislation will soon make them illegal. We have used them in grain sores to keep mice in check, we obviously can’t use poisoned bait in that situation, what is the situation with using baited traps? Would the bait be a problem? Is a trap where they drop into water legal?