1. Direct Driller Magazine

    Could living mulch be the ‘holy grail’ of arable farming?

    Could living mulch be the ‘holy grail’ of arable farming? Written by Pete Williams from The Soil Association A team of six farmers is trialling growing a living mulch under cash crops – if they’re successful, they say the practice could eliminate the need for artificial inputs, cut costs...
  2. Direct Driller Magazine

    Does Grazing Cover Crops Negatively Impact Soil and Crop Yields?

    Does Grazing Cover Crops Negatively Impact Soil and Crop Yields? Written by Lindsey Anderson, Humberto Blanco, Mary Drewnoski and Jim MacDonald, Published in CropWatch from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Separation of crop and livestock production can degrade soil and other natural...
  3. Direct Driller Magazine

    Featured Farmer - Julian Gold

    Featured Farmer: Julian Gold Farm Manager Hendred Estate, Wantage, South Oxfordshire FARM FACTS FARM SIZE: 800 hectares MANPOWER: - 3 FARM TYPE: - Arable OTHER FARM TYPE INFORMATION: - Arable with sheep that graze cover crops and permanent pasture TENURE: - Owner occupied REGION: - South...
  4. Andrew1983

    Straying stock

    So last week we had a call to say heifers out, went and put them in, then 3 days later we get a call from a house to say they had been in their garden, direct neighbour to our property who have had plenty favours from us in the past. The place was a total jungle of long grass and trees but they...
  5. Just because

    Fert prices and stocking rates

    Are people thinking of cutting back on stocking rates due to fertilize prices and other rising costs??
  6. Surgery

    Ad plants , you can’t make it up

    Local plant produced too much gas and having to burn it off even thou there’s a shortage
  7. C

    Grass reseed - roll after heavy rain?

    Hi TFF, Just put in 30 acres of grass, power harrow / seed box combination, scratched in by tines on the rear. Herbal ley, with grass, plantain, clovers. Straight into maize stubble, so clean seed bed. Normally I would ring roll twice immediately after, but heavy rain has stopped play. It'll...
  8. Direct Driller Magazine

    Direct Driller Magazine Issue 15

    Direct Driller Magazine Issue 15 With the following articles: Introduction The 3.5% Rule Featured Farmer - Ed Reynolds Blackgrass Control Agroforestry: Learning from four Pioneers Solid...
  9. richard hammond

    Can No-till /Regen Agric survive without glyphosate? if not we are DOOMED!! I think it can..

    Just my thoughts!
  10. C

    Italian Ryegrass volunteers

    Planning to drill winter wheat into this ex-Italian ryegrass, really reluctant to plough as the soil looks good however, as you can see, there is a large seed bank waiting to germinate. Is another pass with glyphosate enough to sort the problem? The other option is to wholecrop it but I’d prefer...
  11. bobk

    Brome control in wheat

    Got a couple of fields with brome inherited from shitty sb seed last year , best and most cost effective control please Broadway Star in the spring Was going 3 litre Pendamethlin and picofenolin in the autumn ,
  12. W

    Free grazing

    Isn’t really anywhere to post this but I’m thinking I might offer out 70 acres of mustard cover to graze in January. No charge but also no labour input from us. It’s a 60ac piece with a central pond for water and then a 10ac piece with no water. There’s no fencing so you will need to electric...
  13. Clive

    Fert prices vs fallow ?

    So at what price point for N do you fallow your farm ? early bought N which seemed expensive at the time now looks cheap, how about selling it on and taking a year out ?
  14. C

    Best break crop for busting compaction

    Thoughts on whether compaction can be resolved with root crops? E.g. fodder radish. Got some ground that was dug for gravel and topsoil dozed back on (v. thin in some places), decades ago but drainage has been horrendous ever since. TIA
  15. L

    When is the latest you have (successfully) drilled grass seed.

    As above. We have a field sprayed off a good three weeks now. We have had a little rain. But not enough to encourage me to drill it yet. How long can I wait ?
  16. Sid

    Unsolicited emails

    Couple of years ago I had a quote from a broker for insurance. So I furnished them with my contact details. This person has left this firm and now works elsewhere, but low and behold given our renewal is coming up I get an email from them via the new firm. Obviously a breach of GDRP, What...
  17. yellowfrog

    wile 55

    have a wile 55 moisture meter does anyone have the list of numbers that corospond to different crops as my list has worn off side of said meter? gratefull in advance steve
  18. K

    Starting over on a new block... advice for a keen beginner please!

    We're located in NZ... in the South Island on the Canterbury Plains; a good 40cm of top soil then silt loam and rock under that (historically an old river bed). The land has been intensively grazed before we bought it; now we have 10 acres that we are not putting animals on in the foreseeable...
  19. G

    Marangon wholecrop headers.

    Hi everyone. Does anyone have any experience with these wholecrop headers. Looking also at Domai. Have a 9000 range JD harvester. Cutting triticale and rye which is undersown
  20. S

    Will high fertiliser prices change you’re cropping plan.

    As per title. I am thinking of dropping winter barley and reducing wheat in favour of spring crops grown with plenty of pig muck under them . What’s everyone’s thoughts ?