1. Eirebikes

    Ozka tyres?

    Anybody any experience of Ozka tyres,looking at a set 650 65 38 and 540 65 38.
  2. solo

    Flotation trailer tyres

    Currently I have bailey trailers fitted with 425/65/22.5 tyres, but the smaller 11ton one I use for muck is fairly rutting the fields this time of year. One field in particular has a steep ramp in, which the 155hp on wide tyres only just manages to drag it up. Normally I can manage the trailer...
  3. Forever Fendt

    Trailer tyres

    Any thoughts on 560/60/22.5 tyres on a trailer the choices are CEAT, BKT ride max , or equivalent Alliance a mixture of road and field work any thoughts greatly appreciated
  4. Lucy @ Farm Marketplace

    Ceat Tyres available on Farm Marketplace

    We now have available a large selection of CEAT Tyres on Farm Marketplace at great prices click on the link below and have a browse :) 👀🚜 https://www.marketplace.farm/farm-machinery-parts-and-spares/tyres/ceat-farm-tyres/
  5. dgjeynes

    New tyres for 6810 deere

    Currently has 16.9 38 and 14.9 24 but want to go wider. Looking at 520/70 38 and 480/70 24? I think those will work but not 100% sure. Will need wider front rims but rears are fine. Will be going down the vredistein route
  6. D

    Tyre noise

    Fitted a set of 650/65r38 tyres to a 23 inch rim,would the rim cause the tyres to be noisy on the road?
  7. GAM

    Tractor Tyres

    I am looking at changing two rear tyres on my MF390 16.9 x 38, we don't do very much road work and I am not sure wether to put Radials or Crossply on! Any thoughts and suggestions of preferred makes etc, greatly received.
  8. bobk

    How worried are you about Covid , poll

    Gauging sentiment , 10 is petrified 0 is couldn't give a toss , if you don't understand the question don't vote
  9. CEAT Specialty

    CEAT Tyre Webinar on Demand

    All CEAT tyres will shortly be listed on Farm Marketplace so all the questions about prices will be answered then.
  10. R

    Pest Control Dundee/Angus areas

    Hello Folks, I am wondering if there is anyone looking help with a bit of pest control on their land? rabbits/pigoen/fox etc I stay in the Dundee area, havent lived here long, moved over from N.Ireland. Reliable honest lad, will be fully insured. Any help would be appriceated, just putting...
  11. JD-Kid

    sidewalls cracking on tractor tires

    notice on a few topics of tires alot have cracks and splits in them some brands worst than others where have most split my fronts are splitting from bead to the tread Continental 540-65 r 28 on front. 2500 hours still got over 40mm tread on them did any one get insurance on them
  12. S

    Vredestein tyres

    Looking at replacing back tyres on a tractor have priced all makes am mainly on spud work which needs a good gripping cleaning tyre what are vredestein like for loose soil work
  13. CEAT Specialty

    CEAT Specialty Tyres Webinar - 23rd July 7:30pm - Emerging Agri Tyre Trends

    Date: Thursday 23rd July 2020 Time: 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM UK Time We invite you to a webinar, about emerging trends in agricultural equipment and tyres in the UK and Ireland. The webinar will be hosted by CEAT Specialty’s Head for the UK and Ireland region, Mr. Jonathan Mcluckie and will also be...
  14. CPF

    Warranty on tyres

    Some tyre dealers Will look after you if you’ve got an issue, And the manufacturer will keep the warranty quiet ,as normally they carry a three year warranty in the UK .But they will try every excuse under the Sun to get out of it. Just come across some farming papers I brought back from...
  15. JB Tyres

    JB Tyres

    We are a family business based in the heart of Northern Ireland servicing customers across the country. We supply and fit car, commercial, earthmover and agricultural tyres. We set high standards in fitting and repairing tyres and have received accreditation from Michelin for car and farm tyres...
  16. DieselRob

    Trailer floatation tyre choices

    560/60r22.5 options Michelin Cargoxbib or BKT FL693? Price is very similar, only £50 more for the michelin. Are they still the better tyre? 1 lasting memory of following a laden trailer round a tight yard on Michelins and they looked like they were going to pull off the rim, speaking to the...
  17. Farm Classifieds

    Ceat Farmax AC 380/90 R46

    Ceat Farmax AC 380/90 R46 Advert added by: JB Tyres Machinery Details Category: Parts and Maintenance Wheels Price: £ Condition: Excellent Description New Ceat Farmax 380/90R46 Row crops in stock How to make contact with the Dealer Click here to read more about this...
  18. W

    Alliance Tyres

    Just got a quote for new tractor tyres 480/70/38. & 420/70/24 alliance we’re £300 cheaper for the set than Bkt will they be false economy
  19. R

    BKT or Alliance Tyres ?

    Alliance or Bkt ? replacing a set of 650/65/42 & 600/65/28 on a JD6150, I’ve used bkt before and was very pleased with them, Alliance are £700 cheaper tho, but had no experience of them. Would like the saving of £700 but they need to be right for the job. Anyone had experience of these makes? Thanks
  20. Bald Rick

    More BBC bull

    This report https://es.catapult.org.uk/news/net-zero-by-2050-is-possible/ was on Radio 2 news at both 8am & 8.30am but dropped by 9am onwards. When the report was mentioned, it was stated that in order for UK to be "carbon neutral by 2050" we needed to stop flying and cut out red meat &...