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  1. P

    Multicut silage systems

    Hi everyone, for my project as part of my degree at Cannington college I'm looking into the implications of multicut silage systems (generally defined at more than the traditional 3 cuts per year) and would like to grasp some people in the industries opinions. Please if you could fill out my...
  2. P

    Survey on multicut silage systems

    Hi everyone please find attached my survey on multicut silage systems that I am carrying out as part of a project for my agricultural management degree. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/MNDYD2V
  3. Wynnstay

    Hybrid Rye Testimonial

    Hybrid rye is a great addition to any dairy business looking to explore alternative forage options for dry cow and youngstock diets. On most farms, dry cows are fed forages that change in their nutrient makeup throughout the year depending on which clamp is open at a given point in time...
  4. F

    RVC Vet Student looking for Dairy Placement

    Hi, I'm Falguni Ashar, an incoming international vet student and will start the graduate entry course at the RVC this September. I would like to gain experience with dairy cows (at least 90 cows) in the first two weeks of December 2020. I am based in Central London and hence would prefer to...
  5. T

    Post 2: Second survey digital dermatitis foot trimming hygiene

    Dear reader We are a group of researchers at the University of Liverpool who are researching possible transmission routes for digital dermatitis. Last year, we ran a short survey to understand hygiene practices carried out during foot trimming. The results of this survey can be found in the...
  6. T

    Survey: Bovine digital dermatitis (DD) foot trimming hygiene

    Dear reader, We are a group of researchers from the University of Liverpool and we are currently running a survey to investigate foot trimming hygiene practices for cattle. For more information about the survey please go to...
  7. G

    Block calving dairy herd fertility questionniare

    Hi All, I'm a dairy vet in Cornwall and am doing a part time diploma in bovine reproduction at Liverpool Uni. I am doing a dissertation which is looking to quantify the amount of veterinary fertility intervention block calving herds have. Anyone who has involvement in her fertility management is...
  8. CornishMaid

    Freeze branding

    I’m thinking about buying some irons and would like to know as much as possible so please hit me with any information. Dry ice vs nitrogen, prices, techniques, costs, the things you like to see when your freeze brander turns up. ?
  9. J

    Lime in cubicles

    I have an issue with swollen hocks on my farm and with my investigating iv had two people who would claim to be experts in their fields say that lime can be abrasive and I should use something else. They claim that when it gets wet it can form a paste, stick to the cows and then as they move...
  10. Wynnstay

    Heifers Must Be the Correct Body Size, as Well as Age, at First Calving

    Holstein-Friesian heifers calving at 23 to 25 months of age have been shown to outperform later calving cows in terms of fertility, milk production and survival over their first 5 years of life. Recent research based on a large UK dataset of 396,000 pedigree Holstein and Holstein-Friesian...
  11. H

    Ambic Flow Filter

    Anyone any experience with Ambic flow milk filter compared to a sock system? TIA
  12. Liamdairy92

    Foot trimming knives

    Over the course of the last few months I’ve been doing a lot of foot trimming on the farm that I work at. I enjoy the job it’s so rewarding at times, but I’m curious as to what’s the best equipment to use for the job. We currently have a grinder with the copper disc with lots of small bumps on...
  13. The Business Barn

    Dairy business training programme open to applicants...

    The deadline to apply to attend a series of dairy business management classes is fast approaching. The Entrepreneurs in Dairying training programme organised jointly by RABDF, AHDB Dairy, consultancy firm Andersons and the NFU invites those with a vested interest in the industry to apply...
  14. B

    Autumn block breeding opinions please

    Hi all, It's my first time posting so I'm sorry if it's not written well. I am just in the process of switching from an all year calving predominately holstein herd (few crosses as well) to an autumn block, since i doubt the holsteins will fit nicely into a 12 week block id like to know what...
  15. Herdwatch

    Farming Tasks: Breeding

    Good morning! Let's see if we can get a better response here :) We would like to find out how farmers on the forum are managing their breeding. As it can have a substantial impact on your farm, it usually requires reliable planning and management. So we would like to know: Around what time of...
  16. BeckyFarms

    Motivation & Staff Needs in Dairy Farming: Please spare 5 minutes to complete this Questionnaire!!

    For my dissertation at Harper Adams i'm researching what motivates dairy staff, and how managers think their staff are motivated. Aiming to align views to improve staff productivity and understandings of staff needs! Please spare 5 minutes to complete one of these questionnaires (one for either...
  17. JezzaB76

    Pedigree Polled Hereford Bulls for Sale

    Two strong hardy out wintered 24 month old bulls for sale. Excellent Pedigree. Sired by easy calving stock bull Bondes Hubert. Elite Hihealth status. TB4 test area. Please call 07870490159 or message
  18. D

    Sand/sawdust on cow mats

    Using sawdust twice a day on EVA mats currently and finding that cows are getting quite dirty, it's probably all dropping out off the bed.. Thinking of laying down a half round rail/3x2 as a heel stone would keep them cleaner or sack off the sawdust and put down sand once a week and rake daily...
  19. H

    Calving Tracker

    Hello, I'm a final year student doing computing science and the daughter of a farmer. I am designing an android calving tracker application for my final year project and would love if anyone would be willing to fill in a survey for me. The survey is completely anonymous. Thanks...
  20. DJP4

    Dairy Herd Fertility - how do you read the signs?

    Just wondered what you use to detect heat in cows? Where would you go for advice dairy cattle fertility - Vet, specialists at the agricultural merchant or an AI specialist?

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