Brexit - It's Being Killed Off

Discussion in 'Brexit & Politics' started by Ashtree, Jul 29, 2017.

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    The EU very existence was, and is all about supporting farmers and UK farmers have done very well out of it over the years. I very much doubt that post Brexit any UK government will be especially interested in the long term future of farming beyond it's recreational and environmental value. You only have to see the comments that come from various politicians of any party to see that. The shape of UK agriculture will be very different in 10 years time and words that spring to mind IMO are niche product, high quality, local and part-time.
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    There is some merit in what you say. The EEC was set up to provide food for its member states and to make sure its farmers had a decent sustainable standard of living. This indeed was its prime objective.

    That was fine when it consisted of 9 members and yes, even the UK farmers did well out of it during the earlier years of when it joined The European Economic Comunity. As have every other Nation and their farmers that have joined it since (though for some, rather briefly!).

    However, as it has grown to 28 member states of the European Union, the older members agriculture, particularly the UK's has suffered.
    I could bang on and on about how the EU has become a bureaucratic, undemocratic nightmare. We have heard it all before, so I won't revisit that. But I will say that many of those UK Farmers do not now enjoy that decent sustainable standard of living. After an initial rise in standards, many are now suffer lower standards that before we joined.

    This might be why you, your very self now farm in France. And if so, well done and the very best to you.

    Simple truth is that it just doesn't work well for us any more and it is time for us to leave the Union and try another approach.

    The World won't end for any of us (EU and UK) when we do.
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    There you go again. It’s not 1970. It never again will be 1970. The App generation of today do not and will not eat meat, potatoes and three veg as their staple! Sorry mate, in your latitude and climate and cost base you will NOT feed the country. They blighters INSIST on eating what is most difficult for you to produce a lot of the time.

    So up the production as much as you can wherever you can, but you will need to find export markets for it and still import what App developer wants with his latte! Avocado no doubt will be on the table ......

    AND whether you like it or not, immigration was no small part of Brexit. Without them planting and picking, and processing and packing, and trucking just won’t happen.

    And the food chain regulations EU or no EU, just won’t go away either!!!!

    Whatever solutions which must come to the fore for Brexit need to function in the world we live in today, and tomorrow. Not decades ago!
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    Much as you clearly don't like the fact that we are leaving, it is going to happen. We are going to give it a go in today's world. Farmers all over the world, including the UK are in fact very clever and quick to adapt to supplying everything WE can possibly do that the market wants. They always have been since way before the 1970's and will do so in the future. It doesn't frighten us!

    We might not be able to grow Avocados, but we can grow very good Asparagus and even Globe Artichokes for the App developers!

    Having just attended 2 excellent conferences in the past week, bursting with confident farmers with a new spring in their steps, whist you might think it clever to belittle and make fun of us, we will not be wasting time doing so, but getting on with it. You just watch us!
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    We don't have to import from the EU any more post Brexit .. sorry Ashtree but your cash cow is leaving .. bye bye !
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    Well said
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    There won’t be enough parachutes to go around on D Day. Doubtless, Mogger and BoJo will have a nice CE approved one kept safely for themselves. Officer classes do tend to come safely home from the battlefield(y)
    Guess who will have the Chinese crap:whistle:
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    What does it matter to you?I would rather be 1st in the lifeboat than sitting on the deck of a sinking ship
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    Oh I think I hit the nail on the head then
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    Yeah, yeah, yeah! Mock away while you are no doubt crapping your very self that we are leaving.

    In my book, there is no such thing as can't. It just hasn't been tried or successfully done yet.
    Well that trying is about to begin. Correction: It has already begun!

    And nothing ever got done unless people started trying.
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    Meanwhile over on the livestock and fodder thread, there’s a discussion about an App technology for detecting cows coming on heat. From the same company who brought out Moocall another App product for detecting cows calving.
    Many of us use phone Apps every day in our farming business.
    Pooh, poohing App developers, and wishing them to get back doing real British man type work, like picking veg etc, and wolfing down a ham sarnie at lunch time, is all well and good, but ....... hey, if the seventies type farming works for you guys, go for it.
    Best keep the old David Brown parked on top of the hill in frosty nights though. You know yourself, don’t you :whistle:
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    And did I mention that lots of immigrants are needed to pick @Two Tone 's crops in the new import substitution farming world.
    Yes, yes, I know ......... they are clogging up the NHS, and schools, and pushing up prices of houses .................

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    The person who seems worked up about brexit the most is you, that must mean youre bricking it, its going to hit YOU in the pocket, well man up and change, at least thats what those of us who know the opportunities and new challenges that brexit will bring to all of europe are happy to do, its the losers round the 28 that are trying the hardest to bugger it up to stop the whole mess collasping.
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    We had to change like many other farmers when Wheat prices hit £60 .. we love farming but HMG & EU have screwed us over.
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    Looks like Labour are pretty set on this brexit thing @Ashtree

    When will student Remainer-Corbynites get it? The Absolute Boy has no intention of reversing Brexit. He's doing exactly what Clegg did in 2010 - playing you for your vote.
  16. Jackov Altraids

    Thanks for the Joan Baez video, wonderful.

    It is app's and new technologies that will mean we don't need hard boarders even if we are not in the customs union.
    The EU has prospered due to the hard work from our friends in the east of Europe. It was always going to be a process of equalisation as the home countries advanced and wage gaps narrowed and that people would want to return home.
    In the UK, brexit has accelerated this process and we will deal with it. This will the put us at an advantage when the same issues affect the rest of western Europe over the next decade.
    I've always admired Mr Gove for identifying the hard truths in his departments and being willing to tackle them head on. I haven't liked listening to his views since being at Defra but I realise now that the hard truth is that he is probably right. In the short term things are going to be difficult and we will struggle to be competitive and his vision might just be a way of maintaining viability in the short term.
    The future's bright, the future is Brexit.
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  17. Wheyibuggermair

    Do they? Mebbes you should have a better gander at the casualty lists from both World Wars.
    Or better still, Junker and Barnier and their cronies could take a look at those casualty lists and perhaps factor them into their 'separation accounts.
    Typical two faced, smarmy, hypocritical lying EU unelected commissars.
    I, like many of my generation voted for a common market, not the proposed EU superstate.
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    Did I mention the complex EU dependent supply chain for the UK car industry? You know, where UK car industry is very heavily dependent on component supplies from the EU, and the frictionless borders which make it all possible.

    You know what I mean, don’t you! The inconvenient truth which says “we need them more than they need us”!

    Layoffs Arrive in Brexit Britain, and Auto Workers Are Up First
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    It can be easily solved. EEA with a customs protocol and unilateral alignment to CET on goods. Not rocket science, you keep wetting the bed over this issue because you don't understand it well enough.

    Meanwhile, Time to pay your way
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