1. Jonny_2

    Sick Ewes

    Another sheep conundrum! 10 days ago we gathered a ewe up that had been out with her lamb 4/5 days, walking round in circles, star gazing and stumbling. Caught it up and its mouth was rammed with un-swallowed grass. Within 15mins of fetching it in and ringing the vet she had filled her gob...
  2. A

    Minerals and calving difficulties?

    Can a lack of any particular mineral be responsible for cows not opening up properly? I have had to assist both a heifer and a calved heifer in the last 24 hours despite not getting the calving jack dirty last year. Both calves had quite a bit of fluid in their lungs so don't think I was...
  3. paul&mandy

    What breed for outdoor lambing

    I'm absolutely sick of these Suffolk X mules. We stick a texel over them. All lambs go fat off farm. If I was to choose a breed to not have to continually bash my head against a wall and put so many dead lambs in the bin and knacker myself trying. If they don't lick, pee off or lay on them...
  4. Agriland RSS

    Mineral deficiencies can cause problems on livestock farms

    Written by Agriland Team According to College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) livestock advisor Nigel Gould, mineral deficiencies can be an issue on a significant number of beef and sheep farms at this time of the year. “Farmers should consider mineral supplementation at...
  5. Agriland RSS

    How can subclinical mineral deficiency occur post-calving?

    Written by Agriland Team The weeks of spring are a critical period for farms in Ireland aiming to get cows back in calf quickly to ensure a compact-calving interval. Teagasc research shows nationally only 58% of the dairy herd calves in the first six weeks of the calving season and a calving...
  6. U

    What should I vaccinate sheep for.

    Hi I come from a farming family who don't vaccinate for anything hoping to get animals to build up own immunity apart from bluetongue the 1st year which was a waste of money and I've married into a family that does vaccinate for a lot off things and now I got my own sheep about 15 charlais ewes...
  7. sandywil90

    Switching to All Guard Lamb bolus leads to 90% of lambs finished by weaning

    Please delete if not allowed. Here’s @Al R experience using the ‘All Guard Lamb 4in1’ bolus Switching to All Guard Lamb bolus leads to 90% of lambs finished by weaning. “We are so severely trace element deficient here that if lambs are not supplemented by 8 weeks of age their...
  8. Cows 'n grass

    Scepticemia in calves

    Calving was going a bit too smoothly until a couple of days ago when calves started dropping dead at less than 24 hrs. There's nothing a bit ill, they're either a picture of health or dead. We're calving in three sheds at the moment and this is only affecting one. My vet thinks there is...
  9. Dman2

    Getting a calf to suck

    Any good tips on getting a stupid bull calf to drink. Bloody won`t suck for love nor money Tried everything we know. Cheers
  10. J

    Ewe with swollen head

    Found a texel cross ewe this morning with a swollen head, no injuries, not been stuck as far as I can tell, swollen up as if sometimes they do when bitten by a dog! It’s bothering her, shaking her head about an looking sick with it!!! Treated with pen-strep, any ideas???
  11. P

    Ewes not dropping milk

    Three youngish fit ewes lambed last couple of days,two not opening up for lambing and all three not letting milk drop. Guessing a shortage of something but what?
  12. Agriland RSS

    Don’t get caught out by grass tetany

    Written by Agriland Team If it slips under the radar, grass tetany/hypomagnesaemia can suddenly prove very costly to farmers. The transition period post-calving is when animals are most susceptible to metabolic disorders such as this. Also Read: A good transition cow management plan is crucial...
  13. Woolless

    Calving beef heifers

    Exciting times here, as this is the first time that we've had any calves born on the place! So far our three bucket reared AA/Her x heifers have calved unassisted and all three are very keen on their calves. However, all of them have been fidgety/twitchy about letting the calves suckle and I've...
  14. Agriland RSS

    Brinicombe bolsters sales team due to business growth

    Written by William Kellett Global animal nutrition provider, the Denis Brinicombe Group, has strengthened its sales team with the appointment of animal health co-ordinator, Hayley Cook. Cook’s new position coincides with the recent expansion of Brinicombe’s product portfolio, including the...
  15. J

    Poorly lamb

    Any ideas? She was born today at around 2, normal birth and didnt think anything of it, out her in a pen with mum, ran around and did all my others jobs at 1000mph as per usual and then went milking, she hasn't sucked off mum and cant stand and is all limp. She can hold her head up and I've...
  16. A

    How to prevent abortion in sheep

    My sheep are In lamb and was wondering was there any injection that could prevent abortions.
  17. A

    Getting slow calves going

    What can everyone recommend to get slow calves up and going. In the past we have used Vitasil (now impossible to get hold of) and Tithiebarn paste (fed up trying to get hold of it, since reshuffle etc they are useless!) both with good success but need alternatives due to supply problems! Other...
  18. A

    We're do inject heptavac

    My sheep are coming in in the next few weeks for their heptavac injection before lambing and was wondering were I should inject them. I believe it's anywhere under the skin.
  19. Dead Rabbits

    Headlocks in a rotary

    Anyone ever installed or seen some type of headlock on a rotary? I don’t have much Available for handling facilities and It’s too slow anyway one at a time. We like to give a shot of glycol to fresh cows maybe a bolus sometimes And do all tagging on the rotary. At times it can turn into a bit...
  20. J

    Help sourcing synulox bolus

    Hi all, new to this forum however I am hoping some of you may be able to help?! We have been using synulox bolus to treat scoors here on our farm for years and have found them very effective, however now our veterinary practice has decided it is against their policy to supply them! Our main herd...