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    New Tyres for 250hp tractor

    Looking to replace a set of tyres on a 250hp tractor... Tractor is used mainly for cultivation and drilling,but does a fair bit of road work when needed....Normally run Michelin Mach x bibs but have spoken to vredestein rep at Lamma that reckons traxion xxl are a better option!!!! But obviously...
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    Budget rear tyres

    Probably been asked many times, but I can’t find any posts, I need to replace 16.9/r34 on mf5610 loader...will I notice much difference between the likes of bkt or firestone or vredestein which price wise I call mid range tyres and the cheaper MRL or alliance.? Tia
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    Ceat tractor tyres????

    Was pricing up some front tyres for a tractor and tyre place has recommended to try some ceat tyres . Apparently a very good tyre with something silly like 7 year warranty !!! Price wise they have come in just under a bkt tyre which they say there no warranty on them . Local contractor has a...
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    Anyone for a Brexit ?

    This is, arguably the biggest issue that UK agriculture could face for many years. What would UK ag look like if we were not part of the European Union? Yes, we would not have to pay our current levy to the EU but would we (like Norway) have to pay into the EU in order to trade with them? Would...