1. A

    SURVEY FOR FINAL YEAR DISSERTATION- the impact of Fusarium Head Blight with future predictions

    As part of my final year at Bath University I am conducting a study to create an up to date model for the impact of Fusarium Head Blight in the UK with future climate predictions. A main focus of my study will be how the increasing area of maize being grown is likely to impact FHB occurrence...
  2. T

    Dissertation Questionnaire - Sheep farmers interaction with the vet!

    I need as many people as possible to fill out my questionnaire please!! You need to be a farmer in the South West of England who has a sheep flock or has land which is rented out to a shepherd. I am looking at the interaction you have with your vet...
  3. T

    Sheep Farmer communication with vets

    Hello, I am looking for as many people as possible to answer my short questionnaire for my university dissertation. I am looking at the level of interaction between farmers with sheep flocks and vets in the South West of England, and how these barriers can be removed and interaction can be...
  4. T

    Dissertation Survey

    Morning, I am looking for as many people as possible to answer my short questionnaire for my university dissertation. I am looking at the level of interaction between farmers with sheep flocks and vets in the South West of England, and how these barriers can be removed and interaction can be...
  5. T

    Farmers interaction with their vet in the South West

    Good Morning, I am still looking for quite a few responses from farmers in the South West of England. I am looking at the interaction between sheep farmers and vets, and what the primary reasons are for using a vet and how the level of communication has changed, suggested strategies to improve...
  6. T

    Sheep Farmer and Vet Interaction Research Study

    I am still looking for as many responses as I can get to my dissertation project survey, so if you have 5 minutes I would be incredibly grateful if you could fill it in. You do not have to solely be a sheep farmer, you can be a mixed farm with only a small sheep flock, but I want to know your...
  7. T

    Sheep Farmer and Vet interaction Research Study

    Hello, I am currently in my final year studying Applied Farm Management at the Royal Agricultural University and am undertaking my dissertation project. My project is interested in the factors behind poor sheep farmer and vet interaction and strategies to improve in the South West of England...
  8. leg12

    Sheep Industry Brexit Research Study

    This survey is being conducted as part of my Honours Research Project in the Rural Business Degree at the University of Plymouth and the Duchy College. If you are a livestock farmer within the United Kingdom, who has sheep, I would be very grateful if you could aid with my research and take...
  9. petergittins

    Catching the attention of a farmer- improving surveys

    Hello everyone. I am writing this thread to bridge the gap between the research community and farmers. Research is a two way process which needs communication from both sides, whether this being undertaken by student researchers, academics, or within industry. It is a vital part of moving the...
  10. A

    Free event for farmers aged 18 to 26

    #StudentFarmer magazine has teamed up with Co-op to give 10 lucky winners the chance to spend a day getting exclusive access to a grower and packer site and depot centre in Cambridgeshire. ENTER HERE...
  11. sunejanke

    Student assignment - Farmer survey

    Hi, I am doing a course in Digital Marketing and I have an assignment where I have to make a short survey to farmers. The goal is to have enough data to create a persona (a made up person that will help to make advertisement relevant). Here is a link to the survey...
  12. T

    looking for books and ressources about soil and agronomy !

    Hi everyone, i'm martin form france ! i'm currently looking for ressources in english about soil, direct drill, earthworms, soil chemistery, cereal farming hanbook, conservation agriculture and so on (i'm already receiving the direct drill news paper)... we have many ressources in french about...
  13. Jfp

    Harvest Worker Required

    Harvest worker required for family owned farm, from late July through to October if possible. Work will include carting wheat, onions and potatoes with modern tractors. Accommodation in the form of a cottage on the farm provided. Located South Lincolnshire. Ring 07500988513 or message me on...
  14. Sentry Ltd

    Situation Vacant Harvest Students Required

    Sentry Ltd have vacancies for harvest students in the following locations: Leicestershire Bedfordshire Suffolk South Norfolk Cambridgeshire Sussex Surrey Hampshire These vacancies will commence approx. June/July through to Sept/Oct. To apply please email your CV to Helen at...
  15. V

    Milking Job Wanted - weekend/part-time

    I'm a second year vet student with a few weeks milking experience, looking for milking work at the weekends or weeknights. From larkhall and willing to travel 30mins
  16. Pumpkin18

    Seeking 6 month placement

    A bit of context - I am a business student currently doing a year placement with a recruitment agency. I am from a farming background and I miss the Agricultural side of things. So, I’m looking for 6 month (or so) placement that is more hands on and has a bit more of an agricultural interest...
  17. B

    BREXIT: Understanding EU students and employment

    Hello, I am currently researching for my dissertation project and the aim is to explore if Brexit will have an effect on EU students finding employment in the UK. This survey is for non-UK EU national students that are studying at a British university. I would really appreciate if anyone could...
  18. B

    Looking For Work Vet Student Looking for Experience

    I'm a 2nd year Veterinary Science student at the University of Liverpool and am currently looking for work placement over summer at farms of all kinds. I am based in NP12, South Wales and have my own car so am willing to travel daily locally, i.e. Newport, Brecon, Bridgend, Monmouthshire, but...
  19. Mounty

    Situation Vacant Student/Harvest Help - Soil sampling - Suffolk

    We have a vacancy for a 'soil sampler' for the busy harvest period. Would suit a student or individual with agricultural background. Required from July - September. Ideally living within a 20 mile radius of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Applicants cannot be colour blind for this role. Clean driving...
  20. R

    Requirements for Good Fertilizer

    Hello all, I am an engineering major at the University of Illinois in the United States. I am in my senior year and have a project that involves fertilizing many different types of plant-life and crops. So my question is this: in your experience, what do you look for in a fertilizer? I...

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