1. Tierwohl

    How can UK and German farmers work best together?

    What would be the best agricultural way, how hand in hand, UK farmers and German farmers work together for being stronger in other markets?
  2. D

    How late glyphosate before crop emergence?

    Anybody any experience of applying glyphosate post drilling and had a problem due to it catching the emerging crop? I have done a couple of acres of beet as a trial just before the seedlings break through the surface in a particularly weedy patch so I guess I’ll soon know but just wondered if...
  3. Dman2

    AB 9 Winter bird mix

    Have some of the above to sow Can use 90% cereal, so we are using oats seeing as we have some. What rate are people sowing the oats And do you mix the other seeds with the oats to sow or sow seperate. Cheers
  4. Jerry

    Rye corn....baled and wrapped?

    Neighbour has 15 acres of rye corn planted last autumn that he was planning to eat off now but has no need for it now. It’s knee high at present and he’s thinking about cutting and baling/wrapping. Never fed it but could do with 50 rounds for next winter as cattle feed. Does it wrap ok And...
  5. Lofty1984

    Sewerage dumped in rivers

    https://apple.news/A4hDSg0HMTpKE5bW7C6OKuQ so according to this bbc article 400,000 instances in 2020 of raw sewage into rivers why isn’t there a public outcry about it as there is if a farm does it
  6. JD-Kid

    Chapman sheep feeder

    looking at one of there feeders TF350 any down sides with them and what spares would be worth having on hand with them keep in mind im not just down the road been feeding out sheep nuts. getting a bit old hat. using 18 kg buckets have a grain feed but good luck knowing what 50...
  7. CPM RSS

    Climate Change Champions – The might of the microbe

    Written by cpm Download PDF From the AD unit to the soils, every operation for one Oxon grower revolves around ensuring there’s a thriving community of micro-organisms working hard to produce goodness in a low carbon system. CPM explores. By Tom Allen-Stevens At the back of the spray shed there...
  8. LAMMA365

    Walkaround: John Deere 9000 Series foragers

    Featuring new engines, a new flagship model, uprated drivelines, along with fresh model numbering and styling, it is fair to say John Deere has been busy updating its range of wide body self-propelled foragers. Headline-grabbing news is the introduction of a new top model, which sees JD’s...
  9. Hutchinsons News

    Soil mapping helps drive efficiency for hop and apple grower

    Soil mapping helps drive efficiency for hop and apple grower Digital mapping systems in horticultural crops, particularly top fruit and hops, are not yet as widely used as in broad-acre arable crops, but more growers are realising the potential benefits for improving consistency, yield and...
  10. Chasingmytail

    Cheapest form of wholecrop

    Did peas and barley last year, good yield after drought, but worked out considerably expensive (min £55 per bale). Drilled and harvested into bales by contractor. Only 20 acres. Thinking about this year coming now need to think what alternatives - if any makes it more economical - if there is...
  11. moretimeforgolf

    Anyone growing hybrid rye?

    I’m growing rye for the first time this year. I’ve got hybrid variety Serafino. It follows wheat, straw baled, stubble raked, drilled last week of September with JD750a. The issue I have is that it is thin in the swath rows. I take it that it doesn’t like the toxins from the wheat chaff. Has...
  12. GoodEgg

    Can farms become sheep sick?

    -03-21 06:41 PM Can farms become Sheep Sick?
  13. D

    Direct drills

    Having finally got my head round DD were probably going to try a bit this next year. for now I will use a contractor but going forwards if the results are favourable I will take the job back in house. reading thru various things I see a lot of farms big and small are home building drills. Is...
  14. V

    Farmers from Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire!

    Hi everyone, I am a Research Agronomist living in Houghton Regis and I am looking for farmers located in Bedfordshire/Herefordshire/Buckinghamshire that would be interested in hosting fungicide trials. I am looking for some winter wheat varieties like Crusoe, JB Diego; winter barley- Tower...
  15. S

    Grass seed

    looking at re drilling some old grasses to make hay/haylage, what type of grass lay should i drill? what seed would you recommend and how much will the seed cost me for 10 acres worth? thanks in advance
  16. David.

    Spring linseed advice please.

    May end up with some this year, what variety stands/combines easily, etc? Imagine yield percentage is secondary to other factors perhaps, has linseed moved on any in 10yrs since I last had a fairly unsatisfying attempt at it?
  17. Farm Business RSS

    Claas expands Cemos for tractors environment

    Written by John Swire Having established a technological lead with the self-learning operator assistance and machine optimisation system for combine and forage harvesters, in 2020 Claas extended this ground-breaking technology to the tractor sector with the launch of Cemos for Tractors. The...
  18. colhonk

    How to kill Rye grass

    Axial Pro does nothing. Would Pacifica Plus maybe do the job this spring?
  19. Chris F

    Food waste?

    I see a report in the news said that supermarkets throw away 190 million meals each year - or enough to feed 175k people for a year. 0.26% of our population. This is also enough to feed every child on a free school meal. Given food security is a growing issue in our country the concept of...
  20. Direct Driller Magazine

    A Blank Canvass

    A Blank Canvass Written by Tom Chapman, Head of Regenerative at Innovation for Agriculture How would we design agriculture now, in the 21st Century, if we were starting from scratch? What would we do differently, given what we know about regenerative agriculture and about farming with, not...