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  1. S

    Tractor tyre pressure?

    Guys i have a new holland 8560,which i bring a 4 tonne digger on the back of,i was just wondering what tyre pressure should be in front and rear tyres? sizes are Rear 650/65/r38 Front 540/65/r28 Any information would be great guys and thanks
  2. S

    Kuhn Discover XM 48 disc harrow tyre pressure ?

    Does anyone have manual to check tyre pressure for Trelleborg RT306 550/50-17 IMP on Kuhn Discover XM ? On the tyre I find 2,5 bar max for mounting but on 2,5 Bar it is too soft. I have found some info on the net for this tyre that max is 3,6 Bar, that could be ok but I dont want to get...
  3. H

    High horse power four cylinders can’t sustainably do the same job as a larger six pot of similar HP. Tell me I’m wrong

    If used as a replacement to a larger six cylinder tractor of around 160 HP with the same kit. Increased engine wear, brakes and transmission. Turbos blown? High service costs ? Overall will they take the wear and tear as well as a larger six ? I know a lot are buying these four pots to replace...
  4. A1an

    MRL Tyres Split

    Anyone had issues like this with MRL tyres? This is 1500hrs on concrete.
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    Pics: New Holland upgrades D Series loader range

    Written by Agriland Team New Holland Agriculture has revealed an upgrade for its D Series wheel loader range – with the machinery giant claiming that the “total cost of ownership” has been cut by €20,000. Commenting at the announcement of the upgrade, Alain de Nanteuil, New Holland Light...
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    New Continental hybrid tyre ready for silage season

    Written by William Kellett A new hybrid tractor tyre from Continental is now available in the UK and Ireland to help with the demanding road to field transitions of silage work. The very high flexion (VF) tyre is fitted with a pressure monitoring sensor and has a tread pattern that offers...
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    Hybrid tyre ready for silage season

    Written by John Swire A new hybrid tractor tyre from Continental is now available in the UK and Ireland to help with the demanding road to field transitions of silage work. The very high flexion (VF) tyre is fitted with a pressure monitoring sensor and has a tread pattern that offers comfort...
  8. Laggard

    Michelin XMCL tyre pressures on Manitou 629

    Want to drive Manitou across the lawn, how low can I go with tyre pressure please?
  9. 1594mac

    Tyre deflation query

    Evening random question of the day Can severe frost cause a tyre to go down?? Tractor parked and not moved for a few weeks tyres up during the cold snap next thing I know is rear tyre is flat!!! Whats the thoughts ? :banghead:
  10. J

    Richard western trailer drawbar

    Richard western drawbar snapping any one had and issues with these
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    Continental launches new VF tyre in collaboration with ADAS and John Deere

    Written by William Kellett Continental has collaborated with ADAS and John Deere to draw attention to how tyre technology can improve soil health. Richard Hutchins, agricultural tyre specialist at Continental, David Purdy from John Deere and ADAS principal soil scientist, John Williams, have...
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    AGCO brands win big at 2021 Tractor of the Year awards

    Written by Agriland Team Agricultural machinery manufacturer AGCO proved to be the big winner at the latest Tractor of the Year 2021 awards – with three of its major brands announced as winners. Massey Ferguson, Valtra and Fendt all picked up awards at the event, which was held virtually last...
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    Different ‘Claas’: Axion 960 CEMOS wins ‘Sustainable Tractor of the Year’

    Written by Agriland Team The Claas Axion 960 CEMOS has been unveiled as the winner in the “Sustainable Tractor of the Year 2021” category of the Tractor of the Year Awards, the German machinery giant has revealed. This is the second time the “Sustainable TotY” gong has been awarded and is...
  14. Cab-over Pete

    Project Zetros

    Aye-up, Right then, time to make a start. Had the chassis cab delivered on Monday and have been faffing about with paperwork for first registration and MoT exemption. Got all that away and had a bit of a go up the lane with it. Bit of a niggle, it won’t change into low range on the transfer...
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    New ‘intelligent tyres’ from Continental fitted to a sprayer for the first time

    Written by William Kellett New pressure and heat sensing tyres have been fitted to a sprayer for the first time in the UK. The Continental VF tyres have been fitted to a SAM Horizon 4000 self-propelled sprayer. “This is the first time the new VF tyres with pressure sensors have been fitted to...
  16. ian828

    VF tractor tyres

    Looking at a set Bridgestone VF 710 70 42. Not had any experience with VF tyres and choose is limited at its a new build tractor so only being offered Bridgestone or Michelin in VF. I could put a set of non VF 710s on and change them to a set of VF of my choice and sell the non VF ones
  17. D

    To dual or not to dual

    Is it better to squash down half the width 2” or twice the width 1”. It’s pretty wet so anything run on will suffer. The eradicators will dig out my wheelings to some extent. Also they are big heavy barstewards that are an utter pain to get on and off, and often seem to be at the back of the...
  18. DieselRob

    Navara NP300 4x4 issue

    When you put your navara in 4wd does it drive smoothly when turning? Mine feels like there is something binding up making it not go round smoothly or as tight as you’re steering, in at Nissan garage and they think it is normal but I’m sure it wasn’t like this from new
  19. Johnnyboxer

    Dad - the car is making a funny noise

    Friend sent me a pic, their 19 year old daughter came home and said there’s a funny noise coming from the car Going outside in the dark to see what the fuss was, he gets a torch out to inspect closer Millennials ......!!....and punctures
  20. J

    Marshall trailer

    Hi anyone bought Marshall trailer we have and nothing but trouble The latest thing to happen the axle shackles have broken at back axle when on road loaded We have rang Marshall about this several times but don't seem interested Just wondering if anyone else had dealings with this firm thanks