round bales

  1. G

    Winter wheat yields

    Whats the opinion on wheat crops? 80% or 60% of normal
  2. Steevo

    JE Hartley Frozen Veg

    Anybody in Yorkshire know about these guys? Watching the viners on Inside the Factory. Talk of them growing 77 square miles of peas! At 50,000ac that sounded humongous! Looking at their website they mention: “Hartley’s have been growing peas around Knottingley and Tadcaster since 1954 and for...
  3. T

    Turning in a tight gate

    I’m ok with stock but one thing I’m shocking at is driving and I don’t know why, does anyone have any advice for turning in a narrow gate (10ft) from a narrow road with a 20ft trailer . I always cut the corner short I’ve tried the jackknife technique but still to no avail. Or should I just give up
  4. C

    Silage - breakpoint for bales vs. forager

    Looking at the older silage leys, dry weather means less bulk than usual for time of year... What's the break point for getting in the forager + silage gang vs. going for bales? Same contractor for both so mowing, tedding, raking all the same. Some ground near, some far. Cheers CB
  5. Massey mad

    Big Square bale grabs

    Hi, we're looking for a bale grab suitable for x4 4x3 bales, any one want to recommend the best type. At the moment like the look of the mx v7000 and Ritchie big claw grab
  6. rdr123

    Tub mixer Tractor

    Looking at possibly getting a separate tractor to go on the Strautmann twin auger tub mixer. Would a Ford 6610 2wd do the job? We have a flat concrete yard and usually do 5-6 tonne mixes.
  7. H

    McHale f550 baler

    Any body know anything about these balers? Bought new one last year but having much luck with making good hard round bales. Iv screwed pressure up to 12 o clock mark on gauge. It’s just makes untidy looking bales which some are nearly 5ft rather than 4x4 what are a nightmare to wrap and stack...
  8. N

    Wanted at some point: a smallish tractor with a biggish lift

    The little grey Fergie we had when I was a kind occupies a central position in my memories of life as a farming child, first on our smallholding, then on a miniature dairy farm not far from Llandysul. Small, neat, purposeful, the Fergie revolutionised what we could do with our land. Obviously...
  9. J

    Thirty Bales of Hay

    Dear All I have thirty bales of 2018 hay for sale. Properly made in what was a difficult year for haymaking. Can load - cannot deliver. In Warwickshire.
  10. T

    Costing of baling via contractor v baling yourself

    I was wondering what saving if any could be made if I were to buy a baler to bale our 500 bales v a contractor .I was looking at a tarruup bio for the job .it is hard to see how cost effective this would be .I know a clamp is cheaper but quality ain't as good either
  11. T

    Contractor for combining or buy one?

    Hi all, We have a contractor cutting our crops and have been so for years. have been looking at getting our own and was wondering peoples thoughts. We need the straw for the livestock so a straw walker combine. Around 6-700 acres to cut yearly, possibly and `little contract work. Whats is...