wild oats

  1. Yorkshire lad

    Rent Review

    We have some land that we rent on an AHA is up for a review this year. It's typical heavy land so not suitable for roots ect . The landlord has appointed a new agent one of the large national ones. He came to view the land last week and said they were looking for an increase of about...
  2. Syngenta UK

    Early moves to target wild oats

    Growers and agronomists now face the dilemma of an early application to remove competition from emerged wild oats, or holding off to allow more weeds to germinate. Syngenta grassweeds technical manager, Georgina Wood, urges Axial Pro treatment as soon as conditions allow, once weeds are...
  3. Adeptandy

    S Oats or S Linseed

    Between the devil and the deep, have Oats and Linseed to drill, but a field of OSR that was destined to be sprayed off has got to the stage its now worth keeping. So need to cut one of the crops areas. As I've grown neither in the past its a coin toss unless the collective wisdom of TFF can...
  4. F

    Looking for farmers in the east who have Wild Oats problems and are interested in hosting trials.

    Looking for farmers in the east (north of London, south of Nottingham) who have Wild Oats problems and are interested in hosting trials.
  5. D

    No Assured Wheat

    Is there a market for Non Assured Wheat or is it just small amounts
  6. F

    Looking for trial sites.

    Hi everyone, I am looking for farmers in the east that would be interested in hosting some of my trials. I am looking for the following weeds: speedwell, Poppy (In a winter wheat and barley crop) and Wild oats (In a winter barley crop). Many thanks, Frankie
  7. A

    Oat milk

    How many litres of milk do you get from a tonne of oats? Oatly have put forward proposals to open a factory in Peterborough to produce 300 million litres of oat milk. Is this an opportunity for UK arable?
  8. Barleycorn

    Anyone go to Seale Hayne?

    This is a bit before my time, I was there in the seventies, Not sure of his accent, sounds like Eddie Grundy on the Archers! https://film.britishcouncil.org/resources/film-archive/a-farmers-boy
  9. czechmate


    I have a small patch of oats which due to low rate liberator have no weeds👍, except cleavers. I don’t have a starane type product but I do still have a lot of MCPA and 24d which I mix for grass fields. Would on of those or a mix kill cleavers? The labels only talk about perennial weeds🤷‍♂️ tia
  10. An Gof

    Machinery dealers/manufactures, have they lost touch with farming reality?

    Had a call from a machinery manufacturers rep suggesting that it might be a really good time to change my machine (telehandler). I explained that it was not on my “to do” list but that if the deal was right I might be persuaded. so the dealer rep turns up and we go through the process. I’m...
  11. CORK

    Cover crop after failed winter wheat

    I have some field portions where winter wheat has failed due to slugs. The land has been sprayed with Tower herbicide (Chlorotoluron, Pendimethalin & DFF) I would like to put a cover crop (preferably Phacelia) in the bare areas to keep the soil in good nick until next autumn. I would plan to...
  12. Syngenta UK

    Spot wild oats for spring action

    Identifying overwintered wild oat populations now, whilst crops are open and before spring flushes, will enable more effective spring control strategy decisions this season. Understanding your wild oat population now will allow better tailoring of herbicide rates and timing of treatments...
  13. CPM RSS

    Weed management – Herbicide hints for spring

    Written by cpm February sees many agronomists getting ahead of the spring rush and noting weeds which may need attention as winter turns into spring. CPM finds out the latest on wild oat resistance, some spring advice for blackgrass and a farmer’s strategy for getting ahead of weeds in peas...
  14. S

    Clive Bailye, a Peter Hepworth for the modern times!

    https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/12316576.plain-speaking-peter-put-a-worthy-case/ I was googling Dutzi, and ended up reading lot about Peter, naturally. And came across this, there are other links out there where he is villifying assurance and those who toady to it!
  15. Jockers84

    Regional words, terms and phrases.

    Good afternoon, I've been a long term follower of the farming forum, as a new start some of the things I've learnt have been truly priceless. One thing that has struck me though, is every so often I will find a word, term or phrase that I'm just not 100% on what it means. This isn't limited to...
  16. M

    Cattle manure value

    Afternoon, I know I've read posts on here somewhere but cannot find them now. What theoretical £ Value should be put on cattle manure spread on arable land? Could be your own, straw for muck or bought in.... Say you got 500 x 200kg wheat straw bales turned into FYM then spread. What value...
  17. Dan Attle

    Wanting to go no till but sit sure on the way to start

    Hi all got 250 acre mixed farm with plenty of cattle which in turn means loads of fym currently growing grass for the horse market wheat , spring barley and maize ( may drop maize yet ) , thinking ahead the grass will help the soil structure and seems a shame to plough it up and it’s heavy clay...
  18. czechmate

    A question to those with experience of Dicurane

    We have a product here (one called Vario) that has the same make up as dicurane used to have. I have some here for use but never managed to get any on. When I used to use it in the uk, it was always in November (usually seemed to be during children in need week) and actually I can’t remember how...
  19. M


    God Boris, you're really losing the plot. Was that Dominic sneaking out the back in a burka? This must be his idea surely. How have fishery protection vessels been 're-labelled gunboats? Not a good thing to prod French fishermen unnecessarily cos we know how they'll react then we'll have to...
  20. Laggard

    Spring Barley herbicide cost with blackgrass

    Belt and braces, 1250g/ha Pendimethalin, 120g/ha Flufenacet and 30g/ha Diflufenican = £35/ha Avadex granules = £40/ha TOTAL £75/ha Not applying the Avadex is a big saving, what do others do in blackgrass fields?