1. Adeptandy

    Combine curse continues

    So, escape from the MF and go Claas, surely can’t be a bad move. Assured by the vendor all was good and been checked over by a recognised company pre sale as he wanted it sold in full working order. Hmm, what a mug I was, hooked header on, get to the field, switch auto contour on, header drops...
  2. D

    class 255

    Anybody got any ideas how to remove a gib key off a gear, tried a tapered tool to slide it out but didn't work, just about run out of ideas now
  3. Daniel

    Arable farmers, is it essential that……

    When you get your Lexion out of the shed you have to state something portentous on Twitter such as: ‘Winter barley is a go’ A go? What is this mangling of the language? The correct phrase surely, is something like ‘harvest has commenced’ Alternatively: ‘The barley isn’t quite fit but we’re...
  4. DrDunc

    McHale or Kuhn Fixed or Variable?

    Which baler to replace a variable chamber Krone? McHale roller makes best shaped bales of grass, Kuhn belt best for swallowing dry stuff (and presumably straw), but bales of second cut sag before wrapping (or I didn't set the density correct on the demo). What are the McHale V6 like for making...