1. J

    Fat hen issue

    Hello all. I wondered if anyone had any thoughts on my issue. We have a field of legume and herbal grass ley (containing chickory, sanfoin etc) which was sown in April. It is currently being swamped by Fat Hen. I am tempted to mob graze it and let the sheep eat and trample it. However, I am...
  2. C

    New grass meadow HELP!

    We've recently planted a 4 acre field with a mix of grasses and wildflowers for horse grazing. Mid may I think it went in. Thought it was growing really well but just today I've spotted that it isn't grass that is growing in huge huge areas of it. It's corn spurry! I had to search around on...
  3. Cuthbert

    Doxstar and mcpa mix or 2,4D

    What rate to mix the two together for best results?
  4. Fergieman

    Youngstock feed

    Whats everyone feeding youngstock on from weaning to 6months? Compound, blend home mix etc and how much?
  5. T

    Grass seed for silage ground

    Ideally we are looking at reseeding some of our silage block after this next cut, Had a quick look at some grass seed suppliers online, preferably looking at Aber varieties, long term, late heading perennials.. We like to take 3 cuts and 1 or 2 grazings (dairy cows)... Any suggestions on...
  6. TheRanger

    Foul In The Foot - at grass

    Got a batch of 40 calves 6 to 9 months old, and have had 5 come down with foul in the foot in the last 6 weeks. It’s easy enough to treat with antibiotics and foot spray, and they are usually back to normal within a week. But is there anything that can be put in place while grazing that helps...
  7. steveR

    Chicory... again

    Much is made of the anthelmintic value of chicory in a herbal ley. Does this efficacy carry over into a conserved crop, with chicory in it?
  8. fred.950

    Clover seed in Digestate?

    We are having 35 cube / hectare of Digestate applied next week after second cut on some fairly open leys, I didn’t know if it would be worth chucking some seed in with it? It will be applied with a dribble bar and the driver is more than happy to do it in exchange for a McDonald’s. Or do I need...
  9. J

    Idea and thoughts

    We have a small field that backs on to a house and the person that lives there wants to rent the field for horses. The field is 2 aces i was just wondering how much Rent should charge?
  10. J

    Caught in Fungicide Spray

    New to this forum and am a smallholder not a farmer so I hope you won't mind me asking this. Can anyone tell me how harmful it could have been to breathe in fungicide spray straight after it was sprayed? Walked in it for a minute or so after the sprayer went straight past me at close quarters...
  11. Robt

    Farm safety

    I just read this on the news section and felt it needed posting on here. This really cannot be allowed to keep happening. 16 deaths in Ireland (inc N Ireland) Three children and nine people over 65 have died this year . What on earth can we all do to stop this. Thats three parents that will have...