So have a Jersey calf about a month old she was born a bit early and not in calving box but she developed orange scour any advice? Been doing the electrolytes ect but never seen orange seen just about every colour of scour but orange ?
East Mids
Metacam, keep her on milk as well as hydration fluids. Tube her if not drinking. Check she is not dehydrated with pinch test - get vet for intravenous if she is dehydrated. Sample to vet for testing if she is not improving. I often see a yellow scour in the first few days and occasionally when older, but never serious.

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Variety ‘watch list’ for wheat yellow rust released

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Written by Charlotte Cunningham

AHDB has issued a yellow rust watch list to help flag winter wheat varieties most likely to perform out of line with the disease ratings published in the Recommended Lists. Charlotte Cunningham reports. The watch list, which orders varieties based on yellow rust levels from the three worst RL trials (for each variety), can help identify those most likely to benefit from closer monitoring, says the levy board. It follows the development of a new rating calculation approach that better reflects the diverse and dynamic nature of the UK’s rust populations, announced at the launch of the online edition of the RL 2021/22 in Dec. Discussions on the latest twists and turns...