Drying peas


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Not really a problem. They are more dense than wheat so we would limit depth to 3-4 ft depending on available floor area. Shallower = faster drying. No heat needed, disregard ambient RH and keep fan running 24/7 till 16%. Might have to be selective after that. If a lot of trash with them that can hinder airflow.

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Mine are at about 17 ish and spread thinly to air off also they are being fed straight off the combine better than farting around with that home and dry stuff I'm finding. Nice feed protein and energy wise when mixed in with barley..

They weigh considerably heavier than wheat.
They will dry ok as big gaps are around them ( unless that's filled with fat hen or some other weed seed :oops:)

Better op, to get them dried fairly soon if you can as even spreading thin on floor at 18.5 or more they will go mouldy after a relativly short while

We :love: Peas.

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