1. Zippy768

    The "I've not started yet" thread

    Thought I'd start one to make myself feel better. Was on grass most of last week, was telling myself that the wheat volunteers would had made the moisture in the WB too high anyway🤥. Plenty of rain over weekend and looks a showery week 🙄
  2. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Harvest 2022 gross margins – is rapeseed going to make a comeback?

    As 2021/22 harvest begins, many growers are making, or have already made, cropping decisions for 2022/23. In February, James produced the first gross margins calculations for harvest 2022. Today, we are releasing updated figures. With considerably more trade on the Nov-22 UK feed wheat and...
  3. Scrambler

    Can you whole crop linseed?

    I’ve got about 6ha of linseed that’s a bit too weedy for my liking (resistant rye grass mainly). My options seem to be , accept the weed return, or spray it off now and accept the loss (maybe 2t/ha), or harvest it now in some fashion. Any ideas?
  4. Hilly


    Why do we chop it ? Why can’t I just load trailers with handler run down row push up a heap load trailer tip in pit repeat ? Why bother with the expensive bit ?
  5. P

    Establishing Catch Crops

    I'm planning on drilling some catch crops after OSR and Winter Oats this year, but am wondering how to best get them established? I'm worried about volunteer OSR out competing the catch crop, so would it be best to wait for a chit of Rape volunteers, then either spray them off or take them out...
  6. Keepers

    Forage crop ideas for late sowing

    Good afternoon, Currently planning which winter forage crops are being planted and into which fields, majority will be turnip/rape mix. However I have a small plot (64ha) which is following spring barley, if the weather is great it will be off end of August, but it’s looking more like will be...
  7. S

    Claydon drill

    Would a Claydon drill work in a ploughed situation? Specifically a trailed one with the front press tyres. Looks like a good solution, this would give me the option of dd cover crops into stubble. Bit of dd into covers if I can get that to work etc etc. I also want to put fert down so the twin...
  8. WillB

    Cover crop before Spring Beans

    We have dabbled with cover crops previously, albeit on a limited basis and with no fixed conclusions. As part of our SFI scheme we are looking to put cover crops in ahead of spring beans. We are on heavy soils but they are regularly (annually) mucked and so the two main aims are to keep hold of...
  9. DieselRob

    Stubble turnip variety

    Usually grow Samson, can’t seem to get any Samson seed as no carry over from last year. What variety would you recommend instead?
  10. Farmdeals

    Eximus - 400g Pendimethalin - 10ltrs from £51

    We have added the herbicide Eximus (400g Pendimethalin) which comes in 10 ltr cans to Farmdeals today. The price is £51.00 per 10l delivered and is available to mainland UK. For use on apple, barley (spring), barley (winter), blackberry, blackcurrant and redcurrant, broccoli/calabrese...
  11. Farm Business RSS

    How breeding and feeding can help meet the methane debate head-on

    Written by Lydia Turner from Farm Business Quality Meat Scotland Cattle and Sheep Specialist, Beth Alexander talks about the role breeding and diet play in the methane and emissions debate. There is no denying that beef production emits methane. We could debate how the cycle of methane is less...
  12. Zippy768

    Are these two grasses the same?

    I assume the top pic is Soft Brome? Is the second pic the same?
  13. S

    Hybrid Rye for AD?

    What are the virtues and vices associated with doing Hybrid Rye for AD plants?
  14. Farm Business RSS

    Higher cereal and oilseed harvests forecast for Copa and Cogeca

    Written by Lydia Turner from Farm Business In its first forecast released today, Copa and Cogeca foresee the EU-27 cereal harvest increase by 1.6% (292.42 million tonnes) as a result of a surge in plantings (52.10 million hectares +0.7%) and better yield prospects than in 2020. For wheat, the...
  15. Charles Quick

    Wholecrop Rye In May

    Can it be done? Will be going in after OSR so could be drilled quite early. I'd like to get it off and put maize in immediately after. OK the grain won't be very filled out, if at all, but would it work if it was mown, wilted and picked up like a grass crop? Would anyone buy it? I'd like to do...
  16. 7

    Cover crop after spuds.

    Anyone do it ? Was thinking of sowing mustard as usual, but got to wondering about the potato herbicide. Reading the label ( Sencorex ) it seems it should be OK provided the ground is ploughed. 🤷‍♂️ Could sow rye........but defeats the object as a cereal break. Anything else ?
  17. andybk

    Catch crop for sheep after Barley , not stubble turnip

    Landlord looking to get seed ready for drilling after winter barley , will be available till April for sheep (for my replacement ewes and selling rams ) , whats best catch crop for sheep for repeated grazing , he isnt keen on stubble turnip as a lot of his is into enviro projects and public...
  18. M

    Enhanced over wintered stubble

    Afternoon, has anyone used this option in css for an alternative to OSR or winter barley? The payment is reasonable and takes away the volatility of the 2 crops mentioned. Any thoughts pros and cons? thanks
  19. Sir loin

    Round bale hay sweating time.

    We have just baled 11 acres of hay into round bales would have preferred another day on it but forecast is not in our favour so we are leaving it out in the field to sweat how long does the curing period take to heat up and then cool down to be safe enough to put it in the shed.
  20. C

    Too much clover?

    A little unsure about grazing this in case we get bloat! Suckler cows and weaned lambs should be heading in here on next rotation. They have a lot less clover in their other fields. This field was cut for silage 2-3 weeks ago, and had 20:8:14 applied afterwards. (Our P & K levels were low on...