135 powered steering

Hi All
I have just fitted a loader to my 135 and just a few questions, please
whats the options and opinions on a powered steering upgrade, with the loader she is very heavy?
I have also lost some traction on the rear end, spinning while backing up with a loaded trailer?
and finally, what options do I have when running a log splitter and having to run the return into the fill plug?
Trying to get the best out of this grand little tractor.


You'd be surprised how much lighter the steering is with new three rib front tyres, pumped up extra hard. This is what we have done in the past...


you can get a power steering kit now for them. as said though a few pounds spend on bearings and tires with good pressure and plenty of grease will help, even if u do end up witht the power steering.


Mixed Farmer
Each to their own but the rear weight gives traction with a loader and is easily removed if needed, unlike ballasted tyres.
4WD is the way for any serious loader work. I wouldn't want a 135 for a main loader tractor. Would be alright for moving logs about and stuff like that though, and for a smallholding it would probably do. A 165 would make a far better loader tractor though, because it has a stronger front axle.

Claas joins the autonomous tractor club

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Written by Justin Roberts

Claas has taken a minority shareholding in the Dutch autonomous tractor startup company, AgXeed B.V.

The new company has developed a tractor designed to be autonomous from the ground up, rather than try to adapt existing machines, or create smaller robots dedicated to a limited range of tasks.

AgXeed’s pilot machine is a diesel hybrid powered unit on tracks which uses a suite of software which, the company claims, is easily scalable.

Like many small technology start-ups seeking to gain a foothold in the machinery market, the company also points to the product as being part of a larger system rather than just another way of performing standard tasks