1. Norfolk Hill Farmer

    Crutching before lambing

    At my son’s insistence, we have crutched all the ewes this year before they lamb. Not too onerous a task with the combi clamp, but yet another job to do with the sheep. Do other people on the forum do this ? and do they think it is worthwhile ?
  2. Barleymow

    Might as well pack up

  3. Formatted

    Taking out grass ley for cereals

    Grassland farm here got 25 acres that are due to be taken out in September and re-sown, we don't need the fodder so we could crop it and with prices the way they are that looks like an exciting prospect. What should I be looking for when talking to a few local contractors? How do I make sure we...
  4. jackrussell101

    The penny is finally starting to drop

    From the BBC...
  5. N

    Lime on grassland

    Hi all, My grassland has never been treated in my lifetime, I’m wanting to give it a lift as I do attempt to take hay from it. How much lime should I give it? It’s around 4 acres and has had the odd sheep on it but mostly 4 pigs who have rotorvated it for me. can I spread with a spinner in...
  6. pellow

    Slurry storage covering

    Does anyone know if the rules are confirmed for covering slurry storage? Could do with knowing if a roof covering is good enough or will it need to be air tight sealed?
  7. Agriland RSS

    367ac dairy farm hits the market for £3.7m

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland A productive 367ac dairy farm with excellent modern facilities designed to maximise cow welfare and ease of operation has come to the market in Pembrokeshire. Ty Mawr Farm at Cilrhedyn is a well-equipped farm on productive free-draining soils which is...
  8. I

    How much????

    Have to say it scares me about the talk of £1000 per ton of fert on the combinable thread Way way way out of my comfort zone and it worries me that the folk who make the stuff will think "hell yeah here we go" Your thoughts gentlemen
  9. Grassman

    Grassland fertiliser costings

    Trrying to figure out what to do with grassland fertiliser this season for haylage and hay production. Rough costing of 20.10.10 at £650 a tonne. Put on at 150kg acre and that's around £100 an acre. £1000 for a 10 acre field🙈😀 Options are A. Carry on at usual rate B. Cut rates down by half C...
  10. Razorback News

    Range expands with new launches at LAMMA 2020

    Range expands with new launches at LAMMA 2020 LAMMA 2020 will see the launch of the new telescopic Auto-Level 680 reach mower alongside a new range of flail mowers and flail reach head on stand 19.340. The new additions to the current range will expand the manufacturers offering with the...
  11. Razorback News

    Gold Arable Innovation Award at LAMMA 2020

    Gold Arable Innovation Award at LAMMA 2020 New Stubble Management Tool takes Gold at LAMMA Innovation Awards – Arable Making its debut at LAMMA, the RT500 rotary mower and RH500 residue harrow combination has impressed judges to win the Arable Category of the LAMMA Innovation Awards...
  12. Razorback News

    Razorback launch new range of flail mowers at Saltex 2019

    Razorback launch new range of flail mowers at Saltex 2019 British manufacturer, Razorback Ltd, headed by Martin Lole, a well-known industry figure with a proven track record in engineering innovative solutions, exhibits their range of vegetation management equipment at Saltex 2019. Alongside...
  13. Corteva Updates

    Protecting your new leys

    Protecting your new leys Reseeding is an important part of grassland management, but youll gain the most benefit from your investment with effective weed control. Forager finds out more. Why is it important to control weeds in new leys? Reseeding is essential for maintaining productive...
  14. Corteva Updates

    Follow the label when using Forefront T

    Follow the label when using Forefront T Farmers using Forefront T to control perennial weeds such as docks, thistles, ragwort and nettles to turn infested pasture back into productive grassland, must remember treatment comes with certain obligations. “Forefront T must only be used in fields...
  15. Corteva Updates

    Controlling thistles in grassland

    Controlling thistles in grassland Fields filled with 10% thistles produce 10% less grass to feed to livestock says Corteva Agriscience’s weed biology specialist Dr Nicola Perry. “As early grass growth has been poor in many parts, forage supply might not meet demand coming from the cattle and...
  16. Corteva Updates

    Dow Shield® 400 an essential herbicide for speciality crops

    Dow Shield® 400 an essential herbicide for speciality crops Specialist crop growers have been unfortunate in the last few years as they are denied active ingredients, either as products are revoked or as they go through re-registration and lose crops and uses. But the classic post-emergence...
  17. Corteva Updates

    Dock control after silage cuts

    Dock control after silage cuts Spraying docks with an effective translocated herbicide two to three weeks after taking a silage cut will give very good control, as dock plants will all be the same size and have fresh healthy leaves when treated. “Spraying with a herbicide like Doxstar® Pro a...
  18. Corteva Updates

    The challenges of spraying grassland

    The challenges of spraying grassland David Gurney, field technical manager for Corteva Agriscience highlights the differences between spraying arable crops and grassland. Grassland represents a different spraying challenge to spraying arable crops, with travelling speed likely to be reduced...
  19. Corteva Updates

    Buttercup and Dandelion

    Buttercup and Dandelion Buttercups emerge in April so this is the ideal month to target them. Often, the trigger for spraying a field of buttercups is once the farmer has noticed that the field has turned yellow as the buttercups flower. Best control of buttercups is achieved if they are...
  20. Corteva Updates

    Fight chickweed menace now

    Fight chickweed menace now Chickweed is now growing and can smother established grassland or young leys, warns Dr Nicola Perry, grassland specialist with Corteva Agriscience. And its prostrate growing habit allows it to rapidly colonise any gaps in the sward. Chickweed will be found in...