1. W

    Growing Herbal Leys

    Hi Guys, I am newbie here. I am from South East Asia region, I do farming along with livestock dairy cows. I have heard about herbal leys. I am not sure whether it will grow here, I have done soil sampling, have sent it to lab and waiting for the results. I would like to grow herbal leys, make...
  2. Wynnstay

    Wynnstay Agri-Hub Podcast Season 2, Episode 1: Getting The Right Advice On Medicines

    Welcome to the first episode of the Agri-Hub Podcast’s second season. This month, Tony looks at what it means to be AMTRA qualified with Agri Product Campaign Manager, Sarah Brooks. Also joining us is Regional Trade Manager, Chris Thomas who has recently been nominated as Store Manager of the...
  3. BASIS Teresa

    Becoming an agronomist

    There are no specific entry requirements for a career in agronomy sector, however good general agricultural knowledge and some industry experience is considered most important. A-level qualifications, or equivalent, in the sciences is also advantageous. Certain employers may prefer individuals...
  4. Wynnstay

    Wynnstay June - July 2021 Farm Focus

    The latest edition of Farm Focus is now available. Packed full with special offers on hardware, fly control and silage additives as well as specialist advice on animal health and nutrient management. Click here to request a digital copy today.
  5. Tierwohl

    How can UK and German farmers work best together?

    What would be the best agricultural way, how hand in hand, UK farmers and German farmers work together for being stronger in other markets?
  6. E

    Farm Safety Dissertation

    Hi all. I'm looking to hear from UK farmers for my dissertation which is concerned with how best to drive change and improve farm safety in UK agriculture. If you can spare 5 minutes to answer the below survey, it would be very much appreciated. All views and responses welcome. Thanks all Link...
  7. Loadabullocks

    POLL... Is there money in livestock farming?

    Select all that apply
  8. Dominiquedyball

    DIVERSIFICATION QUESTIONNAIRE FOR FARMERS IN SUFFOLK - win 2x bottles Moët champagne. Please help! - needed for a dissertation project.

    **Calling all farm owners/managers/assistants in Suffolk** ** Questionnaire on farm diversification in Suffolk** **Chance to win 2 bottles of Moët & Chandon Champagne ** I am currently in my final year of study at Harper Adams University studying Rural Enterprise and Land Management. I am...
  9. C

    Education about farming

    Hi, I am a primary school teacher looking for an insight into what farmers believe children should be taught about farming. Would you welcome visits to your own farms? Are there things which the general public often don't know about farming which children should be taught? Are there current...
  10. S

    Organic fertilizer

    Hi, Have come across a product witch can be used as a organic fertilizer (100 percent organic) without any pesticides and additives. If anyone could give some idea how I can bring this product to market worldwide without entering into the bed with any of the globalization companies in the...
  11. M


    Thriving Horticulture and Floriculture Markets in Vietnam With a population of some 95 million people, Vietnam is a huge emerging market for the horticulture and floriculture industry. The country‘s exports of fruits & vegetables have witnessed a strong growth in the past years, with an average...
  12. S

    Looking to get into Agriculture.

    Hi all, I am a 19 year old who’s looking to get into agriculture, specifically cattle. I was hoping a few of you would have some advice for me. I’m currently on a fabrication and welding apprenticeship which I think may come in useful during general farm maintenance but have realised that it is...
  13. PeakPowersport

    New ATV and UTV Dealership in town! We Also Do Servicing and Repairs

    Hi All, my names Mike and I'm a director of Peak Powersport Ltd, a new off-road dealership with one thing in mind, our customers! Recently formed in June 2019, we created the company in order to provide something that we found is very hard to come by in the industry. Good, honest, customer...
  14. Farm Diversity Magazine

    Farm Diversity magazine launches to support rural business

    A new magazine aimed at farmers and landowners with diversification plans is being launched later this month. Farm Diversity offers news and views from the industry on a range of agricultural topics, and also features the products and services which can help rural businesses make diversity a...
  15. L

    Subsidy & Natural Capital research South West farmers

    Hi, my name is Jordon Lugg, I am a Harper Adams University Student currently carrying out a questionnaire for farmers in the south west perception for natural capital possibly being used for support payments post Brexit, Any responses to the survey are greatly appreciated! It only takes 5...
  16. Mossy-95

    Joint Venture Farming Perceptions

    Hello all If you haven't seen a previous post, I am currently undertaking an honours research project on JVFA's. My data collection must end next week, and I am short of responses! If you are involved in agriculture, regardless of whether you are minor not in a JVFA or a contractor, your...
  17. Mossy-95

    Joint Venture Farming Research

    Hi all I am currently undertaking my honours reserch project, and would greatly appreciate anyone involved in a farming business help me by completing my survey. It should only take 10 minutes and will help me complete my research!! The link is below...
  18. J

    Situation Vacant Agricultural Stores person - Huntingdon

    Do you have a passion for agriculture? Currently recruiting for a stores role for my client in hunting paying around £22k-24k a year. Person should have good customer service, proficient computer skills and ideally a experience in agriculture business. Person must flexible and willing to work...
  19. E

    Agriculture Industrial Design Thesis

    I am currently pursuing my thesis in Industrial and Interaction Design. Over the past five months, I have been researching the connection of sustainability between urban agriculture, community and materials. It would be so helpful if you could take a couple of minutes and complete my survey...
  20. C

    Have your say on how acceptable current farming practices are

    Hi all, I am currently conducting a study look into 'public perception and understanding of current farm practices and welfare standards'. I am looking for participants from a wide variety of backgrounds to take part. This includes if you eat a meat restricted diet or not, and whether you have...