1. slim shiny

    Alliance tyres unbelievable customer service

    Had a set of Alliance put on a tractor last summer and in the new year noticed cracking in the back set. Contacted the guys we bought them off and they came straight out took photos, date stamps serial numbers etc. Late feb Alliance sent a rep to have a look and was fairly open that there was an...
  2. H

    Telehander tyres

    Be ringing around for 460 70r24 tyres. MLR. ceat and Firestone all about same money. Bkt 80 quid more what do you think the best tyre?
  3. T

    BKT or CEAT

    Hi, here goes again! Changing the 4 tyres on tractor would you go BKT or CEAT? Their is only £170 difference. Thanks
  4. S

    Slurry tank tyres

    Is there much of a difference in thec quality between Nortec tyres (probably Russian) and bkt tyres for a slurry tank? My tyre man is getting me prices 2Moro but expects bkts to be double the price. Tyres are 800 r32.
  5. its.... only me

    Flotation grain trailer tyres.

    Thinking of put our old Marston 14t. grain trailer on flotation tyres. Want radials & seem to recall someone saying that a certain type didn't ride as well as some - would it be a cross-ply & is a 550 wide tyre a cross-ply only ?
  6. B

    560 65 22.5 wheels and tyres

    Need 4 on 10 stud centres please. 500 65 22.5 would be ok if cheaper cheers all
  7. Lucy @ Farm Marketplace

    Deal Available on 100 x Kleber Lugkers 460/70 24

    We have 100 x Kleber Lugker Tyres size 460/70 24 coming available from 1st November on Farm Marketplace at a great price so these are going to move fast, click on the link below to take straight to them to order yours. We know these fit Telehandlers but please feel free to add below any other...
  8. nick...

    Telehandler tyres

    Needing a set of 460/70/24 for a jcb 531/70.current tyres are original good year on front which I imagine were swapped from rear and bkt .probably less than 10 MM tread but got a bulge on one front tyre appearing between trend block.machine very rarely goes out of yard and just mainly loading...
  9. C

    Best tyres for the money please 540 65 30 bkt, goodyear, etc

    Looking for new front tyres been quoted for bkt and goodyear which have people found the best Cheers
  10. S

    Trailer flotation tyres

    Looking at a set of 560 60 22.5 for a 14t grain trailer, each tyre will be carrying 4ton At a max of 40kph. mainly over a distance of 4 miles with plenty of slow bits and stopping at junctions. When looking at different manufacturers web sites it say between 30 and 35psi. When talking to a...
  11. GAM

    Interesting Tractor Tyre Observation!

    I went to see the tyre fitting company to see the three makes of tyres he had offered me for my 390 on 16.9 x 34, MRL, CEAT, & Vredestein, just for piece of mind, not that I would be able to judge quality and wear by there visual appearance. Well, they were very much the same, the real only...
  12. L

    Ceat Floatmax FT,RT tyres 560/60R22.5

    Does anyone have experience of the above . Got splitting problems with vredestein and getting wary of expensive tyres that dont last. Looked at Ceat in the flesh and spec looks ok but .....bit undecided???
  13. GAM

    Tractor Tyres

    I need to replace two rear 16.9 x 34 tyres on our 390 4wd, I have been offered MRL, CEAT and VREDESTEIN, we mainly use the tractor for hay making, so 50 hrs a year! whats anyones thoughts on the MRL & CEAT?
  14. D

    BKT Tyres-Any good?

    Looking to replace full set of tyres on main ploughing,cultivation tractor. Have had quotes for all the main brands and BKT are coming in substantially cheaper. Am tempted but wondering if there are any drawbacks or problems with this make? Interested in anyones experiences!
  15. C

    Best tractor rears

    Got to spend some cash on a pair of rear tyres for my Tractor..16.9/38 whats the best make to buy...do a bit of road work hauling bales etc etc...Klebers...my mate says ...any ideas ...Thanks
  16. M

    Best place for competitive tyres?

    Evening all Where's the best place for competitive tyres. I'm after some 405 70 20 for a handler. Like everything they Seem to have shot up in price. Big tyres and a few online ones seem to be fairly dear. Can anyone reccomend anyone. As lo g as they can send them out that's fine. We can fit...
  17. slim shiny

    Michelin/ trelleborgs/BKT

    936 is needing some new IF boots before long. BKTs are coming in considerably less than anything else, 5k less than one brand. Are they worth a punt? The trelleborgs have done well doing nearly 6k hours with tread left but side walls are starting to crack. Never run BKTs on high hp tractor...
  18. Farmer mk1

    Ceat vs bkt

    Evening folks, Wanting to order a set of tyres, tyre man says that the Ceat are better than the bkt what we had on last time. Basically anyone had any ceat tyres on and think there better than the bkt. We had a set of bkt on it last time and they have done 4000 hour of mainly road work so...
  19. BuskhillFarm

    Another tyre tread. Top Work

    I’m purchasing a 8340 coming on bald tyres so good chance to put wider ones on. Main jobs will be rolling and fert spreading. Very little road work. Will be doing low hours so want to last a good few years. Question is what would be the best tyre for the job. Thinking 600/65r38 and 480/65r28...
  20. FE35

    BKT or Alliance tyres

    Hi, any feed back on either of these tyre brands being better than the other please? Within £20 of each other. 16.9 R34’s on a fairly low use stock tractor - hence the ‘budget’ choice.