1. I

    Cover crop establishment and organic manure incorporation

    Looking and using a Cambridge roll with straw rake tines and seeder to quickly establish cover crops and incorporate manures, has anyone used anything like this ? Previously used a Horsch joker for incorporation but...
  2. adam_farming

    Small-scale arable and sheep operation

    I'm after some ideas and advice. We are about to take a small 60ac South Suffolk farm back in hand after it has been contracted out and rented for last few years. My wife and I work full time 5 days a week so the main objectives are a system that can be run on evenings and weekends but doesn't...
  3. Sandpit Farm

    Creeping buttercup

    I have some ground (grassland) that is badly infested with creeping buttercup. It needs to be organic as it is rented and there's an agreement for sharing fodder so no money will change hands. Are there any good ways to weaken the buttercup and allow the grass to outcompete it? I can spread...
  4. topground

    AHDB Eat balanced TV ad

    Have you seen it and if so what did you make of it?
  5. Brid @ ADAS

    Do you have Permanent Grassland in your farming system?

    ADAS are looking for farmers and land managers to participate in a research project on Permanent Grasslands in UK farming systems. This is part of the Horizon 2020 Super-G project. We will be conducting telephone interviews with UK farmers and land managers throughout January and February 2021...
  6. tr250

    A feast to save the planet bbc 2

    Anyone watching will it be another vegan run affair
  7. A

    Pasture-For-Life beef

    I presume that as far as the consumer is concerned,the term ''Pasture-For-Life'' infers that beef cattle have been grazed on grass for life. Does it exist, or is it just a figment of someone's vivid imagination?
  8. Agriland RSS

    4.3ac site for sale in Scotland with active car park

    Written by William Kellett Property consultancy Galbraith is handling the sale of a prime 4.3ac site with an active car park at Arrochar, Argyll and Bute. The land is in a beautiful situation at the head of Loch Long and within walking distance of the footpath ascending The Cobbler, one of...
  9. Muddyroads

    Veganuary 21 responses

    We all know it’s coming, and hopefully a bit dumbed down this year. So how are people planning on responding or countering the general b*ll*cks that goes with it? We supply an online farmers market with pies, pasties, cakes, lamb, beef etc. I rather hit the roof when I read that they were asking...
  10. johnspeehs

    Put away the bushwacker and draining buckets

    Well here's the start of our new role as Park rangers
  11. J

    Land Wanted.

    I am a semi retired farm manager and i seek to purchase around one and a half to three acres of grassland. A good price will be offered for the right land within a forty minute drive of Burton on Trent. I prefer north of Burton if possible, but not essential. I want to maintain and improve the...
  12. Agriland RSS

    Organic production on the rise across the European Union

    Written by Agriland Team The latest agriculture, forestry and fishery statistics from the European Union confirm that organic food output continues to increase across the continent. The total organic area across the EU-27 in 2018 was 13 million hectares, corresponding to 8% of the total...
  13. Tiptoe Ted

    Off-set flail toppers

    I am looking for an off-set flail topper for cutting maize stubble, stewardship plots and grassland. Also for cutting rough stuff and siding up hedges etc. There are quite a few options (Maschio, Kuhn etc) that go to 2 or 2.2m wide and designed for verges and ditches but not many that go...
  14. FarmerD89

    Neighbours beans migrated to our grass leys

    Strange situation this afternoon on our walks fairly clean old grass ley we sprayed the start of this year with PasTor noticed a singular bean plant had established itself, thought nothing more of it, then spent four hours pulling beans from over an 8 acre field ( multiples of beans in one spot)...
  15. kevindb880

    New Fertiliser spreader time. KUHN, KRM, KVERNELAND or maybe SULKY

    Looking for a new spreader to spread p&k, nitrogen, sulphur ect at 18m over 500acres, We have dealers local for the above makes, not interested in gps on/off ect but would like weigh cells and be able to vary forward speed. Must have the capacity to hold 2400kg, be easy to set up, accurate and...
  16. Agriland RSS

    ‘Better utilisation of grass means better lamb growth’

    Written by William Kellett A Ceredigion farmer’s involvement in a major grassland research project has led to major improvements in the performance of her sheep business, with measurable success in terms of pasture utilisation and lamb growth, and is now looking to take part in another trial to...
  17. Agriland RSS

    Dairy calf-to-beef can boost incomes on suckler farms

    Written by Agriland Team Stephen Flanagan is a beef and sheep adviser with the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) in Northern Ireland. He believes that dairy beef is an attractive option for suckler producers, who want to expand the scope of their enterprises. Flanagan...
  18. Farmer Fin

    Low carbon marketing

    Is anyone on a contract with “green” credentials for cereals? I.e renewables on their farm taken into account etc. I know it probably makes little difference but could this be a point of differentiation?
  19. Farm Business RSS

    Farming app offers guidance on the go

    Written by John Swire The Farm Advisory Service has launched an interactive updated version of the FAS Companion app to help farmers with the daily management of their businesses. The free app, which was developed by SAC Consulting – part of Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), has links to tools...
  20. Agriland RSS

    Herbal leys can make a significant contribution to beef output

    Written by Agriland Team Results from a five-year trial, carried out by scientists at Reading University, confirms that dry matter output from diversified swards will out-perform that achieved by a perennial ryegrass (PRG) leys – receiving 250kg of nitrogen (N) per annum – three years after all...

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