1. steveR

    How long for pasture to "clean up" from sheep?

    A friend and I were chatting last week about worm burdens and other sheep related problems on grassland. The new flock here was wormed with Zolvix*, isolated and then did a FEC with a bit fat Zero as a result :) The sheep are now only run on clean land, that has never had sheep before, so...
  2. D

    Selling all my ewes

    Well despite my best efforts I've had a bad year for mastitis only 86 ewes & 8 cases of mastitis, all rearing one lamb so could be worse. So the whole lot off cull, will sell from weaning until mid April 2023 to average the price, I know I'm a bit odd but I prefer a closed flock for many...
  3. V

    Dosing ewes after lambing options

    I’ve just started inside lambing 🙈 ewes were fluke doses with closantol based drench after scanning at new year. Ewes have been inside a month now give or take. Years ago we would lamb bit later well into March and ewes would get a wormer normally zermex drench before turnout with lambs . This...
  4. J

    Reviving neglected land

    Hi, I thought I would try to pick some of your brains out there. At the end of the month (Feb) I'm taking on an approx 70 acre farm that has been left for around 3 years without any stock or anything on for that matter. The amount of docks, creeping buttercup, thistles and ragwort on the land...
  5. neilo

    Heamonchus ! Advice & experience wanted.

    It seems that we, along with several folk in the area, have got a heamonchus challenge from somewhere (nothing comes on here without Zolvix, so how did it get here? :scratchhead: ). Everything has been grazing roots and off (contaminated?) grass since New Year, so not shedding any more eggs...
  6. devonbrion1998

    Some worming advise Please

    As above really I have a small batch of 20 march born lambs, these are the last left so not the best doers had some awful worm issues from the last autumn, whereas they get really mucky, I worm them they dry up and look better for a month then back where I started First year I have ever tried a...
  7. B

    DIY FEC / Mcmaster slides

    Hi all, I'd like to be able to do my own FEC but fectest.com no longer ship to the UK and i can't seem to find another supplier. Ebay don't seem to sell the slides either for me to purchase separately and the links in the threads on this forum to slides/microscopes etc are all dead :-( Any...
  8. M

    Cost of contract sheep work

    What the going rate for sheep work just labour per hour for drenching tagging penning up at shearing?
  9. Jerry

    Ivermectic - No Stock

    Anyone else finding ti hard to get Ivermectin drench? Cant seem to find anything local at all. Really dont want to use Zolvix but might have to bite the bullet.
  10. nb844

    Pre tupping drench

    Bought a few ewes to Tup early, all abit last minute. Will probably put the Tup in next week and was just thinking of giving the ewes a combi drench. Any harm in doing them this close to tupping?
  11. M

    Store Lamb - Treatments on to farm

    Appreciate we all farm in different circumstances and all farms have there own challenges. Had a chat at market with very differing views. When buying in store lambs for the autumn / winter feeding what standard treatments do you use ? Dip, worm, fluke, jab, bolus, foot bath, clip, fly treat etc.
  12. devonbrion1998

    Lamb wormer advise

    I don't have any real worm issues in the ewes or lambs this year, but was wondering what you think about worming with a different drench? I have used Oramec forever just thinking should I do something different.
  13. Greythundercloudys

    New spray but no licence.

    Guy along the road got a new sprayer this week, he's spraying rushes etc on his farm, but l can bet he's not got a licence or what ever you need to use it or does grandfather rights still count if its only used on your farm.
  14. steveR

    Gold standard sheep drench?

    Not really sure what happened yesterday, but went to look a few EC in-lamb ewes in market, and came back with half a flock...well 44!! :rolleyes: Due on 5 April! I was not anticipating the purchase at that time, so no free shed, so I popped them onto 15ac to settle down with a good bite late...
  15. Mc115reed

    Abortions in sheep

    Mod note: This thread has been moved from the Tracker thread. I’v still got singles outside and none of them aborted as yet... the twins are a bit comfy on space and I think its because they’ve been scrapping at feed time... all enzo vacc’d but not toxo... 3 aborted now so Vet is gonna have to...
  16. andybk

    Small drench gun , decent make

    The old 2-3ml drench gun has given up today , well fell apart (used mainly for young lambs and cocci so only want small doses ) went to MVF to get another and none (auto syringes) they have have a drench nozzle with them , any recommendations where else to look ?
  17. F

    Store lamb growth rate

    A new venture for me keeping store lambs .I ve got some charrolais/texels on some diary ground with an abundance of good grass in front of them.what sort of daily weight gain should I expect and would i need give them some corn to finish them?
  18. B


    Hi, just bought some ewe lambs, and have jabbed them with ivomec as one of the bunch was scratching and had a brown patch on its neck, but after a few days it still hasn't improved, do I jab with cydectin as someone mentioned it was better? I would prefer to dip them but there is only 20 in the...
  19. H

    Heamonchus/ Barbers pole worm

    I have a group of lambs that were doing great until about 2 weeks ago when weight started dropping off them. Literally withering away despite them having clean back ends. PM’ed 2 of them and they were full of heamonchus so I’ve wormed them for it in the hope they turn around quickly. Should I be...
  20. R

    Buying At Market for the 1st Time

    I am off to Kirkby Stephen to buy around 20 Ewe Lambs in September. I am new to this. I have my holding number. I have sorted transport and vets. What else do I need to do before I try purchase? Reading a document for sales in Scotland, you need to join the APHA (animal & Plan Health...