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    Poots welcomes new members to CAFRE advisory group

    Written by Agriland Team from Agriland Northern Ireland Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Minister Edwin Poots has today (Tuesday, January 25) welcomed three new members to the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) College Advisory Group (CAG). The role of the...
  2. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Frost risk remains for Black Sea crops

    A relatively mild winter continues to be kind to winter crops across Europe and the Black Sea. But, this also continues to leave crops more exposed to frost damage if temperatures drop. These are some of the key points of the latest EU crop monitoring (MARS) report, out yesterday. Mild...
  3. H

    Opinions on this farm scenario?

    So I've been thinking of returning home to farm with my 70 yr old father who's struggling to find good full time labour and is naturally slowing down. I'm working off farm full time but really have an urge to leave the office job and come home (option of career break). If I'm going to do this...
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    319: Shape the future: A Monitor Farm Special

    319: Shape the future: A Monitor Farm Special Written by Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board Hear from three AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds Monitor Farmers – Richard Orr (Downpatrick), Roger Wilson (Malmesbury) and Colin Chappell (Brigg) as they discuss their respective journeys and...
  5. bobk

    So what if the fert price doesn't stabilise by August

    Houston , we have a problem ..........
  6. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Chicago soyabeans are jumping

    The Chicago May-22 soyabean contract had its biggest jump of the season yesterday, up $12.40/t to $527.04/t (£387.05/t). This was driven by several factors, including rising export hopes, South American crop concerns, and technical buying. Let’s look into these in more detail. Is China back in...
  7. Mark Hatton

    Agri Shows - are we seeing the end??

    I've attended two excellent dealer events over the last couple of days, both incredibly well supported by manufactures, with strong customer attendance and very positive feedback at both events. My question is would you prefer local dealer events, be it open days or working demos, supported by...
  8. D

    Rolling on tracks

    Do any of you use tracks for rolling, I mean in the spring on autumn sown cereals or even grass?
  9. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Why Black Sea tensions matter for wheat

    Political tensions in the Black Sea are a big part of why wheat prices have bounced in the past few days. The latest news relates to comments by the US Secretary of State about the number of Russian troops near Ukraine’s border. Political and/or economic events often have more impact on grain...
  10. D

    Grabbing a rat by its tail

    Nothing to do with poltics or unfaithful partners. I found a trio of dead rats in the barn, half grown & then loading some small bales, I saw another one same size but very much alive. It dived between two bales but its tail was visible, should I have grabbed it.
  11. roseshep

    Cover crops for sheep on an arable farm

    We're putting in more cover crops this year to carry all sheep on over winter 700 2th/4th and 600/700 REL. This winter we have been grazing stubble turnips with one mob of REL and then cover crop for the other mob of REL. Cover crops made up of: Vetch, tillage radish, rye, volunteer cereals and...
  12. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Feed demand shifts as prices rise

    Last week saw the release of updated GB animal feed production numbers up until November 2021. Focusing on the four main cereals (wheat, barley, oats, and maize), animal feed usage season to date (Jul-Nov) is up 2% year-on-year at 2.16Mt. This said, maize usage in GB animal feed is down 29%...
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    ADAMA appoints new managing director

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland ADAMA Agricultural Solutions UK has appointed Ben Miles as the company’s new managing director. Miles joins ADAMA from BASF where he was the head of marketing for the UK and Ireland. Prior to this he worked as BASF’s Head of Customer Strategy and as...
  14. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Support for rapeseed from tight soyabean global balance

    After the USDA world agricultural supply and demand estimates (WASDE) released last week, the global soyabean balance looks very tight. This tight picture can be expected to support the wider oilseed complex, including rapeseed prices, this season. Soyabean consumption ahead of production for...
  15. Bogweevil

    Beet neonics back

    https://www.gov.uk/government/news/emergency-pesticide-authorisation-approved-to-protect-sugar-beet-if-specific-conditions-are-met Defra has today approved an emergency temporary authorisation for the use of a neonicotinoid pesticide treatment on the 2022 sugar beet crop in England only due to...
  16. tr250

    Can I spread fym on grass?

    Can I spread fym on grass ley now? It won’t travel but assuming it would is it classed as high nitrogen I’m a bit confused with the new rules.
  17. J

    Spring OSR

    How do people get on growing Spring OSR? Has anyone had any recent experience with it? Following end of August combined S.Barley and felt it was too late to drill WOSR, kicking myself because as it turned out we probably would have been fine with the open Autumn we have just had. Heavyish land...
  18. G

    Question for Red Tractor on their Facebook post

    I've asked the following question on a RT Facebook post. Let's see what their answer is... The Facebook post, and twitter post... https://fb.watch/aBrG2xj5k9/
  19. bankrupt

    N 1

    Kicking off today on Hybrid WB. As to profitability, recently seen lot of advisory nonsense about reduced applications due to the price of cereals having risen slower than the price of N. Here, straw yields linearly correlate with N (up to the point of lodging) so straw sales still finance N...
  20. F

    Cattle nuts fed to sheep

    I ve some sheep on grass keep on a former dairy farm they ve just got rid of the cattle and have a ton of nuts left which the farmer says I can have for free ..sheep like them but will they do any harm fed in small amounts?