Hi all . Thinking of buying a fordson major buts it's not got a pick up hitch only a drawbar will it be suitable to tow a 4 ton tipping trailer wheels at back only not sure if drawbars are used for towing trailers? As only ever used a pickup hitch on our t20 many thanks richard


North of York
1950's trailers had jacks that it took a strong man to wind down.
You can cheat with a strong chain over both hydrailic arms and under the trailer drawbar to lift trailer up.
Swing tractor drawbar to side, lift trailer drawbar to correct height, swing tractor drawbar back to centre, insert drawbar pin.
Easy if you say it quick.
Some people did shorten the drawbar for silly big 6t trailers.
They seem to be hitched much higher up, presumably to aid traction. I don't think the trailer drawbar is picked up hydraulically. Damn dangerous. By the time you keep dabbing the brakes to correct steering, I can't see any advantage to this set up at all.
Thanks was wondering if the one on the major lifts up ?


South Suffolk
Back many years ago when we had a trailed forager. We would drop trailer for the harvester to fill. On the longer haulswe would have a man come and help out with his Power Major. His tractor did not have a pick up hitch so he made his into one.
He removed the draw bar made a plate the mirror the bottom plate.
He bolted it above the bottom plate with something like 3" spacers and long bolts.
He then removed the drop arms and lift arms, replaced the drop arms with chains that changed down to the puh. He welded long bolts to the bottom of the chains. The bolts went thought the bottom plate hole. He could use this arrangement to pick and drop the hitch.
The hitch was locked up by the two pins either side of the hitch.
The set up worked well for many years pulling our 8 ton trailers.
I hope I have made what he did clear.


My late Godfather used his old Majors with 4 or 5 ton trailers corn carting. He fitted a heavy chains from (I hope I am remembering correctly) the top link clevis down to the drawbar swinging plate. The chain was adjusted by a turnbuckle.
Thanks all very interesting comments really helpfull .I really dont like the idear of not behing able to pick the trailer up with the drawbar set up sounds a pain . We only use t20 for muck trailer once a week and topping / chain harrowing in summer on our stable yard it's just as we have seen this major on internet doesn't look to bad condition got loader on £2500 wether that's good or bad I dont know ? T20 is in bits at moment with gearbox trouble so thought major might help out in mean time but might give it a miss , many thanks all take care best wishers richard .
What is problem with reversing tractor to trailer then getting off to put in hitch pin and wind up jack , vice versa for unhitching we did that hundreds of times over the years with trailers and muck spreader
There is no way that major is worth
Thanks all we decided not to bother and wait for our t20 to be fixed didn't like the drawbar idear . hope alls keeping safe and well best wishes richard.

Early moves to target wild oats

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Growers and agronomists now face the dilemma of an early application to remove competition from emerged wild oats, or holding off to allow more weeds to germinate.

Syngenta grassweeds technical manager, Georgina Wood, urges Axial Pro treatment as soon as conditions allow, once weeds are actively growing.

“That offers the chance to control wild oats more cost effectively at lower rates, whilst there is still the flexibility to tailor application rates up to 0.82 l/ha for larger or over wintered weeds and difficult situations.

“The variability of crops and situations this season means decisions for appropriate Axial Pro rates and application techniques will need to be made on a field-by-field basis,” she advised.


Miss Wood urges...