Cattle Does anyone play music to animals?

Discussion in 'NADIS Animal Health' started by Mooosical, Apr 16, 2018.

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    I am working on a new BBC CHILDREN'S program (hence the lightheartedness) that is looking for farmers who believe that music helps the animals and improves their mood. And who would potentially be happy for us to film on their farm. If anyone does this please could they email me with what kind of music they believe works best. If you would be happy for us to film. Also if you could let me know where you are based that would also be really helpful. Thanks very much!

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    Not what you are wanting, but I have Radio 1 on for weaned foals as I reckon if they can put up with that, they'll tolerate most things! Also had it on for a pair of breeding goshawks which, being forest dwellers, are very noise sensitive. The music drowned out sounds that might otherwise have disturbed them!

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    north lincs
    In the days when I was on the farm ,we put a radio on in the lambing pens ,,maybe it did chivvy them on abit ,seemed to get through them quicker with abit of late night R1

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