Cost of telehandler ownership vs tractor loader

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by early riser, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. early riser

    early riser Member

    Up North
    Currently run 120hp loader tractor to carry out all tasks on 120 cow/200ac dairy farm. Thinking seriously about moving to a small telehandler e.g. Kramer for feeding up/scraping out/cubicle bed management.

    What concerns me is the potential cost of telehandler ownership. I have heard some fairly frightening tales of repair costs from neighbours over the years, but I have no personal experience.

    Does anyone have any realistic costs of ownership in terms of £/hr that they would care to share? Need some half accurate costs for future budgets

    By way of comparison, the average cost of owning my last three loader tractors (excluding fuel) changed at 3yrs/3000hrs can be broken down as follows:

    Depreciation £4.67/hr
    Routine servicing every 250hrs £0.62/hr
    Repairs £0.36/hr
    Insurance £0.70/hr

    TOTAL £6.35/hr

    n.b. Tyre wear included within depreciation as it is always traded in on original tyres.

    How is this likely to compare to running a telehandler (n)

    Thanks in advance
  2. Nearly

    Nearly Member

    Get a good used one bought.
    Kramer for £20k on fb or little Cat on fb.
    Get a headstock made to fit your loader kit.

    I know you have tractor costs worked out but 12 months and you'll wonder how you managed.
  3. early riser

    early riser Member

    Up North
    Opportunity cost of scarce capital :(

    Too many other big projects up my sleeve ;) (y):whistle:
  4. early riser

    early riser Member

    Up North
    To be honest it's the cost of fixing the things when they go bang that concerns me, not the initial purchase cost
  5. Horn&corn

    Horn&corn Member

    New jcb 536-60 few weeks ago. Old one 2.5 yrs old with 4050 hrs sold. Worked out at £7.80/hr depreciation against purchase of new machine. with some second hand front tyre sourced to keep it moving. Basically on slicks when px. £1.50 per hr service by dealer so could have reduced by doing some ourselves. No repairs other than 1 pipe under boom.
    Pretty cost effective we recon when you consider how much you can do with it
  6. Suffolk Serf

    Suffolk Serf Member

    Hire one.
  7. RhysT

    RhysT Member

    20 Yr old Matbro here, 1200 hrs in 3 years. Spent approx £1200 on repairs and servicing. Hardly let us down at all in that time.
  8. Kildare

    Kildare Member

    Kildare, Ireland
    Early riser. I think you are doing well with your present system. Lower depreciation with old machines but you never know when you will hear a big bang and it's thousands to fix. In general the more expensive the machine the higher the total costs. Even a set of tyres on that loader that doesn't break down can cost a lot.
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  9. balerman

    balerman Member

    N Devon
    You are doing very well to keep your loader tractor costs as low as that,the repairs on our last 2 have worked out at £1/hr alone(bought new) no way you will get close to those costs with a telehandler you will do well to do it for£10/hr all in.
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  10. How do you value your time, and what is your workload?

    A telehandler will do things far quicker and easier than a tractor, and can carry/lift heavier loads. Makes life a complete doddle.

    I bet there are not many farmers who went from telehandler back to a tractor unless it was due to road work. Plenty of folk do the reverse.
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  11. kiwi pom

    kiwi pom Member

    canterbury NZ
    If you buy a telehandler will you still need a tractor or will you trade it in?
    If you can get by with just a telehandler it should work out, will probably save some time each day, depending on set up.
    If it was an addition I would stick to what your doing, cant see running 2 power units increasing your profits.
  12. JD-Kid

    JD-Kid Member

    depend on yer trade time if doing lower hours on tractor will you keep it longer and trade at 3000-4000 hours so with lower hours some fixed costs will rise per hour
    telehandler same deal fixed costs per yer will be higher if not spread over more hours add to that buying costs etc
    if tractor doing all other work i would be questioning it if the tractor can handle the loader work and plan to trade at lower hours and years
  13. Nearly

    Nearly Member

    If you're already working at your limits on an hours in a day basis then the telehandler will buy some time.
    Could you manage without the loader if you had a handler?

    Skid steer?
  14. early riser

    early riser Member

    Up North
    Could potentially manage without loader tractor if I had an older smaller tractor for fert spreading, slurry stirring and grass harrowing/rolling etc.

    All other operations carried out by contractors.

    Main reason for running loader tractor is hauling 2k bales per annum, but that will change shortly (cubicles).
  15. early riser

    early riser Member

    Up North
    A handler here would have to do that amount of hrs in a year, never mind three. Big difference.
  16. Nearly

    Nearly Member

    I'd say you're getting towards a £20k loader tractor and £20k handler at the next tractor swap?
  17. nonemouse

    nonemouse Member

    North yorks
    When we went from just a 100hp+ loader tractor, to loader tractor plus compact jcb, we saved over 800 hours a year on tractor and the handler was only doing about 550 hours.
    Plus saved having to hire in a skid steer twice a year.
    Would never go back now, it's amazing how much quicker/easier mucking out, feeding and bedding are.
  18. early riser

    early riser Member

    Up North
    That's roughly the thought process occurring in my head at the moment.

    Problem is a £20k loader tractor and £20k handler are both potential money pits :(

    Hence my original question about likely running costs of a handler.

    I don't like nasty surprises. I can budget confidently on a loader tractor costing me £6-7/hr to run, what will a £20k handler cost if it goes bang? £5k? More?

    With telehandlers, there seems to be two extremes..... either pay silly silly money for new, or buy used and get something half sh#gged out, there really doesn't seem to be anything in between
  19. Nearly

    Nearly Member

    £20k handler is half way in between. :(

    No reason for it to be any more problem than a tractor. Engines and gearboxes on both are full of twiddly bits nowadays.
  20. jondear

    jondear Member

    Buy one that's done 3-4000 hrs .will be fine doing under 7-800 hrs annually.Our first Jcb had done 6 at 3 years we added another 3 in 4 years.And I didn't think we could justify it but now wouldn't be without it!
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