1. D

    infiltration doesn't work

    Obviously it does work. What I mean is that trying to achieve infiltration doesn't work. Or rather, it doesn't here. I've read all[1] the books, seen talks about how Gabe Brown et al just get all the rainwater to infiltrate away in 5 minutes, and how valuable every drop of that water is, and...
  2. W

    Alarming aspirations from latest climate report...

    Rather a confronting table from the latest CCC report
  3. Surgery

    BBC and soya

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/articles/soy I do like the part that the reporters are saying ‘most’ soya for vegetarian purposes comes from non gm strains and not from South America ! Right! I suppose thou that at least they have highlighted concerns we all have thou on where it is now being grown.
  4. J

    Carbon capture on grass land

    As carbon capture and foot print are the latest craze was going to incorporate this into a business plan/tender that I might be doing on a block of ground and this is something that would be on the tick list for the landlord! So if I started with four hundred acres of maize stubble that I was...
  5. Winklepicker

    Anyone using a 2 year IRG, clover, vetch silage ley?

    Looking to reduce bought in protein for dairy herd and try and improve the soil on arable rotation too. So I’m thinking of growing 2 year silage leys in the arable rotation. I like the look of a mixture done by Cotswold Seeds call Fast and Vast, anyone had any experiences with it or similar...
  6. D

    Eat less meat

    Sorry, I know it has been thrashed about before, but it needs sorting. Kath Dalmeny was on r4 this morning. When she speaks, people of influence listen. https://www.sustainweb.org/news/oct18_kath_dalmeny_one_of_top_ten_campaigners_2018/ Kath said, and I will have the words largely correct here...
  7. steveR

    Will a disc mower cut and leave a long stubble?

    Something of a long title, but needed to get it right :) I am going to have fair few ha of herbal leys in two years time with a % being cut for conservation every year, probs as wrapped haylage for cattle. All the guidance seems to say leaving a long stubble is paramount to preserve the...
  8. Banana Bar

    Permanent clover understory

    Is anyone experimenting with white clover for this purpose. It almost looks like the perfect cover crop? BB
  9. G

    Clover companion crops

    Recently, I've been growing some clovers in pots to cut and use as a source of nitrogen (clovers are legumes). But I've been curious about the clovers that usually grow alongside weeds and decided to remove the weeds only and let the clovers grow with my plants and crops (letting them shed their...
  10. IFarmers

    Question: What's stopping more farmers practicing silvoarable/agroforestry?

    Soil Association recently released this film on the benefits of agroforestry and the stories of farmers who practice it: But it'd be good to hear from farmers who've tried, or want to try, but are having trouble making it work for their business. Also be good to hear some success stories too!
  11. IFarmers

    Question: To farmers who are interested in practicing agroforestry on their farms - what's your biggest obstacle?

    Soil Association recently released this film on the benefits of agroforestry and the stories of farmers who practice it: But it'd be good to hear from farmers who've tried, or want to try, but are having trouble making it work for their business. Also be good to hear some success stories too!
  12. Wigeon

    Building resilience in heavy soils

    This autumn and last year have well and truly shown the value of soil structure, and highlighted in particular where problems exist. My farm is generally grade 3 heavy silty clay loam with flints, with a decent chunk at 55%- 60% forecast establishment rates, according to Soyl. It also has no...
  13. G

    Clovers for nitrogen fixation

    I'm a simple homegrower and I've been using legumes for nitrogen fixation for some time, which has saved me the hassle and money of applying ammonia fertilizer. Now, I've recently become aware that clovers are too, legumes, and they too, form nitrogen nodules for nitrogen fixation and I came...
  14. Goldilocks

    Reduction in N use as the fifth pillar of Regen. Ag. ?

    Most people seemed to have agreed that Regen. Ag. is underpinned by four main pillars : -No -till, -Continuous soil cover via cover cropping etc, -Building diversity through wide rotations ,companion cropping etc, -livestock integration. How about adding a fifth pillar of aiming to reduce...
  15. JoeHodgey

    Outwintering cattle on herbal leys

    I’m an arable farmer from Lincolnshire with a growing interest in livestock. Mainly to spread the risk from solely growing arable annual plants, to grow perennials and build soils. Ive done a fair bit of reading largely around regen ag methods and have come up with a production system in my head...
  16. R

    Would anybody consider planting trees on their land?

    I definitely wouldn’t, but just wondering if anybody would and if so why? Had a flyer through the post about it, which i felt was almost insulting as an arable farmer.
  17. B

    Grass seeds

    Got some seeds I wouldn't mind putting in. Forecast is good for 4 or 5 days. South facing ground in Devon. Is it to late?
  18. Charles Quick

    Nitrogen and Cover Crops

    Evening all, Drilling wheat today into a cover crop following OSR, I noticed this: (apologies for the blurry photos) This patch is where wheat was topped off in June 2019 due to excessive sterile brome. The following OSR didn't really establish, so the N applied to this area hasn't been used...
  19. W

    Climate Change & the Farmgate

    We are currently being assessed based on our usage of "Fossil Fuels" - of which our usage of Fertiliser seems to be weighed against us heavily. Is this correct ? I buy based on the price of Nitrogen not how it has been manufactured. Whereas the government is punishing me based on how it was...
  20. Direct Driller Magazine

    Is Magnesium the Missing Link?

    Compelling reasons to take a good look at Mg levels in your soils and methods of raising them Written by Jon Williams from www.thesoilexpert.co.uk The result of over 700 detailed soil samples in West Wales has consistently shown a shortage of magnesium with 70 per cent of the soils depleted on...