1. C

    Wheat expectations?

    What are everyone's thoughts then? Heard 'massive' on a different thread from south of us. May just be us, but mid/later season wheats(altitude or drill date/variety) hit by cool & wet at flowering-michodochium 15-20% florets on some ears, despite very robust (+PTZ) head spray. Earlier...
  2. slim shiny

    Farmers weekly 1974

    Father in law showed me a copy he had. Working on the price of the magazine then to the price of cereals a ton of wheat today should be £1298 🤔
  3. T C

    Revystar Experience

    We have used Revystar on Spring Barley at "paint brush" for ramularia and it is disappointing. We used Adexar type (old stock) as a T2 on wheat and I thought we had too much septoria. My independent agronomist brought some plants from a neighbour who had used Revystar (same variety) and it was...
  4. ADAS

    Variety choice and sowing date key factors in the battle against septoria

    Fungicide reliance Septoria is considered the most damaging foliar disease of winter wheat in the UK, and can be responsible for up to 50% yield loss. Fungicides, azoles and the succinate ... Continue reading...
  5. Clive

    Winter Barley yields 2021

    So i see quite a few combines are rolling now in the uk ? how’s it yielding so far ? would be helpful to others to add some context - variety, location and areas etc maybe ?
  6. Farmdeals

    Farmdeals is the buying group for all farmers

    We have started a buying group for TFF members and readers so we can group together and get deals. It does not matter if you are in another buying group already - this one is free to join and has zero commitments. If the traditional buying groups were too expensive or restrictive for the way...
  7. D

    European floods

    Now Germany is hit along with neighbours. Its usually Spain that seems to get the worst floods alternating with desert type droughts. 65 people lost their lives, that is really bad. When we had the flooding that hit Sheffield, perhaps one or two deaths only. The countryside won't be reported...
  8. 7

    Basis and nroso

    i thought it was the case that if you were on the Basis professional register (50 points per year) that Nroso would automatically accept those points as good enough for them. Its worked like that up till this year, but now nroso are asking for a separate points tally for them, anyone else having...
  9. Cab-over Pete

    How Much Ground Do Agronomists Cover?

    Aye up, Just wondering after 2-3 similar conversations with customers over the last couple of weeks. One of them has an agronomist that looks after around 6000 acres and told him there is no way anybody could look after more and do it properly, but another says his agronomist looks after...
  10. CPM RSS

    Kent-based operator crowned FSOOTY 2021 winner

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine The acclaimed title of Farm Sprayer Operator of the Year 2021 has been awarded to Luke Haynes, of Kent-based Stevens Farm, near Cranbrook. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Presented at the Syngenta Sprays & Sprayers event in Lincolnshire last week...
  11. B

    Spring wheat weed control strategy

    Thinking of swapping winter wheat for spring wheat here just to make life a bit easier in the autumn. But having never grown it and not asked the agronomist yet as I’d like a bit of knowledge, what is everybody doing weed control wise particularly for blackgrass and ryegrass? Pre-em? Emergence...
  12. CPM RSS

    Pipeline fungicide – First glimpse of Adepidyn

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine After a very long wait, new cereal fungicides and now coming along like London buses. CPM takes a look at the pipeline molecule from Syngenta, which is being hailed as a third-generation SDHI. Adepidyn delivered an extra 1.2 t/ha compared with a range of other...
  13. Cab-over Pete

    What’s this bug?

    Aye up, I’ve seen them before but don’t know what they are. Strange today as there are a whole bunch of them in one field, almost like a little flock. None in the field I walked before, none in the field after.
  14. Agricology

    Agroforestry at Shimpling Park Farm

    In this video, John Pawsey describes the agroforestry at Shimpling Park Farm. In December 2020 they planted 3 fields totalling about 50 acres with 3,500 trees that mimic the species in the adjacent SSSI woodland and are ideally suited for the farm soil type. Between the trees they are growing...
  15. B

    There,s no profit in beans

    I would like to grow winter beans on a small scale (20 acres) but I need a drill, many years ago people used to use carrier ? drills, I think Are they still around for modest money?, I know they can be spun on and ploughed in but dont really want to do it.
  16. jackrussell101

    Swiss ask their general public to vote on pesticide referendum
  17. R

    Spraying fungicide and side effects

    Hi all, We're moving onto a small acre of land with a house in the middle, surrounded by fields. Cabbage and wheat I think. Please excuse my uneducated stance and questions but I'm struggling to get info from the local famers. Lived in the area for 17 years but this new house is just outside...
  18. Bigjon44


    Anyone warrant doing a T3 this year? Growing skyfall and is a bit of yellow rust around so may do a cheapo one involving Tebuconazole
  19. P

    Axial Pro

    What rate to guarantee wild oat control in spring barley if crop is GS30. Given moisture will 0.6l/ha do or do you need 0.82l/ha (equivalent to old Axial at 0.45l/ha)?
  20. teslacoils


    So, T2 has always been the big spend. Is this Revystar the complete dogs danglies? Because £45/ha gets me a lot of other chem.