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    Wagtail offers safe and versatile hose handling

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Tramspread has designed and manufactured a new hose handler to help when spreading umbilically. The Tramspread ‘Wagtail’ Hose Humper pivots to both the left and right which enables more accurate hose placing outside tramlines which reduces pipe wear...
  2. the-mad-welder

    EN8 or EN24T?

    I've got a breaker head for a 30t machine to make, its on 90mm pins. Similar to he attached but the pins won't be welded but on bushes and bolted in. I'd normally use EN16T but can't source it at the moment and have been offered EN8 and EN24T. In the learned opinion on here, which would be the...
  3. Matt

    Giving the combine a good blow off... with a landmine

  4. B

    Green energy powered by bullsh!t

    Recently we were lucky enough to have countless energy firms starting up & saving the planet by signing up millions of like minded customers intent on doing their bit by supporting these companies with their green energy. Now here's the really strange thing, virtually all these so called...
  5. JP1

    Outside AD plant ag produce causing nuisance

    To be fair I can see his point too https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/tonnes-stinking-rotten-corn-dumped-6044071?utm_source=linkCopy&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar
  6. Alistair Nelson

    Managing Flat 8's as efficiently as possible

    AS the title suggests having to go back to flat 8's with little bales, would have loved a Bale packer of one type or another but just couldn't justify one. So back to flat 8's how are people managing, getting them into the yard and stacked into the dutch barn (No fast side) as efficiently as...
  7. O

    Telehandler taxation class

    Has anyone been successful in changing the taxation class in logbook / V5 from 'agricultural machine' to 'tractor' for a JCB teleporter?
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    Tyre technologies through the ages: Continental looks back on its history in agricultural tyres

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business As it marks 150 years of tyre manufacturing, Continental is celebrating a rich heritage that included the first pneumatic application for tractors whilst championing future-proofing technology that pushes the boundaries of performance and efficiency...
  9. B

    Opinions on John Deere 6195M series.

    Looking to swap our JD 6920s in. Not looking for much more hp or spec than what we have. Just something simple reliable and user friendly. Really have no intention of considering an R series so realistically we would look for a low houred 30 series or an M series. Operator opinions would be...
  10. S


    What are others in Scotland thinking about the new ScotEID cattle movement set up. Been on it today registering calves. Maybe just needing time to get used to it , but first impressions are that it is a very poor substitute for the BCMS system. There doesn't seem to be any way of checking an...
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    Doosan launches baby DL-7 loader

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland Late last year Doosan introduced a brand new range of mid-sized loaders. Known as the DL-7 series, the first seven models were released at that time, with the rest to follow this year. They have just completed launching the line-up with the arrival of...
  12. slim shiny

    Guess the offence

    Just saw this on faceache, maybe one for @Cab-over Pete
  13. Kevtherev

    Agriculture as we know it

    Reading media reports and Facebook posts about tree planting and alternatives to meat on a daily basis. Vegan and save the earth types gathering huge momentum as every week goes on. Are we facing what can only be described as a farming endangerment? Could we as a switched on farming group on...
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    How to hire a poultry worker or HGV food driver with a temporary visa

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, along with the Department for Transport and the Home Office, has published a guide for employers on recruiting workers on the temporary visa scheme. The scheme is open for applications now. Below...
  15. EmmaBD

    PTO shaft safety project

    Hi all, I'm an engineering University student (at Strathclyde in Glasgow) and I have chosen looking at agricultural equipment for my masters project! The project I've proposed is looking at PTO shafts and a way to make them safer and reduce related injuries. I am not a farmer or from a farming...
  16. GAM

    Massey Ferguson "Shuttles"

    Which Massey Ferguson shuttle is the least troublesome? Manual shuttle or Electric Power shuttle? I have the opportunity to purchase two almost identical tractors, one has a Manual 12x12 the other a 24 Power Shuttle, thoughts and advice please...
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    New equipment features for CLAAS JAGUAR 900 forage harvesters

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business The JAGUAR 900 series now benefits from a raft of new features associated with the feeder unit, the corncracker, and the silage additive dosing system. Further new developments are also available for the ORBIS and PICK UP front attachments. Consistent...
  18. Bossfarmer

    Tractors...COST TO CHANGE!!!

    Im curious what the difference in cost to change between brands is? Some figures of other peoples experiences would be interesting for those that arent afraid to share info ill start 2012 NH T7200 sold last summer 10,500hrs for 20,000 2020 NH T7210 80,000 bought 60k to change
  19. Surgery

    Ad plants , you can’t make it up

    Local plant produced too much gas and having to burn it off even thou there’s a shortage
  20. spikeislander

    Users opinions of John Deere 8rx.

    Hi there I’m interested in users or opinions of people who have first hand experience of these? Ultimately over a twin track . Thanks in advance