1. MX7

    Is there a carbon capture scheme for permanent pasture?

    I ask as my wife and her brother have about 4.8ha’s of permanent pasture made up of two fields. One day the land may come out of green belt and be developed but in my opinion that won’t happen in my wife’s lifetime.Meanwhile the fields are not stock proof and grassland worn out, so a farmer has...
  2. Farmerpickle

    Killing off docks

    I have made the mistake of spreading horse dung, that was riddled with docks, in one of my fields. What would you suggest is the best way to kill them off? I would like to keep it as grass for hay.
  3. DrDunc

    TFF promoting carbon capture rip off

    Just received an email from TFF promoting a company who want to sell farm carbon credits to big industry. What a bàstard rip off company! Why are TFF promoting companies like this? On the company's website they give an example of the annual income expected from sales. The annual fee they take...
  4. AHDB Podcast RSS

    324: AgriLeader: What kind of leader are you?

    324: AgriLeader: What kind of leader are you? Written by Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board Last year, we conducted a review of leadership and management in the UK farming sector, looking at best practice, traits, qualities, uptake, barriers and future needs. This review...
  5. Agriland RSS

    Arable steering group meet with Stormont’s agriculture committee

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Representatives of an arable steering group met recently with members of Stormont’s agriculture committee. The meeting followed the recent publication of a report produced by the group, looking at the future of Northern Ireland's (NI's) tillage...
  6. Adeptandy


    Anyone watching ?
  7. F

    Extend Existing Countryside Stewardship or Wait for ELMS?

    What are peoples thoughts on this? The extension would be paid the new rates which for my own scheme equals about -9% which is pretty crappy. If I took the extension and things don't pan out financially can I terminate without penalty at the end of a completed year?
  8. Z

    home brew liquid fert

    has anybody considered mixing there own 46% N out of china 350 USD a ton .......................... any other substitutes available for N for a...
  9. J

    Kuhn vs kverneland four furrow plough

    Hi guys I’m pricing up a few four furrow ploughs. And was wondering if anyone knew which had the lighter lift requirements? The ploughs are a kv ES 80, a Kuhn 121 and a Kuhn 122. Also if anyone wants to continue the debate about which is the better plough then be my guest. I’ll be pulling the...
  10. D

    Hare and buzzard

    Saw something I've never seen before this morning. A hare and a buzzard having a fight. Think the buzzard came off worst. Nature - red in tooth and claw.
  11. W

    What ELMS is really for ……….

    BPS is removed. ELMS arrives and some farms sign up to it in desperation. You are tied into a one sided legal document where the rules can be changed by Defra/Gov. The Gov then say any farmers in ELMS cannot trade carbon because the ELMS agreement won’t allow you. Basically you’ve entered...
  12. Agriland RSS

    Conference told of benefits of data recording in sheep management

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland A Co. Derry sheep producer has highlighted the benefits of using Electronic Identification (EID) technology and data recording to obtain real-time information on the performance of his sheep. Clement Lynch farms near the village of Park. He is both a...
  13. D

    Brilliant post on Facebook - Smiley Tree Farm

    THIS is how you inform the public, NFU and the rest. It's a long post but quite brilliant. =AZXuVbpHnKDXAuBanD4N6qsJVnxuJGWCrx63yRF8na3ra5m5EgUorkRzfV04GSRD9Km3rCt3bosE6gqlW9qmkmJP8n2BjAtSvTQJueRC3-yggnqp3uiU2vircZnfXslE1AYLEvM4uYakgHMBJYBJ495H&__tn__=%3C%2CP-R']...
  14. B

    30 years of environmental stewardship wasted

    Actually 31 years since we entered 12% of our farm into the original Countrywide Stewardship scheme. That 12% remains out of production today but now in Mid Tier. It’s seen various name changes of the scheme over the years such as ELS, HLS, ESS, CS - I’ve lost count to be honest but it matters...
  15. topground

    What should JRM tackle first?

    With a new Minister for Brexit opportunities what should the agricultural industry be lobbying the Honourable Member for North East Somerset to tackle first? As one of his constituents I am happy to pass on any advice from the collective. I will start:- EU standards requiring veterinary...
  16. Farm Classifieds

    2M039483 - 2021 Opico 13WBG-3 Sward Lifter

    2M039483 - 2021 Opico 13WBG-3 Sward Lifter Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Tillage Subsoiler Price: £8250 Condition: New Description OPICO 13WBG-3 REAR MOUNTED 2.70M SWARD LIFTER, GRASSLAND SUBSOILER WITH OPENING DISCS AND...