wild oats

  1. Sprayer 1

    Pre em for expected wild oats.

    We got a big second flush of wild oats in beans this year, and now into wheat ,I want the best control possible. Usually use liberator at .6l but if a sniff of pdm would be beneficial it can have it. Opinions welcome.
  2. Agriland RSS

    Existing chemistries still important in controlling herbicide-resistant weeds

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland According to Life Scientific UK and Ireland country manager, Ruth Stanley, existing chemistries can still play a role in controlling herbicide-resistant weeds, provided farmers use a much more holistic approach when it comes to the management of their...
  3. JD-Kid

    Kale and swedes

    any one planted both as a mix did it work or the kale covered the swedes over to much not planing to drill them just spun on with fert but could drill every other row if needed would just be a bit of a pain dry summers tho so swedes might not go too well could be the only factor.
  4. diesel1

    Fallow land and bps

    I have 200 acres of arable land, taking a year rest from growing crops, if I fallow the 200acres can I still claim bps on the whole 200 acres?
  5. Farmer-George

    Ergot Claims

    Anyone else seeing ergot claims into store for wheat and barley? Not saying it’s not there but I sure can’t find as much in my heap as the seem to be able to find on the weigh bridge in every load.
  6. W

    Extase potential problems

    I have heard from my agronomist today that someone not far from me PE9 postcode, has been harvesting extase with a yield of about 2 t/ha. Apparently KwS are looking into this. Has anyone else had any problems.?
  7. W

    Organic farming

    Hello guys! Wondering if anyone can advise some good resources on organic farming for me to learn from? Any textbooks, online websites or books I can buy on the matter. I’ve a degree in science and so have a particular interest in studying farming and coming at things from a scientific...
  8. puppet

    Cutting the Wrong Field

    I cut a field of hay a few miles away and next door were some lovely silage fields. The owner farms 3 miles away and will never be there apart from silage time. I wondered if anyone has cut, ploughed or sprayed the wrong field because nobody was around. Or maybe cut and baled it BECAUSE the...
  9. deeplume

    Cut or graze AB8 (Flower Rich Margins & Plots)...?

    Looking at using AB8 for some fairly big chunks of field on my next Stewardship. Do you cut or graze yours? Does anyone make hay from it? I've got cows to graze it with, so thinking that might be the easier / cheaper option but be good to have baling as a back up plan. Fairly happy that the cows...
  10. Cab-over Pete

    How Much Ground Do Agronomists Cover?

    Aye up, Just wondering after 2-3 similar conversations with customers over the last couple of weeks. One of them has an agronomist that looks after around 6000 acres and told him there is no way anybody could look after more and do it properly, but another says his agronomist looks after...
  11. chaffcutter

    Straw in the swath, auction results 2021

    Hi, anyone selling straw this harvest, what's the market like where you are?
  12. Phil P

    Selling carbon credits

    @Clive can you tell us some more about it? How does it work?
  13. B

    Spring wheat weed control strategy

    Thinking of swapping winter wheat for spring wheat here just to make life a bit easier in the autumn. But having never grown it and not asked the agronomist yet as I’d like a bit of knowledge, what is everybody doing weed control wise particularly for blackgrass and ryegrass? Pre-em? Emergence...
  14. Bury the Trash

    ....for sowing within the next week what best for sheep ?

    For winter, bit later use. Not bought seed yet but...Redstart ? Always get on well it . could add a bit of Italian but might need to spray out potential wild oats if they come :unsure:
  15. mobileweld

    160 acres arable

    Hello all, I am currently in the position of working a stable job but the opportunity is on the horizon of the small family owned arable farm. I know my way around a tractor but have never actually ‘done’ farming. Is taking it on myself viable? All the machinery is bought and paid for albeit...
  16. M

    Bps and corn prices

    Morning, It’s a constant thought and concern for me and must be for most others. We all start to lose SFP this year which will have a massive impact on a tenanted arable unit such as ours. yes we are diversified business but to unsustainably ‘prop’ a failing business model of arable...
  17. S

    The biggest Wheat Ear challenge

    A bit of fun here. While out pulling Ryegrass this afternoon I could see that there are a few anomalous wheat plants, usually taller plants with a bigger ear. So I started to look for the biggest one I could find. Here it is, a Grafton Wheat ear at 14.5cm tall, Can you find a bigger one?
  18. B


    ive asked this before but why ? if its true that there is such a massive massive ive said it twice ? in every industry from the hospitality industry, such as bar work in resturants and pubs, now thats not so bad a job ? lorry drivers, 40,000 were mentioned in one paper to NHS workers, to...
  19. L


    Just sat pondering the dreaded blackgrass while I enjoy a Saturday morning brew. I have been trying to think of the way the weed grows throughout the season and if it has weakness? For the life of me I can't think what this weakness might be to even begin to exploit this as a means of control...
  20. J

    Is there a app for marking stuff in fields

    Looking for a quick app for marking things like wild oats in fields. Any one using anything decent on a phone? cheers john