1. Farm Classifieds

    Horsch rake parts

    Horsch rake parts Advert added by: Anthony Wiseman @ace Machinery Details Category: Wearing Metal & Parts Parts Price: £350 Condition: Excellent Description 23 horsh straw rake assemblies. Made for a Sprinter 8ST . Never used, Good solid rake tines for a project. How...
  2. Cab-over Pete

    Custom Cutting Down Under

    Aye-up, My lad has caught the machinery bug. He’s been saying for a year or two that once he’s finished college he would like a crack at a combining season on a big scale. He would be looking to go somewhere winter 2022-23. He’s been looking but although there are some big scale operations...
  3. EGSWG

    Direct drill

    Just starting to look at direct drilling and regenerative agriculture, we have previous experience of the Claydon drill system and it was not good, we are not fans of tine drills, we have looked at the Horsch Avatar and John Deere 750a, anyone got any opinions?? Currently drilling with a vardi...
  4. Mark Hatton

    Which factors influence your machinery purchases most?

    This is driven by my curiosity and a thread from earlier today. Which factors influence where you purchase a new machine from? I realise there are many, cost of ownership, depreciation, dealer backup, warranty etc. Do you buy by brand as that’s what you’ve always run? Is your local dealer...
  5. I

    Cover crop establishment and organic manure incorporation

    Looking and using a Cambridge roll with straw rake tines and seeder to quickly establish cover crops and incorporate manures, has anyone used anything like this ? https://www.he-va.co.uk/he-va-products/grassland-machinery/grass-rejuvenator/ Previously used a Horsch joker for incorporation but...
  6. B

    4 metre power harrow drill combination

    Any opinions and user experiences of the following makes as looking to upgrade from a Kuhn/Accord 3m Suffolk coulter machine. Wanting disc coulters this time around. Amazone Kuhn Lemken Kverneland
  7. S

    Front fert hoppers

    For the last 10 or so years, we've used an Andrew Guest Accord hopper to place DAP on our potato planter, reasonably successfully. It's not without flaws though, there is a limit to how fast we can plant, and how much fert we can meter out without the thing jamming/wheel skipping/backpressure...
  8. spikeislander

    How well does the spun on wheat look? Are fert spreaders accurate enough?

    Hi there considering this as a back up plan , we have a Vaddy 8m and Kv tine drill , which has got us drilled up the last two years pretty much . But I feel the drop in output from 8 to 6 plus unblocking Coulter’s etc means the amount we can do in a day is much less at a time when the weather...
  9. spikeislander

    Wide tines , trailed,folding to 3m, 9 to 12m , good condition

    Hi there , just seeing what’s about , must be decent , and vaderstad nz style tines , slightly stronger than kkk ideally , Dalbo, vaderstad etc but legal road width is essential. Thankyou
  10. P

    Horsch Sprinter Packer Bearings

    I need to do the rear packer bearings on our 2012 Horsch Sprinter 6ST and have been quoted £30/bearing from the Claas dealer for a 33205 bearing. I quick look on google shows that I can get a Timken 33205 bearing for £12.31 or a SFK 33205 bearing for £16.04. Is there anything special about the...
  11. jackward6170

    Pronto or Rapid?

    I’ve seen the threads in here before about this subject but which is better suited to me? We plough prettty much everything except top work for OSR and grass, on heavy clay mostly. Currently running 4m polymat combi drill which we’ve had years but after something abit quicker in a drier time and...
  12. C

    Typical power/size vs. acreage?

    Hey all, I hope you don't mind indulging this non-farmer but I'm very curious about the typical size and power of tractors - plus the size of implements - you use vs. the size of fields/farm that you're working on? I've been reading through a lot of machinery threads and trying to collate the...
  13. Ninjago

    4m Combination Drill weight

    Currently run a 3m Amazone super power harrow and drill combination but looking to move to a 4m setup. Probably either a Kuhn, Lemken or Amazone. All heavy duty models (260hp tractor) with a rear tank. Is there much difference in their weights? Thanks
  14. radar

    Rediscing a Horsch Joker

    Got a Joker whose front discs are nearly "notchless" and especially for hard ground need replacing . Can I assume the bearings will last a redisc or should I consider a replacement?
  15. Farmerdunk

    Drilling with 6m drill with 32m sprayer

    Does anybody do this? Looking at a 6m drill, to match in with our 32m sprayer. Been told it can be done. Just wondering if anyone on here does, and how you got round it? Cheers
  16. P

    Horsch duet coulters

    Has anyone modified their old duet Coulter’s to be more like a bean coulter? I have a set that will never go back on the drill and am after a narrower point. I think I could cut off the wings and weld a new seed boot on and end up with a 25mm point? Any experience??
  17. Banana Bar

    Weaving Sabre Tine

    Is there anything not to like about the new Sabre Tine? BB
  18. Farm Classifieds


    HORSCH SPRINTER 4ST G+F 2008 Advert added by: Ellis Machinery Ltd Machinery Details Category: Other Price: £33500 Condition: Description 2008 year, very nice condition, only done 824ha total, Muller control box, grain & fertiliser, 4M folding, front tyre...
  19. C

    Spring bean drilling with cultivator

    Thinking of using an Amazone Cenius grubber for put in spring beans. Have most of what I need... front hopper.... distribution head etc. The question l was hoping someone could shed some light on was if I have the legs ( with 40mm points) at 6 inches and I drop the seed in behind the leg would I...
  20. Banana Bar

    Cover crop seeder

    I am looking for a cover crop seeder to fit to a 9 / 12 metre Kockerling Allrounder. It ideally wants to hold up to a tonne of seed. Considering an Accord DA with hyd fan, and electric metering. Any better suggestions? It really want to be capable of putting anything from mustard to beans...

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