1. G

    Imploding vacuum tanker

    Looking for wisdom, failing that ‘quick bodges and creations’. Elderly but functional slurry tanker is beginning to implode. If everything but the tank wasn’t working fine I’d probably scrap the thing but as it only gets occasional use for 3-4 loads at a time the sensible options are limited...
  2. Chips

    Joskin, Hi Spec or Major

    I have just been accepted for the grant on a trailing shoe, however since putting in for it I have learnt that it would be too heavy for my current tanker and so am looking at either a Joskin, Hi spec or Major 2000g with a trailing shoe depending on what's in stock in time for the grant . To...
  3. Hilly

    Keenan mounted on a wagon

    I want to put my Keenan on a wagon . I’m think ex bin motor low entry for driver ? , how would I turn the pto ?
  4. Lowland1

    New Muck Spreader

    The time has come to retire our old Kidd Spreaders and replace them with a modern (new) machine. We do 5000 tonnes or more per year but 12 months of the year so it should n't be a hard life. Obviously everyone will say Bunning but is there something cheaper but good out there.
  5. jerseycowsman

    Feeding out grass silage

    Currently dig out grass silage into a pile with a grab, then use a large Emily bucket to pick it up and feed it along troughs. Simple and little to go wrong. Only needs one tractor. Stupidly thinking out loud now, can I fill a mixer wagon with loader tractor and then hitch loader tractor up to...
  6. Cows 'n grass

    How to feed cows?

    Seven years into my CFA and we finally have some decent infrastructure. For this winter I will get by with the machinery I have but looking forward to next winter I'm still struggling to work out the best way to physically feed silages to the cows. This is the layout we nearly have now...
  7. Farm Classifieds


    HiSpec Advert added by: Machinery Details Category: Tankers Price: £12000 Condition: Excellent Description Hispec 2000gal slurry tanker. Late 2014 model which didn’t get delivered to me until jan 2015. Rain gun with up/down movement. 11000l upgraded pump...
  8. whindy

    Competition web site's! Has any one won!

    There is a lot of raffle sites on Facebook etc and some wonderful cars etc to be won. Most appear to be based in Ireland. The prizes mostly stop their. Nearly a draw every night for a hi end prizes often a £50.000. Car with only 60% sell out. They must be the biggest scam out there. Any one...
  9. W

    Strautmann or Bergman

    looking to upgrade from Bunning hd 15 ton wide body , need to spread 24 m down the tramlines with compost. Has any one got any experience of the Strautmann or Bergman disc spreaders please.
  10. N

    Slurry tanker pump size

    Any one know what size of vacuum pump is right for 2700 gallon tanker 11000 litres or 13000 Can the pump be to big
  11. Cmoran

    Tanco mower thoughts?

    Been looking at the new Tanco triple mower setup I’m wondering what are peoples thoughts on it. To me it seems a good idea as I already have a tractor fit to drive it. I’m still on 2 trailed mowers but will be looking to speed up the job in the future. I know it’s new and probably best give it a...
  12. B

    Ktwo compactor

    Has anyone used one? I like the idea of more capacity and safety but is it worth the extra investment?
  13. nivilla1982

    The NI/ROI Protocol

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-55913907 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-55917414 https://mydup.com/news/dup-free-us-from-protocol https://www.spiked-online.com/2021/02/02/can-the-northern-ireland-protocol-survive/
  14. M

    Looking to buy these tractors stated below......

    honest Opinions on either a massey ferguson 8130 or an MF 8260, Pro's and Con's.
  15. D

    Herbst tankers

    Do Herbst make their own Tanker I’d heard they don’t Iv been considering a 5000g tandem with steering and dribble bar
  16. S

    Redrock slurry tank

    I am going buying a new slurry tank. normally deal with breens farm machinery because there next door to me more or less and they sell Redrock slurry tanks. It is a 2500 gallon tanker and galvanised that I'm looking at with a dribble bar. Has anyone any experience of Red rock tankers and can...
  17. K

    So I’m buying a new tanker at last

    Hello, I’ve whittled it down to four in my own head: major Hi spec Conor Newrock. The 4 are coming in at roughly the same price give or take and I have them specced as closely as possible. 2.5k gallon or 2.6k gallon(major, hispec) One thing niggling me is the way the cylinder is...
  18. daijd

    Tandem axle slurry tankers

    Afternoon all I’ve searched on here but couldn’t find a thread. Considering upgrading our tanker to increase output. Choices are Hi spec/abbey/Redrock 3000 gal single or tandem axle. Maybe a tandem axle 3500 as it’s not much more in price. What I’m not sure of is the manoeuvrability of a...
  19. H

    Slurry tanker

    Been looking into slurry tankers around the 2700gallon mark. Slurrykat and major being the final choices. I’ve seen both working and impressed but struggling to find much difference between the two. Both similarly priced Has anyone worked on either brand or got any experience using them both...
  20. W

    Whats your machinery line up.

    These are my 3 tractors for 2500 acre arable and a few sheep. I love the simplicity and yet have enough tech to do everything I need. 8530 7930 6930 Lowest hours 4400 highest has 6500. but I will keep rebuilding them as nothing else really floats my boat.