1. R

    Buying At Market for the 1st Time

    I am off to Kirkby Stephen to buy around 20 Ewe Lambs in September. I am new to this. I have my holding number. I have sorted transport and vets. What else do I need to do before I try purchase? Reading a document for sales in Scotland, you need to join the APHA (animal & Plan Health...
  2. DieselRob

    Store lamb management

    Normally I'm an October to March long keeper of store lambs but this year I've jumped in the fire pit to try some short keep lambs to have turned over by mid Sept/October Long keep I dectomax and fluke everything but this wouldn't be suitable for short keep, they were ovivac-p treated 2 and a...
  3. C

    Drenching interval

    Drenched a bunch of lambs Friday, gate left open and they have mixed with another lot which are overdue a drench no way of knowing what’s been done any problems with drenching the lot again?
  4. hally

    Dosing sheep

    Just watching a video of some Nz guys dosing sheep noticed their dosing bottle had the pipe out of the top not the bottom as we do. Do you need a long pipe down into the bottle or will air pressure allow it to function. Seems a good idea to avoid a ewe knocking off your pipe and filling your...
  5. Elanco Technical Advisor

    Open Letter - Sheep industry experts stand together to urge action now

    An open letter to all sheep farmers We would like to bring to your attention advice from the Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep (SCOPS) group regarding the use of the two newer wormer groups (4-AD orange (Zolvix™) and 5-SI purple Startect). Use of these two newer groups has more than...
  6. hubbahubba

    2020 Clik and clik extra price

    Im going to clik lambs this week, much later and i will be waiting for the 40 day withdrawal to run over before killing. Used some clikzin last year and whats left i will use on singles again. Id just use the clik extra stuff to get to the end of august protection if its no too dearer. Any...
  7. Cab-over Pete

    Drench or not?

    Aye-up, back in the winter I decided we would move all our sheep off the main block (all 14 acres!!) on to new ground near home. That ground hasn’t seen sheep for over a year and even then it was just a short winter graze. They all had Dectomax when they came here and have had a fluke drench...
  8. TrewithickFarm

    Zolvix Drench gun spares

    Anyone know who makes the Zolvix Drench guns? Need to get some parts for my two.
  9. J

    Ebay drench gun?

    Hi all. Our old sheep drench gun needs replacing. I don't really fancy sheeling out £60 on a branded one. Has anyone bought one of those cheap unbranded Chinese ones from ebay like this...
  10. T

    Small drench gun

    So routing through the old crap the previous owner of my place left behind I’ve found a little drench gun that would be ideal to use for lambs. It’s absolutely filthy and I don’t fancy trying to clean it up but it would be really useful to have. Looking around online I can’t seem to find...
  11. Benn

    Cull Ewes help clearing worms?

    Got 5 acres needing to be grazed over winter , Its the hay paddock and its were i lamb ewes Was looking to get cattle in end this summer but didnt work out.was keen on cattle to help lower any worm burden. So im thinking buying cull ewes from a local, letting graze fields over winter and get...
  12. Poorbuthappy

    Zolvix gun spares

    Anyone managed to source spares for these guns? Will ask in local suppliers but wondered if anyone found an online source? Particularly looking for the silly bit of plastic that holds the end of the plunger in the handle.
  13. msheep66

    Bolus and drench at the same time

    Going to Bolus my ewes this year with Tracesure with copper was just wondering if its ok to also worm drench the ewes at the same time. Any thoughts?
  14. scatterbrainedlass

    Clostridial issues with lambs

    Having a really bad do with lambs this year. We have been dosing with Covexin for the past 2 years (cheaper than hep p), but got hit with pasteurella early June. On vet advice we revaccinated the entire flock with hep p. We are now experiencing random deaths all down to various clostridial...
  15. Grassman

    Zolvix wormer!

    Made the mistake of buying 2.5 litres of wormer without checking the price. £450 ish:(:banghead::scratchhead: How the heck do they think up prices?
  16. TFF

    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Another thread to help TFF members track prices. The official AHDB prices can be seen here: http://beefandlamb.ahdb.org.uk/markets/deadweight-price-reports/deadweight-cattle-prices/ Please include sale location in all your prices if it differences from the location on your profile.