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Discussion in 'Cropping' started by Mr Charisma, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Mr Charisma

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    stratford on Avon
    So having always done the drilling on the farm and proud to have put tramlines in the right place for the last 15 years and only a couple of blocked coulters in that time but I have always considered drilling to be the best job of the year , so I was looking forwards this last year when my 20 year old Vaddy was replaced by a bigger more modern version from the same stable .
    But alas I felt it was time to hand the reigns over to my nephew who with the aid of green star has had a very good first season

    So he had to go away for the weekend and left me a days drilling beans , fair to say I looked forwards to it but ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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  2. Iben

    Iben Member

    What an idiot! :)

    If that's your first mistake in 15 years, you are well ahead of most.
  3. Gone Shooting

    Gone Shooting Member

    Did the same - booted over with the combi - thankfully not by the road :)
  4. Kiwi Pete

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    Owaka, New Zealand
    Everyone should leave at least one lineworm in their lifetime. At least it's a straight one!!
  5. Roy_H

    Roy_H Member

    At least you had the courage to own up! I don't know if it's because nowadays farmers rely on modern technology instead of ye olde bout markers on their drills but just lately I have noticed more underlaps, overlaps, empty triangles and "teardrops" in autumn drilled crops than I ever use to see before.:facepalm:
    Edit: I used to hate those labels that were sewn into the tops of 50kg seed bags, if you weren't careful to retrieve them as you opened the bags you often ended up with extra tramlines.:happy:
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  6. Mr Charisma

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    stratford on Avon
    So the question has to come down to why the moment of muppetry ,,,,,,, well it starts of at this time of year last year when I nipped over to Paris for a romantic / dirty weekend away , whilst away my nephew got bored saw a field of stubble and thought to him self he would like to do a bit of ploughing without realising he was ploughing out some of my EFA greening for the year , not all was lost because I had the cover crop get out of jail card , so spring oats and buckwheat were planted in the autumn and grew very well , they were drilled straight into triod land with the vaddy and hoping to leave behind a slightly cloudy finish so if it came wet the ground wouldn't run together and fair to say it all went to plan , so 30 acres of a 65 acre field was cover crop , the rest was triod and left to rest for the beans to be drilled , come the day of drilling the straight triod land drilled a treat but the cover crop was a bitch with what I thought was disc stall because of the depth I was trying to drill at , anyway it kept blocking up in the drill , so I had to keep up picking the thing up to clear it then sweep around to drop back in to level the heap out and to carry on drilling , it happened a couple of times and then I discovered a stone had stopped a disc turning and that put the blocking problem to bed , but it seems that I got something wrong , can't work out why I didn't notice it as the drill box lights up like a Christmas tree if its not doing something that it should be . Muppetry of the highest degree !!!!!!!

    Might drill some sunflowers in that strip , will look nice if nothing else !!!!!
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  7. Sharpy

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    Ardrossan Ayrshire
    It's OBVIOUSLY for ground nesting birds. Very public spirited of you, the wildlife will be grateful.
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  8. Boysground

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    I wouldnt worry I make a mistake with the tramlines most years. Started drilling when I was 18 and am 50 this year. Age does not stop me being a muppet. :D:D:D

  9. PSQ

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    Scottish Borders

    If the Skylarks need that length of runway then they must be Supersonic, or very very fat.

    (And yes, we had a 400 meter 'skylark plot' this year, and had to get the drill back out of hibernation :whistle:)
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  10. PSQ

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    Scottish Borders

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  11. Shutesy

    Shutesy Moderator

    Ive got some white trial canes if you want them @Mr Charisma ;)
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  12. Tonym

    Tonym Member

    Many years ago a farmer near me planted a field of rape with a fertiliser spinner. Did the whole field probably around thirty acre and never knew it was only sowing on one side until it emerged.
    In the spring he planted potatoes in the bare strips.
    The gossip at the time was that they were over his quota but the powers that be never noticed.
    One of the perks of farming before we had the spy in the sky!
  13. Weare Cham

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    N. Devon
    If anyone says they have never screwed up drilling at some point then they are lying.
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  14. Sonoftheheir

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    West Suffolk
    Dad had the stabiliser arm off on one side of the tractor last year, we ended up with 6 inch gaps on every round. We had to call them skylark corridors to make him feel better.
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  15. I have worked for two people in charge of sizeable arable enterprises who would not even muster a blink at that kind of mistake.
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  16. bert

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    Its dry, its January, are you not tempted to go fill it in with the drill? Still time yet
  17. 40 series

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    Blame it on brexit

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