1. D

    Correct Spraying Rate on a small sprayer

    Hi, this might be an odd question because I'm an engineer, not a farmer... How do people make sure they are spraying at the correct application rate on small sprayers (<500l like this one: https://www.silvannz.co.nz/silvan-sprayers/eco-500l-linkage-sprayer/)? From what I've seen they just have...
  2. T

    Best drift reduction nozzle for glyphosate ?

    We use a fair bit of Motif and X-Change with Lo-drift Hypro nozzles, but find this mix can be very slow to settle and produces a lot of fine droplets that rise up in higher temperatures. Pressure is kept down to 2 bar and it may all be down to spraying when cooler. With drift management in mind...
  3. R

    Spraying fungicide and side effects

    Hi all, We're moving onto a small acre of land with a house in the middle, surrounded by fields. Cabbage and wheat I think. Please excuse my uneducated stance and questions but I'm struggling to get info from the local famers. Lived in the area for 17 years but this new house is just outside...
  4. T

    Lechler IDTA

    Anyone using these, they look alright althou a bit pricey... Any other similar options?
  5. S

    Fertiliser nozzles

    Presently using chafer dribble bars but a potential change to a different sprayer means that nozzles would be the way to go. What are you using and how do you get on with them?
  6. Sprayer 1

    Nozzles again.

    Do any manufacturers supply twin air induction nozzles with one jet straight down and the other jet back at an angle?
  7. Niteforce

    Liquid Fert Nozzles

    Going on to liquid fert and had more or less decided to go down the hardi quintastream or hypro esi nozzle. I then thought about if the six rear nozzles hit the frame/mudguards with the patteren.? Do they make a circular pattern or flat like a standard nozzle.? Is this a common problem.? Its...
  8. Yorkshire lad

    Faulty nozzles

    I bought some Guardian Air 04 nozzles couple of months back Last night I went to roundup some barley. The first time I’ve used them Set off spraying and noticed pressure off the scale at 12 km/h Even at 10km/h pressure is 7 bar Nozzles don’t appear to be blocked but there is a variation in...
  9. B

    Nozzles, pressure setup

    Irrelevant of sprayer make, type size etc what are people’s favoured setups for getting the job done in terms of pressure, nozzle type, speed etc. Is there a happy medium you can leave all year round for all applications on combinable’s?
  10. ih1455xl

    Red 04 Guardian air nozzles

    Brand new never fitted £3 each PM for more info
  11. Spotty Dog

    Billericay V Guardian air.

    I've used lilac Billericay bubble jets for a few years now and should renew them for next spring. Had no real issues with them other than the odd blockage . I just wondered what other people think of them and are there any similar alternatives to consider such as Guardian airs or anything else.
  12. suffeks

    60mesh filters with 02 yellow nozzles?

    anyone run this and is it ok? or do the nozzles clog up? cause lechler recommends 80mesh for their 02 IDTA yellow nozzles
  13. suffeks

    Amazone UF2002

    so i picked up the new UF, amazing, esp coming from an older 100% manual trailer sprayer, including having to get out and unfold it by hand lol a few pics attached below, its fully loaded 27m with profi-fold2, gps switching each nozzle, dus-pro etc just putting it in auto and letting the...
  14. News

    Blight trials target application techniques

    In such a challenging season for potato blight, application techniques have shown the potential to make a significant difference in preventing disease infection and maintaining a cleaner, greener crop canopy. Results of independent Eurofins trials in Derbyshire - maintained under artificially...
  15. hilux

    Sprayer nozzles

    Currently using 1104 fan jet teejet nozzles for spraying grassland weeds and rushes. Getting fed up of the wind recently and having to stop by 9 in the morning. What low drift nozzles would you recommend for 200l/ha. Are air induction nozzles as good for rushes? Never bothered looking at nozzles...
  16. holly smoke

    Spray nozzles

    Ok so had the spray tested today and have found that the nozzles are quite worn so I need to replace them. But the question is which ones I am on red 04 110 200ltha 10 kph. Wanting to stop with flat fan for herbicides as I have a set of air induction ones for fungicide
  17. B

    Which sprayers nozzles?

    Travelling at 10kph -12kph we use Guardian air GA03 125 - 150 litres/Ha water rate nozzles for most applications with the exception of the use of Flat fan VP04 150-200 litres/Ha water rate on small targets. Am I correct or is there now a more proven jet to do a particular application better...
  18. M

    Spraying set ups

    From previous posts we are thinking of downsizing our sprayer which will effectively mean more work due to a smaller tank size. We will be loosing 1500l of capacity which with root crops means 7.5ha per load. More filling, more road work etc. So I’m just wondering about how we are spraying...
  19. SimpersTradeCounter

    New nozzle tech to see at Cereals 2018

    I have already posted this on Facebook and Instagram. So I’ll just paste it on here for those who aren’t on either I probably shouldn’t be doing this but as everyone loves a good old chatter about nozzle tech etc here. BFS are launching a new up to 90% drift reduction nozzle at Cereals this...
  20. S

    Severnagriculture shop legit ?

    Is this shop ok ? I want to buy some Lechler nozzles if they ship to EU. http://severnagriculture.co.uk/