1. will6910

    Sick ewes

    I’m sorry if this comes across as moaning but I am abit down at moment with one thing and another and this is getting to me badly this evening. Since 1st March Iv lost 5 ewes to identical symptoms and now Iv found a 6th one this evening. Symptoms are, very very wet dribbly mouth. Either no...
  2. gavd

    Calving disaster

    Just come in from the latest stillborn calf, so far 3 stillborn out of 6 calved. Only have 20 sucklers and this year making me question having them. Seems a lot of work and hassle for very little reward. Managed to get the second stillborn and placenta to the lab for a PM the other day. Still...
  3. S

    Organic sheep bolus

    Anyone found any that can be used? Always used agrimin but they have let their certification laspe with organic farmers and growers. Seems more important now I've just heard the rumenco place had a fire and can't get organic mineral blocks at the moment 😥 Thanks
  4. Greythundercloudys

    Finished lmbing, what to change for next year?

    Finished today, been pretty good, always problems but weather has been much better than last year, so thinks l, ll change or not, still lmb alot in march, normally get a spell of dryer weather then, not have as long a delay till the second lots starts, lmb the gimmers outside as apart from some...
  5. Electricfencer

    Ewes not milking well

    I’m outside lambing and seem to have a far few 1 and 2 crop ewes lacking milk, they are very fit and plenty of grass, they where run on beet for 4 months and I’m thinking maybe they are lacking something. It’s not a major problem but am having to lift some of the twins off and would like to sort...
  6. will6910

    Sheep issues

    Ok, I know I have asked many times before about milk issues and general issues. But this year is affecting me badly. Maybe a brief startinf post but I shall add to it all as time comes. Issues this year so far are, ewes milking really badly, which resulted in low colostrum. Thst in turn...
  7. Kevtherev


    Evening all I thought it may be a good idea of a dedicated legume thread for the livestock men. Clovers being the most popular inclusion in a grazing mix. Place to share ideas and info on alternative legumes used in grazing systems. Establishment methods/grazing management etc
  8. yellowbelly

    f**k Up Fortnight

    'Twas always thus - that 10-14 days in the run up to the start of lambing heralds the onslaught of TLD, prolapses, blown guts, abortions and the 1001 other things that can go wrong with sheep :banghead: Many moons ago, when I was young and keen, an old bloke once told me, "A farm or a piece...
  9. will6910

    Few lambing issues

    Iv been lambing nearly 3 weeks now. Iv a range off issues cropping up. I know a lot Is down to feeding issue but wanted to voice my worries as struggling abit. Iv had 2 sheep die with what looks like listeriosis. Have maybe 10 or 12 ewes with twins having to have 1 taken off as lack off milk...
  10. Norfolk Hill Farmer

    Crutching before lambing

    At my son’s insistence, we have crutched all the ewes this year before they lamb. Not too onerous a task with the combi clamp, but yet another job to do with the sheep. Do other people on the forum do this ? and do they think it is worthwhile ?
  11. CWS

    Ewes not doing at all.

    Looking for some advice. Wife's got a handful of zwartbles and this lambing has been a balls up. There's just no go about them, no intakes and not cleaning after lambing. There fit but wouldn't say fat. As soon as we brought them in they went off feed and haven't recovered. There adlib 1st cut...
  12. J

    Calf scour

    Hi all, had a heifer calf die today, she was 3 weeks old but was premature (about a month early) i noticed she didn't drink this morning and tubed her along with some electrolytes took her temp (normal 38 degrees so didn't give antibiotics) but was looking OK so was feeling hopeful I'd caught...
  13. icanshootwell

    Lambs being born with not much figure!!

    Just started lambing but not going very well, seem to have a lot of twin lamb this year, feeding nuts and good haylage, had a ewe have twins this morning, ewe did,t show signs of twin lamb, had the 1st one ok, left her half hour, when i came back she had just lambed the 2nd, cleaned air and...
  14. will6910

    Sick ewe

    Iv a hogget scanned for twins that’s due in around 3 weeks now. Yesterday morning looked a little off and worse by evening. She’s hanging her right ear and right side face is slightly swollen and this morning right eye has gone cloudy like pink eye. She’s also very wobbly. I’m thinking she’s...
  15. Mcnulty24

    Abortion issue

    Scanned at the weekend, 19/230 empty, normally it would be 5 or 6. Scanner said most of the empties were in lamb but the foetus is now dead, visible but no heartbeat and that they had died in the previous 48 hours. We are due to start lambing 1/4. The ewes have been on turnips for the last...
  16. W

    Seaweed product Instead of gran fert

    Anyone on here ever used a liquid seaweed product on grassland Instead of nitrogen ? Im told Its a lot cheaper option and still makes the grass grow well ... your opinions or experience with it would be appreciated
  17. neilo

    Heamonchus ! Advice & experience wanted.

    It seems that we, along with several folk in the area, have got a heamonchus challenge from somewhere (nothing comes on here without Zolvix, so how did it get here? :scratchhead: ). Everything has been grazing roots and off (contaminated?) grass since New Year, so not shedding any more eggs...
  18. topground

    Importing dairy cattle from Europe.

    Anyone have any experience post Brexit of importing in calf heifers and cows from the Netherlands into England? If so please share, particularly the agents and hauliers used and their terms. TIA.
  19. J

    Poorly dog

    Sorry not sure when the best place to post to ask for advice was but a bit desperate now On Thursday I had to rush my dog into the vets at about midday, having been totally fine 5 minutes before (ran up and down the driveway chasing the telehandler) he had got back in the yard and was violently...
  20. B

    Resposovil internasal

    How many kgs is it worth over a year to the calf