1. W

    Got these for bakewell

    Fat for Monday. Not the best photos
  2. B

    Are large livestock markets a problem?

    I think we all can agree that it's hugely important that we should all support auction markets for the sake our industry. We constantly hear from the lla and auctioneers that deadweight are the enemy and going that way will kill the trade which I agree with to some extent but I have been...
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    251: Pork: What effect do heavy pigs have on the SPP?

    251: Pork: What effect do heavy pigs have on the SPP? Written by AHDB This week’s guests: Jen Waters, Head of Knowledge Exchange (Pork) Duncan Wyatt, Lead Analyst (Livestock) Lauren Dimmack, Animal Health & Welfare Scientist Christine Walsh, Head of Transitional Support Felicity Rusk, Analyst...
  4. S

    100,000 unsold pigs

    Listening to radio 2 now and there is 100,000 unsold pigs in uk because of brexit and covid
  5. jacobl741

    Cost of keeping pigs

    Complete pig novice here, considering getting a couple of weanlings to rear and put in the freezer. What sort of breeds are best? How much is it likely to cost to get to killing? How much is killing and cutting up etc and what feeds best etc etc, just toying with the idea at the moment but any...
  6. F

    250,000 heifer

  7. Andrew1983

    Livestock software

    I have been using the SAC livestock recording program for cattle movements, passport applications etc. I get on ok with it but my laptop is on its last legs. I have an iPad and iPhone. I am grudging buying another laptop as this is all I need it for. I would like to use an app where I can just...
  8. Grass And Grain

    EIRE beef/lamb Quality Payment Bonus

    Hi everyone, Anyone on tff from Republic of Ireland and can help answer my question? Borda Bia have the SBLAS assurance scheme, and there is a Quality Payment Bonus. From what I can gather, it's at the discression of the processing factory. Can anyone enlighten me. Do the processors pay a...
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    Livestock prices remain robust in early weeks of 2021

    Written by William Kellett Average prices for both lamb and beef have remained at historically high levels for the first weeks of the new year, driven by strong consumer and retail demand following the Christmas period, and a tight supply. The average liveweight price of lambs at auction in...
  10. Northeastfarmer

    Valtra v John Deere

    Have had a quote for a John Deere 6130 M and a valtra N134 Both have loaders, the valtra has come in a few thousand more than the JD, I would say the valtra is a higher is spec than the JD but not a lot on it...tyre sizes are the same on both machines. We have never had any other make but JD and...
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    NI prime livestock prices remain ‘strong’ despite Christmas lockdown sales slump

    Written by Rachel Martin Northern Ireland turkey, lamb and roast beef sales were down this year as Christmas Covid-19 restrictions meant fewer gatherings over the festive period. Lamb fared worst from Covid – with sales down by around 12.8% – and, despite being the main event on most Christmas...
  12. Clive

    The Red Tractor ACCS referendum

    The Red Tractor logo or brand does not appear on products that UK cereal growers supply the ingredients for so unquestionably has no value to end consumers of bakery and other cereal products The processors of these products including the likes of Hovis and Warburtons have stated that they have...
  13. B

    Red tractor consultation

    Just thought I'd do a simple poll for Mr Moseley regarding their recent proposals.
  14. A

    Pasture-For-Life beef

    I presume that as far as the consumer is concerned,the term ''Pasture-For-Life'' infers that beef cattle have been grazed on grass for life. Does it exist, or is it just a figment of someone's vivid imagination?
  15. jackrussell101

    Prospects for UK beef post-Brexit?

    What will the prospects for British beef be now we're leaving the EU? I assume we will be free to start selling more of it to other countries around the world whilst still exporting it into Europe under this new trade deal, which has to be positive. But on the negative side, will the UK...
  16. Agriland RSS

    ‘Better utilisation of grass means better lamb growth’

    Written by William Kellett A Ceredigion farmer’s involvement in a major grassland research project has led to major improvements in the performance of her sheep business, with measurable success in terms of pasture utilisation and lamb growth, and is now looking to take part in another trial to...
  17. Greythundercloudys

    Welshpool, not wanting export lmbs.

    See on there Facebook that as France has closed borders to UK, there saying trade will be bad, for those nice lmbs. Just shows what can happen one day to the next.
  18. principal skinner

    Red Tractor

    Has anybody else received the following email, asking for how it should be run in the future Dear Red Tractor Member, As we move towards a new era in British farming, it feels like the right time to reflect on just how far we have come as an industry. Many of you have been producing great...
  19. D

    Next bull for suckler herd

    Hi all, we currently run an ayr calving suckler herd which are limmy x Friesian (from the old dairy herd here) put to a Simmental bull which produce some cracking calves. His offspring have then been put to a Saler bull as a separate herd, but the calves have been disappointing in comparison to...
  20. F

    Announcement Tomorrow on Banning Live Exports and More Restrictions On Domestic Journeys

    Tomorrow there will be an announcement of the start of an eight week consultation on Live exports and all journey times for livestock. While this was flagged up by George "Useless" it is no surprise that another difficult issue is being put into the melting pot with our supposed leaving the EU...