1. Bartholomews

    Tuesday Market Briefing - 3rd May 2022

    Markets remain well supported and reached new highs again last week. The war in Ukraine has entered its third month and Russia now appears determined to take control of the country’s entire Black Sea coastline – from west to east. If achieved, this would have severe implications for Ukraine’s...
  2. Bartholomews

    Monday Market Briefing - 11th April 2022

    Old crop was busily traded last week and has now spent six weeks trading more or less sideways at the highs set in early March. The only danger now is in getting stuck at the end with a round peg when only square holes are available. Judging the gap between different markets has become quite...
  3. Bartholomews

    Monday Market Briefing - 21st March 2022

    Markets remain jittery but ended flat sideways on the week. Traders have probably de-risked their positions by now and volatility has subsided as the urgent need to trade recedes; now we all await developments in Ukraine. Unlike oil and gas markets which could at least in theory correct quite...
  4. Bartholomews

    Monday Market Briefing - 14th March 2022

    Old and New crop markets posted £12 gains last week, not as spectacular as the previous week, but still one way traffic. The situation on the ground in Ukraine continues to worsen, but occasional hints at the possibility of a negotiated settlement showed themselves capable of knocking the market...
  5. Bartholomews

    Monday Market Briefing - 7th March 2022

    We learn more each week about Russian Military tactics. Veteran correspondents describe the encircling and subsequent prolonged artillery bombardment of key cities as consistent with other actions most recently in Chechnya and Syria. With western Governments scrambling to re-arm Ukrainian...
  6. Bartholomews

    Situation Vacant Apprentice Grain Administrator

    Fantastic opportunity to join our company as an Apprentice Grain Administrator and to go on to develop a fulfilling career in the agricultural industry becoming an integral part of our grain marketing and trading team. The role will be based around providing administration support to our...
  7. Bartholomews

    Monday Market Briefing - 7th February 2022

    Another Late Friday rally on wheat put a gloss on things after we looked to be lower for most of the week. The Ukraine story isn’t developing fast enough to suit the 24 hour news channels who went back to talking about the UK Government’s problems, which explains the softer tone of the market...
  8. Bartholomews

    Monday Market Briefing - 17th January 2022

    Last week’s USDA report offered no new excitement for the bulls, and with Southern Hemisphere crops now arriving on the market, International tenders are more unpredictable. Hence, we saw renewed pressure late in the week in all markets. That said the new crop noticeably held its ground and made...
  9. Bartholomews

    Monday Market Briefing - 13th December 2021

    Markets had a fair bit of news to absorb last week. There was a USDA report which improved ending wheat stocks very slightly, updates on the important Australian harvest pointed to heavy rains which will impact quality, but possibly not yield. International buyers, especially China, were very...
  10. Bartholomews

    Monday Market Briefing - 29th November 2021

    Markets finished slightly higher last week – a softer feel on Thursday/ Friday not quite removing the gains from earlier on. Did we see the top of this season’s market on Wednesday? Time will tell. The US was closed for Thanksgiving which held us back, but the emergence of a new Covid strain...
  11. A

    Spent Brewers Grain Available for Animal Feed - Liverpool

    Hi All, Sorry of this is in the wrong place. I have just set up Azvex Brewing Company in Liverpool. We produce roughly 2 tonne of spent grain per week which we are looking to send to a local farm for animal feed. We also have another brewery across the road on the same industrial site that...
  12. CRM AgriCommodities

    Limited wheat market movement in quiet data day - daily market news

    Daily market grain market highlight from the research team at CRM AgriCommodities, read in under 4 minutes... No fresh US export sales were announced today, and markets will have to wait until tomorrow for the weekly US exports sales data. The weather in the US continues...
  13. P

    Hook-Lift Containers for Farming

    Does anyone have a source for a Hook-Lift Container that has a grain unload/transfer auger (ready-made or custom-fab)? Seems like a decent combination with the hook-lift trailers designed for tractors. However, I don't see any on the market. For use on the field with a combine, and also for...
  14. CRM AgriCommodities

    Graintab TV - Understand your grain contracts

  15. CRM AgriCommodities

    Graintab TV - Grain Contracts: Ask The Trader

    For more video's, visit Graintab TV Contracts and contract management are one of the most important areas for arable farm management. Keeping within contract specs, knowing your markets and contract T’s & C’c are crucial. In this video we discuss some key points and questions around grain...
  16. CRM AgriCommodities

    Graintab TV - New Grain Sampling Sytem

    For more video's visit Graintab TV Covid – 19 has put a stop to many processes we are used to. Within the Grain trade, the sampling of farm grain has been directly affected. In this video, Fred South and Richard Whitlock, discuss the changes and give advice to growers who have questions...
  17. CRM AgriCommodities

    USDA July highlights and analysis

    World wheat: Production down 4.13MT to 769.31MT – EU down 1.5MT to 139.5MT, Russia down 0.5MT. But 2019/20 global consumption down 0.9MT. Maize: Global production down 25.27MT to 1163MT – US production down to 381MT from 406MT. BUT US domestic consumption in 2020/21 down 4.45MT and 2019/20...
  18. Brid @ ADAS

    YEN Nutrition - a new grain analysis and nutrition benchmarking service from ADAS

    In time for harvest 2020, ADAS has launched a new YEN initiative called YEN Nutrition – to support those seeking to improve the nutrition of arable crops. YEN Nutrition provides comprehensive grain analysis on all 12 essential crop nutrients and allows participants to benchmark their crops’...
  19. CRM AgriCommodities

    Markets are sick and there is no cure in sight (yet)

    Grains continued lower in the wake of tumbling financial markets and a steep correction in oil prices as the COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly outside China. Despite the weaker pound and ongoing poor planting conditions in the UK, the 'old crop' May-20 LIFFE feed wheat contract settled at its...
  20. E

    Easterby Trailer Backboard

    Easterby trailer backboard - think its off about a 12T trailer. Reasonable condition We can load onto transport. located Southport Message for details £200 ono