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    Spaldings to focus on tillage parts and vegetation maintenance at the Midlands Machinery Show

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Key products for renewing the performance of tillage implements with fresh soil-engaging parts will be a focus of the Spaldings stand at the Midlands Machinery Show on November 9/10 at the Newark Showground in Nottinghamshire. Spaldings Agriculture...
  2. MX7

    How do you prepare very heavy land ready for a spring crop?

    I have never farmed very heavy clay land ,so just out of interest I was wondering what technique/s you use to set heavy land up in the Autumn so that you can "hopefully" drill it in the spring. It must be very difficult and only come with years of learning the hard way "by trial and...
  3. Spotty Dog

    Bourgault duck foot sweeps

    I'm running a Horsch Terrano with Bourgault 7 inch wide duckfoot points but i am only getting around 70 acres before they are worn out. They are made by Blue Armour. Is there a similar point available but with tungsten grafted on to make them last longer ?
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    CropTec seminar to return this November

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland With growers in the midst of a tumultuous time in British farming, this year’s CropTec Show seminar programme will examine the building blocks for a sustainable arable farming future. Now in its ninth year, the CropTec Show will take place at the East...
  5. J

    Horsch pronto 4dc unfold

    Horsch pronto 4dc won't unfold, seems to be stuck on lifting and lowering? Any ideas
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    Soil health and regenerative techniques to take centre stage in this year’s CropTec Show seminars

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business With growers in the midst of a tumultuous time in British farming, this year’s CropTec Show seminar programme will examine the building blocks for a sustainable arable farming future. CropTec’s acclaimed seminar programme returns for 2021 with a focus...
  7. britt

    No till spring beans

    Is anybody doing any good with notill spring beans ? I had a good crop about 6 years ago, but done no good since. There always seems to be a reason, wet spring late sowing, dry spring after drilling, too shallow because the discs were too worn etc. A friend that ploughs before drilling often...
  8. C

    Amazone one pass

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has ever fitted horsch coulters to an Amazone drill? Much simpler coulter and cheaper to run I was thinking! Thanks
  9. Case290

    Rds ps8000i variable rate seed plan

    Maybe is a old thread on this contour ag +seed Plan ——- to Rds control box Any tips to get this to work Seed plan complete Select individual fields download to sd card Rds box asking for farm number field number ? ??? 👎 day gone got no where fast
  10. Case290

    Chopped straw 👎

    Cloudy overcast combining, monster straw crop, blunt chopper blades claydon vdrill = unhappy farmer luckily it’s not all like it. Could use disc drill I guess probably be ok winter beans with a disc drill any advise
  11. M

    Lemken Rubin

    Hi anybody got a set of these? My neighbour is retiring and has a 3m semi mounted set with a rear hydraulic wheel, bit like a caster wheel. It’s in good fettle and I’m thinking of buying it. Any pro’s and con’s? Id be looking for it as a stubble chit machine mainly using it fairly shallow. My...
  12. G

    Could of been nasty

    Crosshaft snapped on my ED kverneland plough good job it was in the field and not the road any where do used kv bits or is it a new one I get
  13. B

    Intermittent Tramlining

    I was thinking of trying some this year sowing wheat on a sloping field to prevent water running down the tramlines. The Horsch drill has a preset of 20m on 20m off, is that the standard setting used? Any experiences? I haven't seen it used in this area often tbh. Does it work or an untidy...
  14. C

    Blue light placement for sprayer boom

    Got a couple of blue lights from UTV products to go on my Househam sprayer. Where is best to mount them? Side of sprayer shining back/sideways ? Under boom shining across? Rear shining forward
  15. EddieB

    Disabling isobus on a MF datatronic screen?

    Is this possible on an older style non-touchscreen datatronic? I want to run my drill through a topcon screen. If I turn on the datatronic screen first that’s where the drill appears. If I turn on the topcon screen first the drill loads on that, but the main tractor screen doesn’t then load on...
  16. R

    So who has started drilling ?

    Normally try and drill first ten days of October but last two years have been caught by heavy storms just after drilling that has gone on for months, thinking of going early this time, what's are others doing ?
  17. J

    Changing a Horsch pronto tyre

    I have a flat tyre on a Horsch pronto drill in the middle section. It looks like it is going to be a pig of a job. Does anyone have any advice on the “best” way to set about it?.
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    JCB recruits welders in Staffordshire as machinery demand soars

    Written by Stella Meehan from Agriland JCB has announced that it is recruiting 100 new welders for its Staffordshire factories as demand for its products continues to soar. The recruitment drive has just got underway for the permanent jobs at JCB’s world headquarters and its plants in Cheadle...
  19. Deere 6430

    Horsch Terrano FX

    I’m looking forward views on the Horsch Terrano FX mounted cultivator please. Good points and bad points about them. if anyone has a 3 meter one for sale then I would be interested or if there is something better than a Terrano FX
  20. CORK

    Cultivation of WOSR stubble

    After two consecutive years of severe slug damage in wheat following WOSR, I’m adopting a new (to me) approach. We are plough based. Gave the osr stubble a run of a light disc (Amazone Catros) immediately after harvest in dry weather. Just gave it a second run today 3 weeks after the first...