rain gauge

  1. Steevo

    Parts prices....again!

    Just priced up a 610 door key to fit a Massey. Most MF dealers were £20-24 + VAT. Tried ebay but no luck. Key place online....admittedly not a genuine RONIS key, but a cut key...£1.50. Be silly not to at less than a tenth of the price.
  2. banjo

    The great global warming scam, worth a listen I think.

    i think global warming is happening, but it's not us that's doing it. It's the earths life cycle of the sun heating up the earth and the sea then creating more co2, or less when it's cooler, the delay in the sea warming or cooling is many years simple. A hell of a lot of scientists believe the...
  3. zsnotdead

    Northern Ireland Milk Price Tracker

    trying to revive the ni milk price thread from the other forum which has nearly died, we differ from the rest of the uk in that most of our raw milk is "exported" to ireland and with brexit,europe what this holds for us. also most of our dairy products are exported which leaves us very exposed...
  4. Gator

    Coming Home For Lambing.

    Spend the last 4 days emptying crap out of one of the lambing sheds, don't know why I save half of it:scratchhead:. Desided to bring 300 home and house um a month early, not due till end of Feb but ground that wet, no where dry to feed and could look better and I don't want them to lose flesh...
  5. A

    Your current weather.

    I'd like to see what the weather you all are experiencing throughout the year. Tempeture and conditions. Just post what it was like and if there any changes. Yesterday morning it was 53F and drizzle. About noon cleared off and windy at 15mph gusting to 30. Temp dropped throughout the day. This...
  6. Cows 'n grass

    All things Dairy

    Last week i upgraded my phone from a Nokia nearly as old as me to the cheapest smartphone on the market so now i have the TFF App and find myself taking photos of everything. So i thought I'd start a dairy specific picture thread where people can post pics of cows, calves, bulls, parlours...