1. JCfarmer

    Drilling and not putting in tramlines but adding autosteer to the sprayer?

    I know a few of you already do this, do you have much trouble with green grains come harvest? Do you use egnos or a more accurate signal? I will have an autopilot steering system which will be available off a tractor which is being sold and a new 5m drill but on 24m tramlines so rather than...
  2. Jsmith2211

    Removing stubborn dirt from wheels

    2019 case maxxum. Wheels look like this. Have tried preasure washing, tfr, degreaser. Nothing will shift the dirt. Only thing that seems to work is rubbing the same spot for a long long time till eventually it rubs off. Is there a way to get this dirt off or is my tractor going to have brown...
  3. Agriland RSS

    Agri-tech Excellence Awards 2021: Shortlisted companies

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland Eleven companies have been shortlisted for the 2021 Agri-tech Excellence Awards, with the winner due to be announced at Agri-EPI conference’s annual conference taking place on October 28. Supported by Marks & Spencer, Syngenta, Leyton, Barclays and...
  4. Chae1

    First aid kit for tractor/vehicles

    Does anyone have any recommendations for first aid kits for carrying on farm machines. I'm a bit of a klutz and always injuring myself and would like to be able to help if ever came upon a accident where someone else hurt.
  5. I


    I am looking for a hard spray pump 600liters old model isaac
  6. lostdog

    Mf gps question

    What does the little steering wheel do on the implement screen in the attached photo? As usual the book that came with the tractor bears no relation at all to what is on the screen
  7. N

    Anyone else not started drilling yet?

    seems everyone making clouds of dust. had less than 10mm since mid July, hardly a vounteer has chitted, grass burnt to a crisp. after bad blackgrass last year, plenty of seed return. am i the only one stalling?
  8. melted welly

    Learning from home ag courses

    Looking for ideas for some short course online learning for an apprentice. He has a few weeks off work and is open to using some of the time to learn. My first thought was FACTS but he’s only been with us 7 months, so maybe a bit too much in at the deep end. He is on a modern apprenticeship, so...
  9. pellow

    Kuhn Altis parts

    Hit the boom on the sprayer, just wondered if anyone knew of one breaking, cheers
  10. Selectamatic

    Drilling with tramlines...

    All help greatfully accepted... Soon, I will be sowing winter cerials, but for the first time ever I will be laying down Tramlines. Three Meter Box Drill, not on a Power Harrow. I have a 12m Sprayer. Just pondering the best way to go about it... Thanks everyone!
  11. Case290

    Rds ps8000i variable rate seed plan

    Maybe is a old thread on this contour ag +seed Plan ——- to Rds control box Any tips to get this to work Seed plan complete Select individual fields download to sd card Rds box asking for farm number field number ? ??? 👎 day gone got no where fast
  12. K

    Need some advice please

    Hi All. I need some advice about what training course (s) I should take ? Please I am 50 years young . lol. And live in London and I have been an estate agent for 30 years. My dream has always been to work in the farming industry and especially a herdsman . I think maybe to late but still...
  13. Vader

    Time for the next step against RT/NFU?

    I have mentioned it before, but is it now time to start to up the pressure? Get the troops together under 1 banner so to speak. Under 3k will put a full page ad in farmers guardian. Presume similar in FW. Place an ad for farmers to join the new TFF Union. Use go fund me to raise the cash for...
  14. matthewizod

    Stocks wizard RDS box

    Showing this error, can't do anything with the box as turning on and off constantly... Not used one before and the manual has left me no clearer, any ideas ? Thanks
  15. Farm Classifieds

    T224804B - Used Chafer Row Crop Wheels

    T224804B - Used Chafer Row Crop Wheels Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Parts and Maintenance Wheels Price: £2950 Condition: Used Description 1 Pair of VF480/80R42 - 80% Good Row Crop Wheels To fit Chafer Sentry Trailed...
  16. T

    foliar fertiliser

    How does it work for grassland and fodder crops. Is the mixes just trial and error, or is there some well regarded research. Tia
  17. Sprayer 1

    Pre em for expected wild oats.

    We got a big second flush of wild oats in beans this year, and now into wheat ,I want the best control possible. Usually use liberator at .6l but if a sniff of pdm would be beneficial it can have it. Opinions welcome.
  18. Steevo

    Clean stubbles?

    Anybody else finding stubbles are almost perfectly clean this year? A month after harvest almost all stubbles are almost perfectly clean. Doubt I’ll need to be using much roundup this autumn which is one benefit given the current situation.
  19. X

    Ovalled wheel rim holes - how would you deal with them?

    What's the best way to deal with badly ovalled wheel nut holes in a tractor rear wheel rim? I was thinking of welding the hole closed - then re drilling the wheel stud hole with a mag drill and broaching cutter - then putting the taper seat back in using a chamfer countersinking bit. Getting...
  20. Rob-B

    Mounting of a applicator, on the drill or separate 8 or 12 metres.

    Evening all. Recently purchased a Stocks turbo Jet 8 icon. This has been bought for a variety of reasons and as we are currently fitting it, making brackets and I'm keen to hear peoples feed back and how they have got around issues with theirs. The same or simular machines. My problem is it...