1. Bald Rick

    Government Policy towards net Zero

    Here we go: Suggested also that there will be "help" for livestock farms
  2. Agriland RSS

    LMC calls for single climate bill for Northern Ireland

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) chief executive, Ian Stevenson, believes there is scope for politicians at Stormont to agree on a way forward, which allows for discussion on a single climate change bill for Northern Ireland. Specifically, this...
  3. Bossfarmer

    how much are you REDUCING N rates????

    With the current explosion in fert prices how much N is everyone putting on their Spring barley and wheat and how much do they plan to reduce it to this year? Spring barley 2020 139kg N/ha 2021 112kg N/ha wheat 2020 215kg N/ha 2021 175kg N/ha
  4. N

    Can increasing soil carbon also increase soil CO2 back into atmosphere?

    Finally decided to sit down and try and get my head around 'banking soil carbon' and the whole soil C sequestration thing. We are trying to increase soil organic matter (OM) levels for all the positive benefits that go with that - better soil structure, better drainage, better nutrient cycling...
  5. Direct Driller Magazine

    Does Grazing Cover Crops Negatively Impact Soil and Crop Yields?

    Does Grazing Cover Crops Negatively Impact Soil and Crop Yields? Written by Lindsey Anderson, Humberto Blanco, Mary Drewnoski and Jim MacDonald, Published in CropWatch from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Separation of crop and livestock production can degrade soil and other natural...
  6. Jsmith2211


    I've seen a lot of people recently complaining about the lack of insects due to intensive farming in recent years. However, every night im out with the LEDs on i cant get out of the cab without hundreds of the damned things buzzing into my face and inevitably into my cab. I can provide a picture...
  7. Alistair Nelson

    Managing Flat 8's as efficiently as possible

    AS the title suggests having to go back to flat 8's with little bales, would have loved a Bale packer of one type or another but just couldn't justify one. So back to flat 8's how are people managing, getting them into the yard and stacked into the dutch barn (No fast side) as efficiently as...
  8. Green oak

    Coldplays world tour.

    Carbon neutral. Going to plant a tree with every ticket sold. To offset there private plane journeys around the world.
  9. Deere 6430

    Kuhn Mouldboards

    What are Kuhn H4 mouldboards like? As in trash and black grass burial and also ploughing grassland in an organic situation so must make a decent job. options now are an N board for general purpose according to the Kuhn dealer, how do these compare to the H4 for example. coming from Dowdeswell...
  10. Agriland RSS

    Kverneland buys into Italian ROC Company

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland The ROC company produces a specialist range of ‘mergers’. The machines combine the action of a pick-up reel with the transfer action of a grouper belt to bring one or more swaths together ready for harvesting. Aimed primarily at alfalfa growers...
  11. Agriland RSS

    Soil carbon levels keep on rising after 50 years of slurry trial

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland The fact that soil carbon sequestration levels in grassland have kept on rising 50 years into a bespoke slurry spreading trial at AFBI Hillsborough, is worthy of note in its own right. However, the fact that this result is counter–intuitive with...
  12. Clive

    CF Nitrogen production?

    The 3 weeks of government aid are nearly over, gas prices are even higher now than when they last shut down what happens next ? Looking at the global picture there is going to be massive N shortages fir 2022 crop, that’s going to really hit world wheat stocks time to buy 2023 futures ...
  13. JP1

    Chris Packham to deliver petition to rewild Balmoral today

    I gather Chris has called upon the Royal Family to take the lead in rewilding I heard a clip where he stated that Balmoral’s 60000 acres are “barren” and should be turned in to a temperate rain forest...
  14. jerseycowsman

    Badger proofing a shed

    We have a shed with one open side, the feed barriers. How far up does the netting or whatever need to be to keep the APHA vets happy that it is badger proof?
  15. D

    Minette Batters one Question Time tonight.

    Sorry if it has already been posted, but for anyone who may be interested I have just seen that Minette Batters is one of the panelists on QT after the news on BBC1 tonight.
  16. Just because

    Fert prices and stocking rates

    Are people thinking of cutting back on stocking rates due to fertilize prices and other rising costs??
  17. CPM RSS

    Forage harvesters – Go forth and forage

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF Grass and forage crops continue to gain popularity among arable farmers for their soil enhancing, weed suppressing and biodiversity encouraging properties, with many now using the cut as a fuel for anaerobic digesters. CPM looks at the latest trends...
  18. Scrambler

    George Eustice looses his mind at NFU fringe meeting!

    I've just watched Olly Blogs latest Youtube video and he mentions he attended the Conservative conference NFU fringe meeting where George Eustice was answering questions. Apparently, GE said that culling pigs could help the industry by reducing the supply and therefore pushing up prices!!! When...
  19. R

    Hosier - Open-Air Dairying

    Open-Air Dairying
  20. DanielBennett

    What events?

    Could do with opinions please. What farming events do you like and why? Conversly What farming events do you not like and why? Dan