Cattle Does anyone play music to animals?

Discussion in 'NADIS Animal Health' started by Mooosical, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. puppet

    puppet Member

    sw scotland
    That was a bit naughtie
  2. manhill

    manhill Member

    Mine like background music and voices but they all throw up if Barry Manilow or Chris Evans comes on.
  3. dannewhouse

    dannewhouse Member

    play classical music to some show hen birds, makes them quieter when showing with background noise.
  4. radar

    radar Member

    Legally do you need a performance license like shops are supposed to have?
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  5. Christoph1945

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    I once heard tell that King David of Israel, as a boy, sang in the presence of his sheep and despite being a life long townie I have always believed that mooed moosic would help increase milk yield! :):):);)
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