1. hubbahubba

    Oligovet sheep bolus

    Another sheep bolus thread after ive read them all. Found low iodine results in lambs and now ewes. To late to get flexidine. Vet recommendeds a bolus to try before kI drenches. Thinking atc, agrimin or these Oligovet bolus. Vet says manufacturers been doing extensive trials with them. Very high...
  2. j6891

    Cattle minerals

    What's the cheapest/best form of minerals. Been using all trace boluses last couple of years but it's quite a job getting them down the beats throat. Even with a headscoop there is a lot of flailing about. At least with bucket licks I used before I don't risk getting knocked out.
  3. T

    Turnip advice

    if you had 15 acres of stubble turnips and wanted to graze from November to March how many sheep would you keep on it? I know quality of turnip will make a difference but assume that they are average and would be grazing ewelamb mule crosses.
  4. D

    Stop hammering the government

    I'm no fan of this type of conservative government. But they have tried to deal with Corvid, just like every government in the world. Yes sucess has been limited. But people will not do as they are asked ie young people dancing around police cars, some working when ill etc. Labour has...
  5. S

    Dairy cow bolus

    How many folks bolus their dairy cows? What do you use? We've been giving ours bagged minerals through the mixer, I've just done the sums and it won't cost any more to bolus them. We've had cobalt deficiency in the sheep and I think some young stock which have improved a lot since I bolused...
  6. L

    Calves stopping drinking.

    I know there have been a few conversations on this topic several years ago, but none seemed to address my problem. Two cows calved and owing to various reasons, they weren’t taken to join the milking herd for three days. They were milked once a day with a little mobile milking unit, but their...
  7. Elanco Technical Advisor

    The true cost of ketosis lies in effect on cow health

    The true cost of ketosis lies in effect on cow health Kate Heller MRCVS Elanco Ruminant Technical Consultant and Dairy Farmer Approximately 75% of disease in dairy cows typically happens in the first month after calving (Ref 1), with around half of dairy cows experiencing some sort of...
  8. andybk

    Does anyone inject Vit E pre lambing ?

    Have noticed lambs tend to have more vigour when a lick containing vit e is given pre lambing like in lifeline bucket (we tend to use mvf own brand ) , is there a more efficient way of getting it into ewes pre lambing maybe inject ? , we do bolus with mayo boluses at tupping which has increased...
  9. A

    Does dosing and mineral shot affect lambs

    I am thinking of give my hogget a worm dose and cobalt and was wondering if this will have an impact on the lambs.
  10. Hilly

    Best agricultural invention in your time !

    I go first , quad bike .
  11. Jackov Altraids

    Buying and selling sheep handling gear.

    I've been looking for something to help with handling sheep now my knees/hip/ back etc are tiring. I didn't want to spend a fortune and was happy to get some second hand kit but there seems very little about. I'm I missing somewhere or do I need to wait for everyone to get their new kit in the...
  12. J

    Forage Rape for in lamb ewes

    Just wondering how good an idea would be to put in lamb ewes on forage rape. Tupping is finished and normally scan at end of December. Planning to score them at weekend and put thinner ones on rape. I remember reading somewhere they should be supplemented with Iodine. However had forage analyzed...
  13. Guiggs

    Buying running lambs to sell as shearlings

    Selling the breeding ewes due to work commitments and lambing ewes not stacking up again construction wages but I need to keep the land working. Whats the pros and cons of running ewe lambs and selling as shearlings, on average what, if any profits could I expect? I can source white faced welsh...
  14. Man_in_black

    Improve January lambing %

    Morning crew, after some collective. Scanned yesterday & third year in row it's not been what we'd like (150%). So basically I'm going through some options & just want others options as otherwise I look mad talking to myself. Currently have Tex X ewes (mainly crossed with lleyn). Everything...
  15. G

    Tail paint in autumn calving cows

    We are going into our third season of serving our 300 cow autumn calving herd. We did RMS for year 1 but decided to do our own heat detection last year. We used a mixed of tail paint, 2nd hand Moomonitors and walking through cows 2-3 tmes daily. This year I'm using Donaghys oil based paint to...
  16. K

    Fluke and clostridial vaccination?

    Was going to fluke and give covexin 10 to lambs. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that this could have bad reaction if done together, but not sure.. Should I do them on different days or be alright both at same time? Thanks
  17. shearerlad

    Feed blocks/buckets

    I’ve taken on a bit of ground this autumn for sheep grazing only. The ground is in reasonable condition but hasn’t been grazed since last summer (2019). There is a nice flush of green grass and white clovers coming through a lot of rank and dead standing stuff. It’s stocked at roughly 2...
  18. N

    which antibiotic for footrot- sheep

    sheep with severe foot rot, generally clean, spray terramycin and inject with Pen & Strep. which injesction do others use?
  19. Devon lad

    Iodine and strong bulling

    in the last few years our spring calvers certainly haven’t been bulling as strong and Not rubbing off tail paint no where near as good as they used to. So much that I’m probably going to change to scratch cards. In the same time I’ve changed our teat spray to non-iodine from iodine in the same...
  20. johnspeehs

    suckler cows vacinations and bolusing.

    As above , what vaccinations and bolus's do people use on their suckler cows ?, I do very little but numbers are creeping up and I'm beginning to think it could be a :poop: storm if I do get an outbreak of something nasty.

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