round bales

  1. Kernowkid

    Clamp silage through a bale unroller

    Anyone putting clamp silage through a bale unroller? Seen the sheep man from Orkney doing it on YouTube. Looked to work but couldn’t see what machine he was using exactly. Don’t want a feeder wagon and not keen to go round bales. Looking for a simple way of feeding clamp silage either on a...
  2. G

    Nitrogen in silage Ground

    I've sowed some fertilizer 23-0-5 on a paddock around 200 cwt per acre to get some round bales off. How long till I can cut it so that the nitrogen would be out of the grass. What normally happens if it would be baled to quick with the nitrogen not completly out of the grass sward. Two...
  3. Headless chicken

    What to feed heifer calves this autumn?

    Historically we’ve always fed cake and straw and they’ve done very well and it suits our system as we’ve not got any fixed facilities for them so we can just use tubs and a ring feeder. with cake price climbing higher we need to consider the alternatives as see how others are doing it. We fed...
  4. F

    Suckler cows😡

    Not sure if it is just my cows but they just don’t seem to be settled this year, usually run them in 2 small groups but they are together this year for logistical reasons every time i go up the fields to check them they follow me round and are mooing . they have plenty of grass however it’s...
  5. L

    Dark brown/ black silage

    Hi our clamp has a very dark layer in it , basically the top 4 foot. It’s got worse as I’ve got nearer the back. It’s not mouldy or particularly warm. When the silage went in the pit it was very dry but was well sealed. It smells different, bit like tobacco if you like and same colour, does...
  6. jackrussell101

    How much for selling a cut of grass silage?

    So due to business reduction and circumstances this year I may have some surplus grass to sell from June, I would aim to sell it to a neighbour with him silaging it, but how much would I charge per tonne fresh weight over the weighbridge in the new world of high fert prices etc etc? I would be...
  7. rickane

    Best round baler for straw?

    Want ability to chop and make 5 foot round bales.
  8. F

    Unnecessary Costs In Livestock Production

    Having been berated about the price of lamb and how people need to pay more for it, if us Peasants are to continue in business producing these lambs, I thought I would start a thread about what could or should be done to reduce the costs that many of us have. Many of these costs are out of our...
  9. HarryB97

    Spread a bale for round bales?

    Is anyone using a spread a bale on round bales? If so what size works best? Got several neighbours who have them but all use square bales.
  10. Skimmer

    Hay/Haylage Price.

    With input prices rising like they a 50 % increase will struggle to cover costs and on arable land wheat is looking a lot better option than grass for livery's. what will horse owners be able to afford.
  11. M

    Round straw grab

    Anyone got the grab from j bourne tractors below? Looking to handle 2 rounds out of a chimney stack then crowd off to put on a trailer as they come out the baler. Hoping the 4 tines per bale will be fine. Cant have a taller grab due to shed roofs. Thanks Edit: will be on a 531-70 jcb
  12. Henery

    Rushes….. what to do?

    Rushes getting worse , I know drainage is the real answer but not possible at the moment. Weed wiper ? Spot spray? What works best and when ? thanks 🙏
  13. T

    F u king lambing

    Rant over,
  14. fiat 9090

    Tubeline wrapper

    Hi all I'm wondering does anyone use a tubeline wrapper to wrap their silage if so is there big savings to be made
  15. Chris F

    New IPCC Climate Change Mitigation Report coming monday...

    Apart from reducing your nitrogen usage in 2022 ;) I be interested to know how many have actually made change to reduce your carbon footprint over the past 3 years? Feel free to add what and why below. I always await these reports with a sense of dread for what it holds for farming. Generally...
  16. Grass And Grain

    Straw in water troughs from straw blower.

    What solutions have folks used? Or do you just not worry about it? Can't get in sheds with spread-a-bale type machine, so stuck to using a blower along feed passage.
  17. Cowabunga

    Fertiliser price for those that miss it in Arable section

    Just had a price for Nitram. £955/ton for artic load and CF 24-8-8 plus sulphur at £905/ton, again artic loads. If you haven’t yet secured your Spring fertiliser needs, don’t leave too long. Delivery dates now stretch two to three weeks hence and there may not be any to order again soon. Yara...
  18. Stags Agri

    South West March Auction of Tractors, Vehicles, Farm Machinery & General Equipment - Closing Sunday 13th March

  19. Extreme Optimist

    Silage wrap: Round vs Squares

    We have had contractors make our silage in square bales for years. No complaints. Usually good silage with very little wasteage. However, with the increase in bale wrap prices etc. I am looking at changeing back to rounds. Can someone give me an insight into the amount of wrap required? At the...
  20. jed

    Rape straw biomass boiler

    Could anyone recommend a company to contact regarding the above .We chop the rape straw at the moment and I’m thinking maybe we should be using it to heat three houses currently on oil . Not sure this a viable option as I believe there is no RHi payment available. But would like to explore my...