1. S

    What is the best to do with uncut grass crop.

    I have been told I can take silage of a few fields that were not cut this year. I was going to get a flail topper in April / May and mulch the lot to feed the new crop. I have since been told that I would be better to cut and bale the crop in May for rough silage for the Highlands then bale what...
  2. Will Wilson

    American Farm Incomes

    Interesting news from America - incomes up, land prices up - boom time?
  3. Farm Business RSS

    Anpario awarded UK patent for Orego-Stim, the composition of which reduces antimicrobial resistance in calves

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Anpario, the independent manufacturer of natural, sustainable feed additives for health, nutrition and biosecurity, has successfully been granted a UK patent for their leading phytogenic product Orego-Stim. The composition of which is effective in...
  4. C

    Growing organic/low fert forage

    I'm a conventional dairy farmer... but like lots of us, have been looking at ways of growing enough forage with less/no synthetic fertiliser. Due to both economic and environmental considerations. For example herbal grazing leys and red clover silage leys. So Gabe Brown reckons he can grow...
  5. S

    John Deere 6030 terrible kick on reverser ! JD guys help

    As with almost every 6030 4 cyl I have a terrible kick on reverser on 6230 Standard. I do gearbox calibration and it is still kicking. Wth is wrong with those softwares on 6030 series ? I have installed latest gearbox payload and same problem. Can someone explain in plain english what do fill...
  6. Matt77

    Clamp v big bale silage cost

    Being lazy here, anyone done the rough cost of each, got the kit to do both, clamp tieing up two good barns that could house young stock or straw, have to find an extra set of hands to run trailers for clamp. Use thick side sheet and double top sheet in clamp, use 6 layers of wrap on the 6...
  7. solo

    Oats in muck

    I have bed and breakfast cattle on a straw for muck deal which has worked well for years without major issues, however this year the cows and calves are being fed concentrate nuts mixed with whole barley and whole oats. Is this likely to result in a crop of barley and oats from the muck...
  8. C

    Calculating forage budget per dairy cow

    So I'm doing a forage budget to figure out how much food I need to buy in for my dairy cows... Here are my "back of envelope" maths: Across 305 day lactation, assume 3% of body weight in DM as forage Across 60 day dry period, assume 2.5% of body weight in DM as forage So for a 650kg cow...
  9. G


  10. H

    Situation Vacant Skilled Tractor/Combine Operator, General Farm Worker job - near Bath, North/East Somerset

    270 ha mixed farm seeks a tractor/combine driver and general farm worker to join a small family run team. We milk 110 pedigree British Friesian cows, calving all year round and supplying quality milk to a local cheese maker. All calves are reared on as either dairy replacements, or to be sold as...
  11. Barleycorn

    Excellent article about vegans getting ill.

    And in the Grauniad too!
  12. Aspiring Peasants

    Bull suckling cows

    I have a 2year old Limi bull that started suckling cows over the summer. He's bigger than them and stands there with his tail wagging like a little calf.🤭 I tried 2 different nose spike things from our local ag stores but he's a big boy and they're to small. Any ideas on what might stop him or...
  13. H

    Anyone from MF or Agco on here???

    I'm trying to get in touch with someone from the customer team at MF or Agco to discuss something with. Local dealer has been great but can't solve this. I have filled out forms, rung contact number off interweb and called the 24/7 line - all to no avail. If someone from MF or Agco could get...
  14. Bald Rick

    What's going on?

    Every day now, I am hearing of larger farms (500 cows plus) either scaling back massively or getting out completely. Not even geographical. Clearly there is a rapidly decreasing appetite for milking cows at scale and you don't hear of many (any?) expanding any more. What hear you?
  15. M

    Question about starting a dairy farm

    Hello, I am interested in setting up a small dairy farm here in Mauritius and would like to know if 15 cows is a good heard size to start with? I have zero experience in the industry, but I will be seeking the services of a consultant for running the farm as well as counting on support of the...
  16. magdekts

    Pneumonia in youngstock

    theres a grant of £500 for each PPTV or Calfvent system available until January. PPTV can be used for cows and calves and for sheep. To a lesser extent they can apply to goats but you need to be careful with the sensitivity of young goats to draughts. El lewis at Magdek designs automatic...
  17. Janet Hughes Defra

    Sustainable farming incentive details published today

    Morning all Today we'll be publishing some information about how the sustainable farming incentive will work when we start rolling it out from next year in England. I'll post the links here as soon as they're online, and will be here on this thread over the next few days to answer your...
  18. Danllan

    Two positively sinister things, an ocean apart...

    1) The EU's unelected boss 'suggesting' mandatory vaccination... I've mooted compulsory jabs before and can see the arguments for both sides, but on balance am firmly against them. I've no problem with an elected politician suggesting them, because he can be told - electorally - to f^ck off...
  19. balerman

    Automatic cattle grading

    Can’t believe I’ve been so stupid as to send this lot some cattle again.Tuesdays kill,automatic grading,can’t get skilled staff apparently,these cattle were well finished for blues,driver even commented on them.I won’t name the company cos it has been sorted out to some degree,but this is...
  20. S

    My partners cattle are freaking me out

    I'm not afraid they'll hurt me, but because I'm 5ft 2 they're massive compared to me. They seem friendly cows but their scary as they are aggressive and run at me. My partner isn't afraid of them though, but for some reason I am? Does that make me a person who freaks out at everything? We have...