round bales

  1. Alistair Nelson

    Managing Flat 8's as efficiently as possible

    AS the title suggests having to go back to flat 8's with little bales, would have loved a Bale packer of one type or another but just couldn't justify one. So back to flat 8's how are people managing, getting them into the yard and stacked into the dutch barn (No fast side) as efficiently as...
  2. B

    New tractor advice

    Hi all, I was just after a bit of advice on tractors as far as suggesting some or at least what to look for regarding size power brands etc... Or point in the direction of another thread.(I have searched a bit) I have been tasked with sourcing a tractor for my getting elderly mother. And whilst...
  3. M

    Selling Hay?

    sell a fair bit of Hay and Haylage. majority local and most collected off farm. However some one wanted supplying with round hay about 3.5 mile away. Thought take with jeep and trailer half hour job £40 all in... Now she says has to be taken with tractor put on pallet then pushed in a small...
  4. Cruiser_79

    Drying woodchips and possibly grain

    Hi all, I come from the Netherlands and check this forum regularly. I was looking for some advice of using biomass to dry woodchips and possibly grain or barley when we have a wet summer. Last year summer was quite cold and wet so it wasn't easy to harvest dry... This winter we move to my...
  5. Surgery

    Ad plants , you can’t make it up

    Local plant produced too much gas and having to burn it off even thou there’s a shortage
  6. N

    Muck for straw

    I have been approached by a neighbouring pig farmer asking whether I would consider a muck for straw agreement. Agronomically it is certainly of interest but how do others work it financially? Who is responsible for all the operations? And if using a contractor for baling and spreading, who pays...
  7. kfpben

    The future for crofting

    I spent a week travelling through the Western Isles recently. Skye, Harris and Lewis. As a farmer you can’t help but see a place through an agricultural lense. I found the crofting set up very interesting, endless small holdings of 2-15 acres, some with common grazing on the moor or hill...
  8. E

    Tractor lift capacity

    Would a case 895xl handle a double bale handler for round bales of silage
  9. E


    Would a case 895 handle a double bale handler for round bales of silage?
  10. D

    Which bale trailer?

    Pricing new trailers and seem to have narrowed down to 2 options. New 30ft 16t Bailey from local dealer with hydraulic sides vs a recon 33ft artic trailer from Hancock Trailer Conversions without hyd sides. Basically trying to figure out if it's worth the extra £6k for the new Bailey. We don't...
  11. jackrussell101

    High protein molasses

    Does anyone feed this? If so, just wondering how you get on with it? Thinking of trying it for the first time this winter and wondering if there are any pitfalls and stuff need to know... Thanks in advance...
  12. Agri Spec Solicitor

    Envy on docks. Again?

    This year we sprayed a field with Envy to kill docks and buttercups. Grass grew, weeds looked very ill, cut for hay, we thought it was looking good. As time has gone on the docks have appeared as have the dreaded buttercups. The docks were and still are most common on the drain scars where a big...
  13. Longlowdog

    I thought I'd seen it all, hay making Montana style.

  14. B

    Twin spool wrapper

    Thinking of upgrading the wrapper as I’m getting to old to not be in bed early now! Only wrap about 800 a year so can’t justify a big spend, currently run an old 7515 Kverneland which has been faultless but slow with only one roll. What’s out there in the low price range and what’s best avoided...
  15. Turnip

    Small quantity hay supplier needed Aberdeenshire - Huntly area.

    As the topic title says I am looking for a hay supplier for our first months in Aberdeenshire to get us through fall and winter. Anyone know someone willing to deliver just a couple of heston or round bales? For round could also collect single ones if that works.
  16. Sid

    Safe or unsafe load?

    One strap over the top. Holds the top bales down on the bottom rows. Safe or not?
  17. R

    What do you do when you're absolutely exhausted?

    Working every day from 6am until 8pm is taking a toll on me now, I feel exhausted all the time.
  18. Farm Classifieds

    TD00415A - 2014 McHale HS2000 Bale Wrapper

    TD00415A - 2014 McHale HS2000 Bale Wrapper Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Balers Bale Wrapper Price: £8000 Condition: Good Description McHale HS2000 Trailed Twin Satellite Wrapper 9500 bales wrapped, Tyres: (60%), 750mm film...
  19. J

    Cost to produce silage/acre

    Trying to redo the business plan as and when I have time and would be interested to know what everyone budgets for silage these are my figures I came up with at breakfast about right? Seems too much but I've done everything as realistically as I can for a multi cut system doing 6 cuts per year...
  20. J

    Film baler

    Hello, I am considering buying a round baler to do silage and would like to be able to tie the bales with film rather than with net. Has anybody got any experience with this? Mainly how the bales cope with being moved to the wrapper and how the cost compares to using net. Which baler would be...