Broken mouthed ewes on twitter


But who the hell would use a tup like that in the first place, if it looks hellish and has a bad mouth?

It wasn’t like that bought and spending a lot of cash on something bends the mind “Expensive Tup Syndrome”. Mind you, there is also “cheap lamb syndrome” where you don’t fully back yourself to use an obvious bargain because others didn’t make it expensive enough for you. You can’t win.
You can have the worst tup and worst ewes and produce the best ,correct good carcassed, correct mouthed mule sheep, some of the best confirmation mule lambs i ever saw were by a tup named 'quasimodo' which says it all.
Back to the hybrid vigour i suppose!
I can’t help it, when I see Easycares on good ground I just think it’s a waste.
'Easycare' is a very broad church. You can take them wherever you want with your other traits and keep the woolshedding. A lot of mine are Texel/Easycare composites to varying degrees. They don't all need to look like a plain welsh mountain without the wool.
That would be true, as long as ‘treated the same’ includes stocking rate, ability to winter cheaply and have the longevity to reduce replacement costs.
If those heavier lambs come at a cost of running bigger ewes that can be stocked less heavily, or require feeding through the winter, then they will pull down output per ha.

There is a reason that all those ‘efficient’ breeds are generally around 60kg or so, here or in NZ.
If you get lambs away before prices slip the fastest lambs away are king IMO

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CHAP launches CropMonitor Pro a new digital service for predicting crop pest and disease risks

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CHAP launches CropMonitor Pro â a new digital service for predicting crop pest and disease risks

CHAP is delighted to announce the launch of a new digital service – Crop Monitor Pro. It is designed to help growers and agronomists predict the likelihood of pest and disease outbreaks on their farm.

CropMonitor Pro extends the DEFRA funded, long-standing regional risk evaluation service (Crop Monitor) which was first launched in 2003 by Fera Science Limited (Fera). CropMonitor Pro is a significant advancement on that service by providing field-level risk prediction for a range of pests and diseases affecting winter wheat, winter oilseed rape and...