1. GAM

    Tractor Tyres

    I need to replace two rear 16.9 x 34 tyres on our 390 4wd, I have been offered MRL, CEAT and VREDESTEIN, we mainly use the tractor for hay making, so 50 hrs a year! whats anyones thoughts on the MRL & CEAT?
  2. P

    tyre height profiles front to back

    In need of some new boots before winter for ploughing with naud that has 14"share and board working width. New to me tractor on 600/65r38 and 480/65r28. The rears are michelins and seem to measure close to 530 actual width. Currently plough with different tractor on 420/85r34 and get along fine...
  3. Defra Farming

    The Environmental Land Management Engagement Group

    The Environmental Land Management Engagement Group Written by Catherine Boyd Natural England/Allan Drewitt Environmental land management needs to deliver for farmers, foresters and land managers. Because it’s a big and complex area, it’s tempting to consider these groups of people...
  4. Clive

    SFI Pilot questions / thoughts

    I’m sure we are not the only farm on TFF currently trying to understand and prepare an SFI application so I thought a thread to discuss and make sense of options maybe a good idea ? Have to say not finding the help line too helpful so far ! hows anyone else getting on a d what standards /...
  5. Steevo

    Future Farming Resilience Fund - more jobs for consultants?

    Seems like DEFRA are planning to make funds available for consultants to advise farmers (yet again!) on how to survive post direct payments. Am I cynical in thinking it's more like a gravy train for consultants...
  6. Defra Farming

    The Future Farming Resilience Fund: providers named

    The Future Farming Resilience Fund: providers named Written by Andrew Powley The Future Farming Resilience Fund is designed to provide business support to farmers and land managers during the early years of the agricultural transition. It does this by awarding grants to organisations who help...
  7. P

    Fastrac road use.

    Hi all, I've be thinking of buying a used fastrac sub £20k. Will be used manly on road towing around 10 to 12ton. Doing about 40 miles once a week. Are fastrac suitable for so much road use? Any models to look out for our to avoid? Or any other advice? Cheers
  8. Vader

    First step in the fight back.

    There seems to be plenty of farmers sick of RT and NFU. So surely the first thing to do is form a farming group. Surely some on here we can trust to oversee the first steps? We just need a name and say a tenner joining fee. See how many we can get signed up. If we then got a good % of farmers...
  9. BobGreen

    Roller shutters

    Any recommendations for door suppliers Gloucestershire?
  10. Phil P

    Selling carbon credits

    @Clive can you tell us some more about it? How does it work?
  11. Agriland RSS

    Government set to introduce new legislation on hare coursing

    Written by William Kellett The government has pledged to crack down on illegal hare coursing with the introduction of new legislation, following intense lobbying from a coalition of rural organisations, including the Country Land and Business Association (CLA). The CLA, together with the...
  12. Ranger Security Solutions

    Reporting Rural Crime

    I can not emphasise enough, the need to report any and all rural crime - first to the police (and Environment Agency/local council for waste crime/fly-tipping), but also any organisation which you are a member of, be it the NFU, the CLA, CA, etc.. I fully appreciate how futile it too often is...
  13. GOV.UK RSS

    Government marks World Ocean Day with marine commitments

    Government marks World Ocean Day with marine commitments Written by Defra Press Office To mark World Ocean Day, today (8th June 2021), the UK government has set out its marine commitments as it advances its role as a global leader in marine protection both domestically and internationally...
  14. Agriland RSS

    LMC chief executive goes international

    Written by Richard Halleron Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) for Northern Ireland chief executive, Ian Stevenson, recently took part in an international Food Systems Dialogue. The event was hosted by Meat and Livestock Australia, in conjunction with the Global Meat Alliance and the...
  15. T

    Looking for Alliance tyres to fit an Ag spec lorry

    I'm in the process of converting a lorry into an ag vehicle and have hit a stumbling block in trying to find suitable ag spec tyres for it. I'm looking for: 2 x 445/65 R22.5 2 x 600/50 R22.5 Tread pattern number 398MT Would any of you lovely people be able to recommend anywhere that might...
  16. B

    Flotation tyres

    Evening all Looking to fit a set of 550 45 22.5 on eight stud rims to a baler.... Where would be the best place to pick up such... Prefer second hand? All suggestions welcome
  17. Agriland RSS

    AMR is a growing priority for livestock farmers in NI

    Written by Agriland Team There is now strong evidence, confirming that Northern Ireland leads the way, in many aspects, where antimicrobial resistance (AMR) measures introduced within the UK are concerned. Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) industry development manager, Colin Smith, sits on...
  18. SIABOD50

    The inexorable rise in prices of EVERYTHING .

    Where will it end ?? Tears?? Where will folk get all the cash from to pay for everything.? Are we heading for inflationary pressures if not there all ready. Rise in interest rates.?
  19. A

    Democracy in Scotland

    The Greens obtained about 3% of the constituency vote in Scotland, and didn't win a single constituency. But whether they form a formal alliance or not with the SNP, they will now be the most powerful group in Holyrood - more powerful even than the SNP. The Lib/dems, Conservatives and Labour...
  20. Farm Classifieds

    John deere wheels

    John deere wheels Advert added by: HAMISH Millar @HAM135 Machinery Details Category: Parts and Maintenance Wheels Price: £3500 Condition: Excellent Description Stocks wheels and tyres Came off JD 6155 480X42 Michelin agribib @90% tread adjustable rims...