1. M


    Has anyone had experience of corrosion in Stainless Steel digester or slurry tanks. Please PM me.
  2. cowboysupper

    Soil nitrogen test

    Hi all, looking for some guidance on lab based soil nitrogen testing, something I'll admit to knowing little about. We're running a biogas plant growing grass silage and wholecrop as our main feedstocks. Ultimately we have digestate available in the autumn to spread prior to sowing winter...
  3. E

    Monbiot's TV show.....Apocalypse Cow: How Meat Killed the Planet

    channel 4 next weds. I wish it was just a bad dream.
  4. Bloders

    sustainable wood for RHI

    Im after some information relating to which logs are suitable for burning in a boiler and claim the RHI. If a site is registered as self supply and consequently have a BSL number, can they purchase rounds from a sustainable source? If so, what are the requirements? Does ths site use their 'self...
  5. mrs mtx

    Getting a council farm

    Can anyone give any advice on when you apply for your first council farm? What sort of things do they look for in the application? What is the etiquette in regards to the rent that you offer? Do you put in the minimum that they ask for or is it who ever offers the most wins?
  6. Will 1594

    John Deere reducing dealerships

    Heard from a manufacturer rep today ,that sharmans have been given notice on their jd franchise , Dont know any more
  7. T

    The Dangers of Soya
  8. C

    TMR Machines in China

    Are the moment we're using a Horizontal Electric TMR feeding machine to produce our winter feed in China. We need to purchase several more so wondering whether anyone has any alternative solutions for these machines on the basis that electricity is...
  9. S

    Biogas at Wighton

    My initial exposure to the biogas experience is when I was running the Ag Eng workshop at Bunda College, University of Malawi. In 1977, the then farm manager, Felix Pereira, a Goan, wanted to build a Gobar digester for the dairy manure to make gas for cooking staff food. I was roped in to get...
  10. Exfarmer

    A letter to a Norfolk tractor driver

    This is an open letter to the young tractor driver from Norfolk, just in case he is on here. You will know who you are, if you were driving near Fakenham a couple of weeks ago and pushed my neighbour into the ditch by your grossly inconsiderate driving. I would like to assure you she is well...
  11. D

    8% cut, every year, in fossil fuel use.

    Just been on the radio news that the only way to avert climate crisis (their words) is to reduce fossil fuel use by 8% every year, starting now. I would see this as a massive opportunity to promote UK home production of food, primarily through reduced food miles. Any suggestions on how to get...
  12. W

    Meat: a threat to our planet.

    Just seen this on BBC, on next Monday night, wonder what message it will be pushing.:rolleyes:
  13. jerseycowsman

    John Lewis trucks running on biomethane

    does anybody know where I can find more info about this. We will be needing new slurry storage soon, if we can store it and use the methane for the tractor or sell it, that would be good. But can’t find anymore info other than this article about it...
  14. Robt

    Fendt telehandler

    See it’s being launched at Agritechnica . Who is building it?
  15. JP1

    Robert Forster: Climate change, an agricultural perspective

    Climate change: An agricultural overview. An informed summary of the problems facing the UK, and then the world, is impossible unless it is acknowledged that climate change impact dominates the thinking of noisy, sometimes self-promoting, sections of the wealthy western middle class much more...
  16. B

    Maize Mess Madness

    our neighbour next door has for last year and this year let out most of his farm sum 1000 acres to a third party to grow maize. Well it seemed to go alright last year with the harvest and carting the many trailers on the public very busy roads? but this year the weather turning wet and staying...
  17. S

    Historical photos from North Norfolk

    As requested by JP1. Lets start with my Great Grandfather We can date this one at about 1920, after the War Memorial was erected but before the street was tarred.
  18. CPM RSS

    Biogas – Growing for gas

    Written by cpm Growing crops for anaerobic digesters is enjoying a resurgence in interest. CPM visits KWS’s maize headquarters to find out the key factors worth considering when growing for gas. Growing crops for biogas needs as much thought, planning and husbandry expertise as cropping for...
  19. Foregoneconclusion

    Economics of a 650 m3 Biogas plant

    This would be largely slurry/ animal waste fired. Plan to use heat and leccy all year round on farm and district system. What sort of running time could i expect/ should i be targeting, what sort of capital/ running costs could be expected? Practically speaking what is the most efficient...
  20. RKE BioGroup


    Where is data to find what 5000 tonnes of maize would be worth to someone? Thanks